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David vs Goliath
A very intriguing documentary by this clever kiwi crew. What seems to be, and what SHOULD be, some fairly innocent and legit questions asked about professional tickling, turns out to be something quite extraordinary.

A rabbit hole that goes very deep indeed, as leads get thin, and as law suits get filed, the crew know it is going to be a tough journey to get to the bottom of things and get the tough answers to the questions that were initially asked.

It keeps the viewer engaged right to the very end.

Very enjoyable and enlightening watch.

Perhaps the next step for this crew is to see if they can get to the bottom of Huzaifa Huxaifa and why Lenny Pozner has a copyright on this person.

CBS This Morning: Boston Marathon Bombing
Episode 74, Season 2

fictional tale
A false flag event, with crisis actors and all the fake blood and make up that goes with it.

Two brothers were framed for this "attack"... a pyrotechnic that gave us images of nothing but ripped trouser legs, but the legs themselves were untouched.

The scene was shut down very quickly by some very shady looking people with dark sunglasses and fluorescent vests, very suspicious behaviors by those in the "strike zone"...

Contradicting stories from those involved in post interviews, even some injuries "changed" from one video to the next.

All ending in a practice run by enforcing martial law on Boston, a trial for things to come perhaps?

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