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Puri is known to elevate his hero characters but there are not many scenes that do such in Liger. Bringing Mike Tyson into the narrative looks good but the way the proceedings are ended looks quite silly. The Puri mark dialogues and emotions are clearly missing in the film. The sports drama created by Puri is also beaten to death and has no freshness.

Vijay Devarakonda does a decent job in his role and his transformation looks good. His stammering act is irritating but he manages it well in the second half. Ananya Pandey does her best in the role of a rich girl but her character is not etched properly. Ronit Roy is impressive as the coach.

Liger has a water-thin storyline that does not work. The love story is forced and does not create much interest. There is absolutely no emotional connection in the film and this is where Liger disappoints.

The Ghost

High Style Low Substance
In Praveen Sattaru's film there's a 'Ghost,' as the underworld has dubbed him, whose real name is Vikram. He has to unleash a side to him he has kept hidden for a while now in order to protect his family. If the premise sounds familiar, that's where the similarities end. Because everything else Praveen pulls off in this film, while different, remain half-baked and on surface-level at best. Praveen tests out a lot of plot points with The Ghost, yet never gets deep enough to fully explore any of them. The ideas sound good on paper, even if cliché. Some of these plot points have massive chinks in logic though. We're told Vikram had a shaky childhood, he still has nightmares that sometimes keep him up, he has an issue with following orders, he's looking to fulfil a promise he made many years ago and his weapon of choice is a katana. And yet, the director never really delves deep into any of these, instead choosing to focus on corporate politics that are hardly anything unique.

Nag carries off the film on his shoulders. It is his show. He does the action scenes with ease. Sonal Chauhan as Preeti is alright despite limited on-screen presence. She is glamourous and also fights goons when the protagonist needed. But Vikram and Preeti's relationship look unconvincing where she disappeared initially and later lands up in the latter half.

The second half is a mess. The climax is excruciatingly bad. By adding "KGF"-like machine gun sequences and Kamal Haasan's Vikram-like fight scenes, Praveen Sattaru has spoiled it further. For a film that also talks about sister and niece, the sentiment scenes are superficial. On the whole, "The Ghost" is another senseless action drama with no effective storytelling.

Big Mouth

Great First Half
The first half of the drama was what got me hooked! There were so many questions that were unanswered and the biggest one was "Who is Big Mouse?". There were a lot of theories and speculations regarding this and one of my favorites was the theory that Big Mouse was Park Chang Ho and he's just fooling the viewers. This theory is definitely so much better than the actual Big Mouse reveal (the Room Leader). He had no charisma & no authoritative vibe as a person who supposed to be a leader of such organization.

Because Big Mouse is the driving factor of this whole drama, of course when we reveal who the real Big Mouse is, it should be grand right? No. The Big Mouse reveal was so underwhelming that it made me feel that there was more nuance to this, but there wasn't. And then it got revealed that Park Chang Ho's best friend was in the Big Mouse organization too which was totally out of left field because we never learned what the reason behind him being in this organization was. After a disappointing reveal, the great Big Mouse who conned everyone got killed off in like 10 seconds and so Park Chang Ho became the new Big Mouse. What is funny to me is that when Big Mouse wasn't revealed, everyone had a difficult time figuring out the mastermind behind this alias. But when Park Chang Ho became Big Mouse, he was walking around the neighborhood with lines of bodyguards and followers and people bowing to him as if he was parading around that he is the new Big Mouse.

We were introduced to so many plot points prior to the final episodes and so the ending was rushed. It felt as if the drama completely changed its tone after Chang Ho got out of prison - it became dull. The elder was portrayed as someone who got immense power but he was killed off in an instant. The main villain Choi Doha was also killed off too fast and easily so it felt anti-climactic. Miho's death had no impact to it, I was expecting it to be more emotional because she's literally one of the main characters but it felt flat.

F2: Fun and Frustration

Funny And Stupid
I found this movie really entertaining and hilarious. This is a family entertainer. First half is a laugh roit. Venkatesh and Varun Tej getting tortured by Tamannaah and Mehreen was really fun to watch. Tamannaah looks gorgeous in the film and the surprise package is Mehreen who evoked silly expressions and comedy superbly. Prakash Raj and the actors who portrayed his family in the movie really brightened the movie. The first half is filled with a lot of fun moments which are simple and funny (like Haan Bilkul Haan Bilkul, um Honey is the best, Venki Asana ). As funny as it was I don't agree with the ending, both parties are at fault here. To control your spouse male or female using family politics is cruel. No family is perfect and that is understandable However manipulating a spouse is a great recipe for disaster.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Love And Friendship
Deathly Hallows, Part 2 is all action. As soon as the movie begins, Harry, Ron and Hermione are breaking into Gringotts, riding on the back of a dragon and, finally, battling Voldemort.

Film is able to pull off several crucial moments of character development amid the chaos, including Neville's evolution into a bold hero, Ron and Hermione's first kiss and Molly Weasley's epic defeat of Bellatrix LeStrange. To that end, the film plays like a somber but satisfying reunion. Deathly Hallows Part 1, and even to some extent Half-Blood Prince, are films about loneliness and isolation. Some of the most beloved characters in the Harry Potter series are missing entirely from those movies. When Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts, we get to enjoy Rowling's wide array of Dickensian characters once again.

The series' finale hinges on Rickman's ability to sell the audience on the idea that his love for Harry's mother Lily was so strong that he took on the impossible job of playing double agent. Yates wisely chooses to offer his audience Snape's point of view: He begins the film with shot of Snape gazing over Hogwarts and pauses to linger on Snape's face as he dies weeping in Harry's arms. In those two moments, elevates the story from a battle between good and evil to one of a complicated man's struggle to cling to the power of love in the face of hatred.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This movie wasn't that great. This movie was like a teen drama movie. Having a lot of romantic scene. Audiences are introduced to the "Half-Blood Prince" in a textbook near the beginning. But the film forgets Half-Blood Prince's textbook about this for 2 hours until the big reveal. The rest of the plot is twisted with awkward "love" sequences, more Quidditch, useless Hogwarts staff, and more world-building. The screenplay shakes from being rushed to being broody at many a time. They should have included some of Lord Voldermort's back story, especially the Gaunt Scene which could have added to his character development. Although its cinematography is really great, acknowleding the fact that the times were getting darker, the climax appears rushed.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Characters Development
The Order of the Phoenix does what every HP movie does. There is significant world-building, new elements to be added to the larger plot, and a satisfying wizardry action. Yet, Order of the Phoenix shines best by its use of character development.

Character development in this film is superb. The audience learns to hate Umbridge (great work by Imelda Staunton, btw) and love Sirius Black. We are introduced to just how sociopathic and murderous Bellatrix can be. I can go on and on. Everyone portrays their character perfectly. The most exciting scene is The Battle of Department of Mysteries, where Sirius Black is killed by Bellatrix Lestrange.

The confrontation that Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Ginny face between the Death eaters is very suspenseful as well. But the most action packed scene is the duel between Voldemort and Dumbledore.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This is a Great film. This is such an enjoyable, fun, dark, funny, and cute experience that does not disappoint. The movie is very fast paced with a lot of amazing action sequence that are very rememberable. The whole cast does an amazing job acting as well. It goes deep into the very exciting story it tells while also building up the development of the main characters' emotions and chemistry between each other. The unexpected climax, which would normally be a bad move in any other story, was flawlessly built up to throughout the beginning of the series and plays out unforgettably with the tragic ending that leaves the audience in suspense. Also, the beginning of the film was crazy rushed through. Many scenes felt rushed and the scenes that felt rushed were important moments. They dragged out all the flashy pointless stuff that didn't benefit anything or anyone.

Laal Singh Chaddha

Worth Watching Movie
The plot is a plain simple plot, not much twists and turns as such because it's a feel good, make you feel good movie. All the events showcased in the movie, from the riots to the serial blasts, kargil war and all other other events, they are shot very nicely and they fit in. They have shown many a things that the last two generations might not have known about. The songs are amazing, you'd want to listen to them again. Length could be a little bit shorter maybe. Wrapping up in two hours and fifteen minutes would possibly have worked in their favor.

About acting, Amir Khan did his part well, maybe a different look would have made it better. His part is challenging as Laal is a bit slower, mentally, takes time to understand things. He has played his part really well, looked very innocent at all times.

Kareena Kapoor , Mona Singh have done justice to their roles. Mona Singh has played the more challenging role since she's grown old in the movie, scene by scene and still played her part well.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Great Cinematography
This is certainly darker than the first two instalments, and not as funny. The cinematography is really unique and creative. The original music of John Williams is more than I could ever hope to hear. It is absolutely splendid, making the film worth a listen even if you do not watch. The only real quibble i had with the movie was Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. Richard Harris, the first and better Dumbledore, had died, and although Gambon was good, Harris suited the character a lot more in terms of looks and sincerity. The three leads are still likable, and they are given solid support by Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman and Robbie Coltrane. The real treat lies in the newcomers though, namely David Thewlis as Lupin, Emma Thompson as Trelawney and Gary Oldman as Sirius. Timothy Spall I felt was a little odd for Wormtail. The Dementors I felt quite terrifying. All in all, very good.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Magical World
There's no need for a synopsis as I think most people know about Harry Potter now but I should point out I haven't read the books. Philosopers Stone is an origin story of sorts and crucial to the Harry Potter franchise as it provides the entire backstory for further movies. The actual plot in this particular movie I found a bit tame but the acting was great and the characters were just as fun as I remembered. The movie is filled with wonderful creatures and the world itself is honestly captivating. The CGI at the time was probably pretty impressive but on my recent viewing, it's really noticable how fake certain things look with the troll in particular aging the worst.

Ghosts, trolls, mystery and magic - even after all these years, the film is still fun and endearing. The acting from everybody is fantastic and the characters are memorable however the CGI doesn't hold up and it's looking dated. Outside of that though, it's a mostly family friendly treat that both adults and children will enjoy for many more years to come.


Visually Sumptuous
A visually sumptuous, instantly immersive spectacle mounted with extraordinary vim and vigour, writer-director-actor Rishab Shetty's Kantara, is a heady blend of history, myth, folklore, high drama and stylishly choreographed action neatly wrapped in a form firmly rooted in the cultural milieu it has sprung from. Shetty is also the writer and lead actor of the film. As screenwriter, his output is probably just a touch shy of being perfect, but the script has enough heft and vibrancy to translate into a mass entertainer that is visceral, rousing and unwaveringly riveting.

Rishab Shetty is completely terrific in the role of Shiva. He portrayed the emotions to perfection throughout the film. His performance in the climax will leave you definitely shocked. The funny sequences involving Rishab Shetty and his gang evoke good laughs. The love track between Rishabh and Sapthami Gowda is handled very well. The actress looked alluring, and she did her part well. Other artists like Achyuth Kumar and Kishore Kumar got good roles with more prominence to this story and were also fine in it. The action scenes are solid and give a high.

On the flip Side , After a racy and delightful first half, post-interval scenes start on a dull note with unexciting and tedious moments. Plus Film's story is predictable and has a lengthy runtime.


Based on the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots, Jogi tells the story of a Sikh man named Jogi whose goal is to save his family, friends and fellow neighbours from a massacre that killed thousands of Sikhs. Ali & Sukhmani's writing relies heavily on Marcin Laskawiec's cinematography & Julius Packiam's background score to create the melancholic atmosphere filled with tension in every single scene. All that works well until the narrative shifts from majorly focusing on the massacre to just highlighting Jogi's personal journey, which comes with some predictable & passable twists. The second half falters only when the personal conflicts between Jogi & his friend Lali are highlighted, which loosens the firm grip which the screenplay had since the start.

Diljit Dosanjh is the extremely obvious choice to lead a film on this topic won't come as a shocker to those who have seen him delivering a heart-wrenching performance in Punjab 1984. Other than Diljit, actors like Hiten Tejwani and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub really portray two different kinds of friendship in Jogi. Hiten is really good as a villain so it is refreshing seeing him play a grey character aside from the usual 'righteous man' image he is known for over the years. Kumud Mishra is good as Tejpal too, but not as menacing as a thrilling story like this would expect.

Just like many other movies with a patriotic backdrop, Jogi too has an emotional background score. The dialogue is powerful but not overwhelming, with a religious sentiment which is playing safe for a movie like this.

Raksha Bandhan

Not Recommend
Himanshu Sharma & Kanika Dhillon's regressive approach to the story isn't the only issue with the film, it's also the extremely over-the-top treatment given to its narrative. It feels like an old soul trapped in a young body at places. Though I'm not at all discounting the fact that it would surely connect with its target group but that hampers its universal connect.

Humour rarely worked for me, though there are some good dramatic portions, especially in the second half. I totally get the point of how the film is only about getting the sisters married somehow, that's why their backdrop isn't included & I'm okay with that as some reviews are criticising of why it's 'only about the wedding' for the sisters because that's the whole film.

The movie direction is very stupid and done illogically. The movie has such a serious story but then the director managed to spoil it by putting cringy comedy. There are times when it feels that, in the name of creating an atmosphere of everyday toxic patriarchy, the writers begin to enjoy fat-shaming and colour-shaming the sisters. The script throws out a line or two in their defence: in one scene Durga refuses to be bodyshamed. But mostly, it feels like the audience is being invited to laugh along at their expense. The film's message about women being in control of their own destiny comes too late to rescue these four; they are more a collection of stereotypes than actual characters.

The Batman

New Strong And Dark Batman
As far as stories and plotlines go, 'The Batman' is simply a tale of fight against the wrongs by the wronged and yet writer-director Matt Reeves grabs your attention from the very first scene and never lets it slip. In this Batman reboot, we have a villain, who is as formidable or dare we say, more than its superhero and is gunning for the corrupt. This conflict makes for an interesting watch.

Reeves' Batman isn't your next door billionaire, he's internally broken showing more of what he's within rather than the blingy stuff outside. Because the outside world, as captured by Greig Fraser's camera, is so ill-lighted. Fraser masters his focus point only at the things he wants you to see, almost defocusing everything else. William Hoy & Tyler Nelson are the magicians who keep the film just under the 3-hour-mark with their editing prowess.

The action happens organically and at regular intervals. We get fist fights, explosions and dramatic car chases, Batmobile included and everything is served in small doses, so it doesn't become overbearing. The runtime is long and there's no comic relief, as the darkness is evenly spread throughout the film, but we aren't complaining. There is enough suspense to hold on to before the big reveal.

Robert Pattison plays it cool even in the direst situations and that works. He looks amazingly dapper and powerful in the suit and equally vulnerable without it, but always brooding. Zoë Kravitz doesn't disappoint as the svelte and mysterious Selina, who lends herself seamlessly into the Catwoman avatar. Paul Dano looks every bit the frustrated evil genius, with the right motive, but wrong methods. John Turturro as Falcone has a short yet pretty sweet role anchoring the dim nature of the script.

Reeves conveys his vision through Gotham City's gloomy atmospherics that play a vital role in making the movie-watching experience quite immersive. After Joaquin Phoenix memorialising Joker for years to come, Robert Pattinson would make it difficult to see anyone else a Batman from hereon. All hail the Reeves!

The Office

Awfully Boring
I really disliked this show, all the characters are rather unlikeable, All of them are shallow. There isn't a single redeemable character on the show. It's just irritating. The plot is a good concept, but it's not well done. The creators had a great idea but they didn't put enough effort into it. I have Never actually laughed out loud at this show. The comedy is annoyingly unlaughable, the jokes are awful, and all in all, one of the worst comedy TV series I've ever watched. I've watched the US version first (I know it was aired after the UK version) and that was far better than this. It's not comparable to The Office (US) at all...

Karthikeya 2

Great Watch
The script is written by director Chandoo Mondeti himself. On a primary level, the concept looks fresh, promising and well-thought. However, the entire story hasn't been tightly bound. A secret society and Abheera tribe make important components of the film.

The screenplay of the film leaves you confused in the first half. Things just keep happening with little or no relevance between two scenes on several occasions. Except for a couple of scenes, humour falls flat throughout. It's the engaging second half which elevates the film.

Nikhil Siddhartha has done a terrific job in the titular role. His subtle approach throughout the film makes him believable. Anupama Parameswaran as Mugdha has done a decent job. Anupam Kher gets a small but impactful role and shines.

Overall, Karthikeya 2 is a well made adventure thriller filled with great visuals and engaging narration. The backdrop, BGM, and performances create an intriguing factor.


Great (Maha An) Watch
Mahaan, meaning the Great, is a story about a man wanting to break the shackles of normalcy and have a life of adventure. He helps his friend win the game of cards but doesn't touch them himself, he fights for his dog, but is also scared of his family. Once grown up, the burden is unbearable and the moment he breaks free, he does everything that is wrong like it has always been his normal.

The screenplay has enough to keep you hooked. A story that is meaty, characters that have had a journey and that reflects on their faces, the style, the complete aura. As always, Vikram delivers his best performance as a common man and also as a mafia leader. His performance in emotional scenes is quite mesmerizing. Dhruv Vikram wows everyone with his unique and stellar performance as a ruthless policeman. The scenes and dialogues between the father and son are good. Bobby Simha, Sananth, Simran and all others get their parts right and create characters that are three dimensional to watch.


Must Watch
This is really more a summation of the all 8 seasons. Dexter is compelling, no doubt about it. I really liked some of the characterizations (if choppy at first). Dexter is an interesting character, but, while making a sympathetic serial killer is an impressive feat, the show always kind of wobbled between dark and light, and I wasn't always rooting for him. The show kind of slipped in to a rhythm of finding a really messed up person who could bond with Dexter on a dark level, and then it all goes wrong, and Dexter has to kill the person. Actually, at least in the last couple of seasons, I was way more impressed by the Debra character, who suffers an almost Shakespearian tragic arc, which is almost inevitable given the show's premise. Debra was masterfully done, and I could almost palpably feel her pain.

Season 1 - 8 Season 2 - 9 Season 3 - 8 Season 4 - 7 Season 5 - 7 Season 6 - 8 Season 7 - 8 Season 8 - 6.

Dexter: Remember the Monsters?
Episode 12, Season 8

Great Show, Bad Season And Poetic Ending
Season 8 is filled to the brim with questionable direction, writing, and pacing. Far too much time has been devoted to the meaningless arcs of side characters.

Dr. Vogl comes across as a convenient (and sudden) addition to the plot, but the role she played in Dexter's 'creation' seems to be more of a deus ex machina than anything else. Characters like the "first" Brain Surgeon killer and Zach Hamilton never developed. The introduction of Oliver Saxon halfway through the season (along with the doomed Cassie Jollenston) were a misstep because I felt you didn't get to know the characters...plus, you get the go nowhere plot with Masuka and his discovered daughter which felt completely thrown in for C. S. Lee's character to have something to do and tons of boring "you love Debra and not me" scenes between Jamie Batista and Joey Quinn.

Poetic Climax -

Dexter" was never about a serial killer with a code, it was about a serial killer with a loving and beloved sister. With one last gasp of magnificence, "Dexter" pulled off a finale twist of Shakespearean irony -- having fought so long against his basic nature, Dexter bows finally to convention and turns his would-be victim, the serial killing son of the psychiatrist who helped his father develop the code (soap operatic ) over to the police. And in doing the "right" thing, he kills the person he loves most in the world. But the parting scenes between Dexter and Deb, possibly the most powerful sibling bond television has ever seen, gave the show the send-off it deserved. Some wrongs cannot be undone, some people are irrevocably damaged, and you cannot love a person into wholeness. Debra character, who suffers an almost Shakespearian tragic arc, which is almost inevitable given the show's premise. Debra was masterfully done, and I could almost palpably feel her pain.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter II: Agni Pariksha

Revenge Drama
The second part shows some scenes from chapter 1 and continues from where the first part ended. To understand the second chapter, there is a short requirement to watch or know the story of the first part. The first half of Khuda Haafiz 2 is all about Shivaleeka over Vidyut. From cute to daring, she nails every emotion with finesse. Vidyut is not hidden but Shivaleeka shines in the first half, while he steals the show in the second half of the movie.that is really uncomfortable to watch. Dibyendu Bhattacharya's entry as Asif completely defines what his role is going to offer ahead. The actor kills it with his looks itself. And what a performance by Sheeba Chadha, she looked the perfect vemp.

The second half is studded with visuals where Vidyut is seen decimating anything and everything that crosses his path. He plunges knives and sprays bullets to annihilate every man opposing him, but keeps most of his battles fought with his bare hands to amplify the drama. Sameer is silent, brooding, largely undemonstrative man who is drawn into situations he would have avoided if he could. But when he is at it, his methods are brutal and swift.

Vidyut Jammwal is one of a handful of Bollywood actors who genuinely fit the description of an action hero. He has the physique and the screen presence to convince the audience that he possesses the strength and endurance to pull off hand-to-hand combat without sustaining too many permanent scratches.

Dexter: Do You Take Dexter Morgan?
Episode 12, Season 3

Season 3 Review
After a fantastic ending to the second season hopes were high for the third and yet again the writers and cast deliver. This time around the show focuses more heavily on Dexter's gradually character development and desire to be accepted by someone for who he really is.

This certainly makes season three different as many of the major developments involve Dexter's personal life but it is no less intense and and almost as entertaining as the first two seasons. Michael C. Hall's portrayal of the title character as he navigates through some very interesting territory is a pleasure. The rest of the cast shined brightly in season 3-although Batista's romance with the vice-cop seemed forced, and vanished as soon as the season ended.

VR (Vikrant Rona)

Beautiful Location
Anup Bhandari's dark fantasy adventure is a brave attempt. It's atmospheric as well. Not many Indian films have dared to dabble in this genre before. However, the director struggles to find a direction and specificity to his story. It starts off like a children's fable, then moves to being a supernatural-horror thriller, then a mystery, and a western. It tries to be a lot of things. The story lacks a proper timeline as well. The first half wanders aimlessly and drags on forever with no character or story development.

Postives -

One of the biggest assets of the film is the production values which are amazing. The setup and world created look quite intriguing and create a tense atmosphere for the viewer. The camerawork showcasing the forest visuals and arresting BGM is the backbone of the film. The director has created a new world to narrate a suspense drama and the VFX also plays a major role and it looks superb.

Sudeep is one more major asset as his performance is stunning. He looks super fit and did great action during the climax. Jacqueline Fernandez plays a cameo and she is cute in the Rakamma song. The supporting cast also did well in their respective roles.

Negatives -

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the excess length. The film needs to be trimmed for at least fifteen minutes straight and one song can be chopped off to make the viewing experience better. The love track and the way Sudeep investigates the case look confusing and bore the audience.

The screenplay for suspense-based films needs to be gripping but that is not the case here. In key areas, it is very good but for the rest of the scenes, there is a lag created and sidelines the film after a while.

Dexter: The British Invasion
Episode 12, Season 2

Season 2 Review
Season 2 of "Dexter" starts off a bit slower than the last. What we get is a deeper look into the Dexter's mind, as well as watch him deal with new issues that have popped up in his personal life. And Then Season 2 quickly ramps up into a very tense plot that had me on the edge of my seat and watching episodes as quickly as I could. This season has many more edge-of-your-seat moments due to the heightened risk of Dexter getting caught. Throughout this second season Michael C Hall continues to play the character of Dexter to perfection making him one of the most fascinating people on television. The supporting cast are equally as good, helping to keep the plot grounded in reality despite some unlikely events that take place.

The Big Bang Theory

Gets Worse After Season 7
The Big Bang Theory is definitely an acquired taste. There are hidden moments of genius in an otherwise abysmal writing, the story gets better over the seasons (before getting worse again), but most importantly there is the delight of watching Jim Parsons masterfully bring to life Sheldon's Character. The show must be watched just to see his genius unravel before the camera.

It feels that we grew up with the characters, they were so weird but still so damn relatable. What melts the heart every time, is the beautiful bond of friendship these guys shared, and even though if your friend behaves like a jerk, you don't stop being friends with them.

The first few seasons are downright hilarious and entertaining. After that the tempo goes down a bit. Last seasons are undeniably bad- the jokes simply don't land, the plot and the directions it takes are inorganic, forced and oft times cringeworthy to the point of being insufferable. The dialogues don't feel effortless or smooth. There is little to no connectivity between episodes, so there's basically very little to keep you from just stopping to watch it.

Favourite Seasons - Second, Fourth, Sixth Favourite Characters - Leonard, Raj And Howard

Worst Season - Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth Worst Characters - Bernadette, Sheldon.

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