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Stuck in the Middle

Attempt to cash in on..........
The Loud House, that's what this is obviously trying to be. There are almost no ideas left for TV shows, i know, but at least try or something. And if you like this show, that's fine, but this is just my opinion. First off: character trying to "survive" the hustle of a big family of 7. And thank god that it isn't a family of 11 kids actually so i don't constantly need to feel bad for mothers who don't know how to use condoms. But yeah, all i can see is The Loud House here. They even have things scattered around the gutter on the roof like in The Loud House. And I know that Disney Channel is based around taking other ideas, but saying all this negative stuff would be a bit to sour and mean spirited, so i'll say that they at least try. But they turned it into another generic sitcom. Yeah, Disney Channel is just the biggest producer of generic sitcoms. Unlike anything else like The Middle or The Flintstones, these sitcoms are just bland like a piece of raw toast (bread i know). And finally the finishing touch: I just really left this show with a bad taste in my mouth to be honest, but please don't get too angry.

Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks

AWFUL! JUST AWFUL. Because.................
Let me begin with what's positive about this show. It does make a attempt to be more like the Original Alvin and the Chipmunks, not like those awful GCI movies. And let's jump in what is not good about it, which is a lot. First of all, why call it ALVINNNNNNN and the Chipmunks. Why not call it Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Series. Cuz those extra N's are just weird for me. Even The Looney Tunes Show and that Emperor's New Groove spin off got that right. Even the Lilo and Stitch spin off got the title right. But let's not stay to long on one topic. Furthermore, the voices seem way more annoying than the movies. I seriously got a headache within 2 minutes. I mean, tone it down a notch. And that's another problem. They do not shut up. It would make more sense to hear them more than you would hear Dave, but i would like Dave to be the antagonist. He is a good character in this show, better than the movies. That is what they did get right. And now the biggest problem: NOTHING HAPPENS. In the original movies, even the CGI Chipmunk movies had some adventure in them. But these episodes are just mundane. It looks more like the life of a 8 year old instead of the Chipmunks. Like playing super hero, and finding the neighbors cat. It just feels so BORING! And the CGI looks worse than the CGI movies. It looks like a slightly better cereal commercial from the 80's. And then we get songs, which is in the same high ear penetration as everything. I can seriously imagine a 70 year old man's voice without the high pitch. It's just like a kid jumping on his bed. Loud, annoying and without any purpose. Go watch The Loud House or Gravity Falls or Star VS. the Forces of Evil. Because there has been put actual effort in all of those shows. Nothing of creativity here.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

It may be the next big animated show, like Gravity Falls
I was like "Nah, i'm not feeling like watching this!" like many others i can imagine, but i watched one episode and that's all i needed to get addicted to this show. I watch it pretty much everyday. The first and best thing you hear is the intro. It's catchy and has good visuals, ya know what i mean. The animation is constantly energetic and colorful. Voice acting is very good, and it fits with the characters. And we move on to the characters. The main character, Star is also constantly energetic and joyful, but she isn't afraid to teach some monsters a lesson. The other main character, Marco, is kinda the supporting character and he's just the average guy with a almost magical twist to him. Even the freaking villain is awesome, always hunting for Stars wand, and even his minions are well done as a concept. The stories are also well done and have kind of a Gravity Falls/Steven Universe vibe to them. In fact, i think someone who also worked on Gravity Falls worked on this, and we all know how great Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are. I hope they will make more episodes so everybody that enjoys it can keep enjoying it! A great masterpiece. I rest my case

Dog with a Blog

This is hitting rock bottom hard and painfully
The premise is stupid, the premise is stupid and the WHOLE SHOW IS STUPID!!! First off, the dog is the best actor. Second and biggest point, the dog is barely in this! It's more of a slice of life from a mundane family, like Good Luck Charlie. But with Good Luck Charlie they did it right. The dog has a view scenes in one episode. The show should be named "Slice of a Mediocre Life!". And they have a child actor. Oh Delight!! You can almost see the cards with her lines hanging there because otherwise, this kid would have no idea what she's talking about. Avery is the stereotypical stiff following rules nerd and Tyler is the guy with a lesbian haircut and the brain of a jellyfish. The only funny guy is Bennett. And there is this plot about a kid that is trying to reveal the dog's secret but i forgot about this in 2 seconds. This is the kind of show that you would watch in the backseat of your car during a really boring trip if you're really young. It almost counts for every Disney Channel show. Disney movies created our childhood like a almighty wizard. But Disney Channel is a new low.

The Amazing World of Gumball

New season did some damage but not enough
The first season was so freaking good. This was the best live action combined with cartoons show since Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And just like how the house from Up exists in real life, all these locations exist as well in real live. And the characters are also really clever and good. Like a blue cat, a walking fish, a walking comedic banana, a peanut and a giant, and a balloon. You have got to be a legit genius to think of that. And like with for example Patrick Star, their cute innocence and stupidity is what made them admirable. And then the new seasons happened. Characters aren't that creative anymore. Instead of something REALLY creative, most of the new characters look like they took them straight out of Spongebob, and the Spongebob characters have become completely ridiculous so they would be "memorable". And most of the other new characters look like those pretty mediocre walking and talking animals like the Looney Tunes, but the Looney Tunes are funny and these guys aren't funny. And Gumball and Darwin don't have any of that cute dorky charm anymore. They even use words that the audience that this show is obviously aiming for don't even know. And where the animation has become better and sharper, it also has become more Spongebob like. Just gruesomely detailed. And one of the episodes is just to bad for words, it's about Darwin looking sadly at a fish tank and them trying to cheer him up with ocean stuff, because he's a fish? Racist much? And after that they throw him in a pond without him knowing what is even going on. It turns out that he just wanted the tank, and guess what. He doesn't even get the tank. OKAY JUST GIVE HIM THE FISH TANK! YOU ARE THE PEOPLE THAT PUT HIM THROUGH THIS STUFF!!!! But the humor is still excellent, you have to give it credit for that

Yo Gabba Gabba!

You've got a cat, a turnip, a robot, a dinosaur/bass and a red pickle with spikes who's also a cyclops. They all hop around some split landscape. And we've got a black man who's apparently their God or something who looks like a carrot, and he apparently controls their world. They also share the world with giant worms that look like socks according to one episode and their freaking food is ALIVE. They just look uncanny and not alive. And you've gotta ask.. are we the Yo Gabba Gabbas? Are we being controlled? Is God just a black guy that looks like a carrot and has a orange grass hat? And they just tell all things everybody knows, except like really small children don't know. But they tell us that we were all once babies! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT IN A SHOW THAT IS MOSTLY WATCHED BY BABIES?!?

Bee Movie

Things Things this completely not sarcastically educational movie learned me
Things this completely not sarcastically educational movie learned me: 1. Bees are so helpful they even build the title of the movie on a road, so a car is most likely gonna crash into it. 2. Bees have glasses and shoes. Where do they get glass and leather when apparently everybody works at Honex? 3. They have to watch birds and bats and bears, but they can't just communicate with the other animals. 4. They fly above a pond, but a fish doesn't eat them. And even if they could communicate with the fish, fishes are stupid as mud. 5. They fly by a bunch of kites, but they fly ABOVE THE BUILDINGS. They must have a LONG piece of rope. 6. Apparently bees are super intelligent, but why don't make a movie about monkeys or dolphins, species that actually ARE intelligent. 7. Bees are racist against other insects, because Barry reveals that he has a girlfriend to which his mother says "I just hope she's a bee". 8. Bees have houses inside their hive, but isn't the hive supposed to be their house? 9. Barry doesn't realize that stopping with making honey is gonna kill all plants. 10. Apparently trees will die to without bees

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Very interesting movie
By the trailer i could already tell that i would have mixed opinions about this movie. I was wrong. This movie is one of those movies that has comedy for the whole family and manages to mix that with a undertone of horror. Same with the locations. The plot is also very unique with many possibilities and surprises. It also has good characters. Although it uses many clichés the story still feels fresh and good. It never get's boring and never fails even though it uses things like the clichés and jump scares All together it is a good movie for whoever likes a mix of comedy and dark humor done RIGHT unlike Scary Movie and it's sequels. The one who made this movie is truly peculiar.

Harvey Beaks

Heartful and innocent
I don't get why people don't like this show. This is how all cartoons should have been. No cheap jokes or last minute life lessons, but good jokes, beautiful animation and actual good lessons where the kids can learn something from. It's about running through the Woods, making fun, playing with friends and solving problems. It's about having your fantasies and that it's perfectly okay to have them. It's about the wonders of the world and doing the most innocent things. It has clever plots, something you honestly wouldn't expect from the guys that made Chowder, and it gives you something unlike normal Nickelodeon shows, they take away brain cells. Go watch it if you wanna have that feeling of whimsy again, the feeling of being a kid again.


That was a unpleasant experience
This was based on a internet video. You know they are pretty desperate if they get their shows from the internet. How can someone like this? I still respect your opinion, but why? The animation is cheaper then the doodles that i drew on school when i was bored. This show can't even say it's trying because it isn't. What was it, like two seconds? Yeah, two seconds into the episode the plot glued together with fart jokes and the cheapest flash animation ever has failed to keep me interested. This show has some really good messages as well. Giving a girl "Love Loaf" to get her to fall in love with you is okay. And changing into a criminal to impress her is okay. The voice acting is annoying and it's just all cheap references and gaming references. This is what a hyperactive kid would write together. Go watch the Loud House or Harvey Beaks or anything else. This is a disgrace.

Ice Age: Collision Course

They should have stopped when the 4th movie came out
The first movie was good. VERY good, it had a good soundtrack and maybe the animation was a bit unfinished, but that didn't matter. Parts like the dodos and the ice slide were entertaining and it had a good story with even some serious pars. The 2nd movie was outstanding. The animation improved so much since the 1st movie. It just gave you that real winter feeling. And the soundtrack was the best part of this movie. It was a good experience. And even some parts with the marine reptiles or meltdown could be scary for a kid, so it didn't get to childish. The songs like Food Glorious Food were also hilarious. But the 3rd movie felt like a Jurassic Park ripoff, and even a good character like Buck couldn't make up for that. And a Baryonyx could NEVER grow as humongous as Rudy. The 4th movie was not that good. It got entirely distracted from the whole Ice Age purpose. In fact there is NO snow in this film. A view icebergs and nothing more. And only Scrat and Flint were the best characters for their innocent stupidity. It made no sense but.... i guess it's entertaining for kids, and that's all what matters right? And this movie... i'm not even gonna waste words on it, life is too precious. It uses the same plot from the 2nd movie, surviving the elements, and it adds to much characters that don't have a purpose. It just seems like one big money grab, nothing more. Go watch the 1st or 2nd movie if you want that winter feeling again!

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