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Kalayaan is a film that will test one's psyche... to the most bizarre of the bizarre.
With tons of symbols and signs to take into consideration, as well as some eerie stuff in between, Kalayaan is a very deep film that will confuse regular film buffs. However, fans of films with unconventional themes (and indie films in general) will surely feel at home watching this.

The story (as far as I can remember) is about Julian Macaraig, a soldier who was stationed in the titular Kalayaan group of islands for a long time where he spends the rest of his time venturing the island while also doing... "other stuff". Things get weirder from there, however, as he starting to see some stuff that wasn't meant to be real. Is it a product of his isolation to society? Or something else?

I am not going to give out too much about the film, but rest assured that Kalayaan is a film that you would like to watch... for as long as you have the guts to dwell in to the more eerie stuff as you watch it further.

Classic Game Room

A classic that keeps on going and finding ways... ways to destroy!
Classic Game Room is the first video game review show that I fully appreciated because the reviews that this show makes are not biased and it has a lot of substance and style.

Mark Bussler really did proved that you don't need obnoxious screaming and dirty language (although he does the latter on certain episodes) in order to make a review interesting.

The real kicker here, however, is the funny one-liners and commentary that he makes in every review; regardless of the game's quality overall. Whether it be an excellent game like Daytona USA or an awful rendition of Indy 500 on the, Mark never fails to provide a good laugh.

Truly, CGR knows how to stand the test of time... with style!

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