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Rambo: Last Blood

A Pretty Good Action Flick
The one thing I like about Arnie and Sly is that they do their best to give their fans what they want even when the critics panned the film. Nothing is spectacular about Rambo: Last Blood but it's a pretty by the numbers action flick. I checked it out because the SJW PC critics panned the movie, so if it annoys them, it usually an indicator, it's a good film. I'm not a fan of Rambo, but I enjoyed this film. It's a simple film about an older subdue Rambo who lives on a ranch and raised a Mexican girl as his daughter after her mother died and her biological father abandons him. She finds out her biological father lives across the border in Mexico and wants to visit him, even though Rambo advises her not to. Like most teenagers who think they know better, she goes across the border to meet her father without Rambo knowing and finds out her father is a jerk. She ends up being betrayed by one of her friends and gets kidnapped and thrown into a sex trafficking ring. As soon as Rambo finds out, he crossed the border to save his daughter. One of the saddest scenes happens which you don't expect in a movie like this, and he goes on a quest to avenge his daughter. I liked how Sly Stallone is respectful of his age now and no longer trying to reclaim his glory days like he does in the Expendable movies. He kicks age appropriate butt for a very fit seventy-year-old and the action gets bloody in the third act like the trailer warns you this movie will be. You already know how the movie ends, but it's a fun ride to watch.

The SJW PC are upset because Rambo touched on the sex trafficking happening in Mexico and accused it of being xenophobic when sex trafficking of young women are happening all over the world on every continent. Yet, since they are catering to the Hispanic immigrant population, anything which shows them in a negative light is considered racist and means you're a Trump supporter. It wouldn't have been an outrage if the villain was Russian or North Korean for the 50th million time in the movie or if was talking about sex trafficking in Africa, Asia, or Europe. We have sex trafficking right here in the United States but the liberal media brushes off the Epstein case since many prominent liberals are linked to him. Since his death, the media has practically buried the story like most cases of sex trafficking have been for years. Rambo bravely brings light on the subject and acts as a hero many of these young women wished they had in real life.

So if you like Rambo and want an hour and a half of escapism of liberal propaganda, you'll enjoy it even if you're not a Rambo fan. It's a combination of the Rocky Balboa version we first see on screen in Rocky Balboa meets Rambo. Great film for action fans!!!


A Great Analysis of the White Supremacist Male's Mind
This movie was way overhyped. I knew nothing was going to happened at movie theaters, yet I was bored and went to go check this movie out since the media said not to. I'm fifty percent sure, it could have been a publicity stunt from the studios to draw more interest in a movie, which was not as violent as Sylvester Stallone's Rambo: Last Blood or the John Wick movies. I don't get white guys'' fascination with murdering psychopaths or the necessity of making a movie about a fictional white guy comic book villain who thinks it's fun to murder people. Yet, they were excited about this movie. I'll admit it was a good story, a good character analysis of the making of a serial killer, and Joaquin Phoenix committed the heck to this role (one of his best performances) and deserves Oscar recognition, but I found nothing extra about it. It represents how the media likes to paint white supremacist males as the victims or in a sympathetic light. Who cares about their victims who names get lost or forgotten in the story, let's make their white supremacist male the victim, the hero, and if the victim is the wrong color or socioeconomic status, let's paint them as the villain responsible for their own demise. Villains, fictional or real, get documentaries or myriads of movies made about them as the media loves to analyze the psyche of these characters almost as if it's a fetish.

There is even one scene which stood out to me about the black female neighbor who he fantasized he had a whole relationship with in his mind, and the audience doesn't realize it wasn't real until she finds him in her apartment unexpected sitting on her sofa. She tells him he's in the wrong apartment and fearfully begs him to leave. The audience is left wondering whether he killed her or not. I wondered if this scene was an inside joke about what happened last year when a Dallas police officer Amber Guyger killed a black man named Botham Jean in his apartment and said her reason was she was in the wrong apartment and thought it was her own apartment. She was recently sentenced to ten years in prison, but since the star witness another black man named Joshua Brown was murdered in a funny style at his apartment complex too, it's uncertain whether she will serve time.

The scene which stood out the most to me was the one with the fat guy and the midget. This is also one of those rare moments in the twilight of his career do we get to see Robert Deniro actually act instead of phoning in a performance for a paycheck. He was the second best actor in this movie. I didn't get all the horrible dance scenes and tai chi scenes after he murdered someone. Yet, it made it into the trailer. But it was great movie which shows how Gotham made Joker and the Batman and why their fates will always be intertwined until one kills the other. It's a dance which will never end and that's the greatest joke of them all.

So it's a good movie. Go watch it when you have the most energy. I had to drink a coke not to fall asleep and the couple next to me fell asleep and snored very loudly during the second half of the movie. Great analysis of a white supremacist male, great Joker story, great writing, wonderful cast, and great cinematography. So if you're into movies about serial killers and analysis about the minds of psychopaths, you'll enjoy. If you're not into that or Batman, then you are going to ask yourself, "What in the world did I just watch?"

Gemini Man

A Step in the Right Direction
This movie is a step in the right direction for Big Willie prior to the disaster which was After Earth. I think people are being way too harsh on this film because it's a Will Smith film. It almost like they wanted this movie to flop compared to the overrated Joker movie. When these same critics praised Rambo: The Last Blood which I enjoyed but it was also a standard action flick. What I loved about this film was the all star cast with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Toast, Benedict Wong as the pilot friend Baron, and Will Smith as Henry (older Will Smith)/ Junior (clone Will Smith). Also Clive Owen as the bad guy Clay. I also liked we got some classic Will Smith and I found myself laughing a different moments throughout the film. The cast had pretty good chemistry and the character of Junior had some depth in discovering who he really was and what he was designed to be by his father Clay. This movie was like an inferior version of I Am Legend and The 6th Day. So, I hope this movie first week failure which will be recouped once the film goes overseas will not hinder Will Smith from returning to his glory days as the twenty million dollar man, the box office king, the leading man A-list actor, and the number one movie at the box office. He's heading back in the right direction, but has to pick better directors with better scripts and better writing. Regardless of how good he is as an actor, he can only carry a film so much. I hope the billion Aladdin made earlier this year is enough of a cushion.

Now, onto the bad parts. The CGI was overhyped. Will Smith kept talking about how the character of Junior was the first 100% CGI character,, while everyone else was thinking, "Oh, they shaved his beard." Will Smith has aged well, used some Photoshop to smooth out the wrinkles here and there, add a flat top, and you have a 20 year old Will Smith without the high cost of CGI. The CGI looks unspectacular. The night scenes were better, but in this day scenes, you can see it's a CGI character, equivalent to a video game character. We checked out the movie because it was Will Smith. It probably would have been better if Will Smith just played a double of himself like Arnie did in the 6th day. The CGI was an unnecessary gimmick.

Nothing is wrong with the script, but it was too generic for an overhyped movie. This movie script went through production hell, rewrites, and multiple actors being linked to the role for years. To get this script greenlit, the producers banked on Will Smith's star power. Yet, even with Will's charisma and acting his butt off, even the best of actors can't save a mediocre script and chunky dialogue. This goes the same for the rest of the cast. Clive Owen's talent is wasted here as a generic villain. The characters aren't given much to do and the script became confused with its message it was trying to convey and contradicted itself sometimes.

Yet. it wasn't a bad movie. Just mediocre and a movie you have seen a doesn't time. It had the potential to be above average if it focused less on the gimmicks and more on the story. The action scenes, the cast, and the cinematography were fine. Yet, the script could have been so much better. If this script was as strong as the cast, then it would have been a better, deeper movie.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

It was an okay movie
I'm slowly starting to like the New 52 version of Wonder Woman. I'm glad they ended her relationship with Superman and placed Superman in a relationship with Lois Lois starting in Death of Superman along with now placing Batman into a relationship with Catwoman like in Batman: Hush or Gotham by Gastlight (which I don't think is apart of the New 52 DC universe). But I'm slowly growing on her character which has become more likable to me even though the early 2000s Justice series and animated version of Wonder Woman voiced by Susan Eisenberg is always going to be my favorite animated version of Diana Prince while the 1970s Wonder Woman played by Linda Carter will always be my favorite live action version of her. In this version, Steve Trevor finally gets to be Wonder Woman's love interest again so I hope the writers keeps exploring their relationship.

Well, in this version, Bloodlines digs a little deeper into Wonder Woman's origins in the mystical feminist island of Themsyrica and how Diana learns to adapt to modern day society with the help of an archeologist named Julie and her teenaged daughter Vanessa ( I think that's what the daughter's name was), who becomes a surrogate family for Diana. Over the years, Vanessa grows jealous of her mother's favoritism towards Diana and when her mother is unexpectedly killed years later, Vanessa blames Diana and joins the bad gals to get her revenge against Diana allows the villains to turn her into a dangerous assassin, Silver Swan. Diana goes on a quest with the help of Steve Trevor and his assistant Etta Candy to save Silver Swan before it's too late.

I liked the romance between Steve and Diana and the small reference to her brief relationship with Superman. I hope the writers give them a chance, because this movie and her relationship with Steve humanizes Diana. When she was first introduced in 2014's Justice League: War, she was kind of obnoxious, headstrong, and godlike. It only grew worse as the movies continued. This movie showed Diana's vulnerable side which was as equally compelling as her stronger side. And even when she's in over her head and the odds are against her, she never gave up. I hate her New 52 outfit and when her hair was in the ponytail, but I have gotten used to it. But besides the action scenes, my favorite moments was when she wore her original costume. The voice queen herself Cree Summers graced us by voicing Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons and Diana's mother. In one scene, Hippolyta got her moment to shine and showed us why she was leader. And of course, Rosario Dawson did a wonderful job voicing Diana. My only gripe with the movie was the character of Etta Candy. I'm cool with them changing her character from white to black. She's a side character so her race is irrelevant to the plot. But I'm getting annoyed with liberal movies and TV shows making every black side character both black and LGBT. It's happening so often in so many shows and movies, it's becoming it's own stereotype. Etta Candy is a likable character but it seemed like she was kind of forced into the plot and action and was better off as a background character assisting from behind the scenes like Oracle from the Batman universe or Felicity in the earlier seasons of CW's Arrow. Her character wasn't necessary and only used as unneeded comic relief. Come to think about it, in every version of Etta, she's pretty much the same. She's the Jimmy Olsen of the Wonder Woman universe.

But overall, I liked the movie. I'm enjoying the new 52 universe and the continuity of the movies. Superman has a healthy relationship with Lois Lane. Batman has a son named Damian Wayne, Nightwing, the rest of the Batman superhero gang, and an off again on again relationship with Catwoman. Now, Wonder Woman has a potential healthy relationship with Steve Trevor. So hopefully, he doesn't get sideline by Batman and Superman again. The last time I saw Diana have somewhat of a healthy relationship with Steve was over forty years ago on the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show played by Lyle Waggoner. Yet, even then, he had the hots for Wonder Woman but never found out her secret identity as his secretary Diana Prince. Otherwise, he was killed off and replaced by his son in the 1970s, blown up sacrificing himself in World War I, being sidelined by a billionaire playboy costumed vigilante with psychological issues then by an immortal sun god from another planet, a World War II vet in a nursing home, or dead. I understand Diana is an immortal princess, but it would be nice to see a romance between Diana and Steve and I also like in this version that he knows Diana is Wonder Woman.

Anyway, pretty good movie which humanizes the immortal goddess and gives her a love interest with Steve Trevor. We get see Diana get her Death of Superman moment and the final battle was pretty good. Some of the plot is a little weak but it's balanced out by character driven storyline. Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to the continuation of Wonder Woman's storyline. Loved the direction the writers are taking these movies. Looking forward the next one.

Love, Rosie

Really enjoyed this movie
I really enjoyed this cute little movie about best friends since childhood who secretly like one another, but never has the guts to tell one another how they feel. The story spans over twelve years of their lives from high school to their late twenties. Others say this movie is unrealistic or farfetched. I think this movie hit a nerve with some females, because females have an automatically understood girl code that you shouldn't try to take another woman's man even if the woman is narcissistic or not the kindest person. So the fact that in one scene Rosie declares her love for Sam at his wedding reception, hit them the wrong way.

Sam and Rosie's relationship is a series of missed opportunities like wanting to go to the dance together and Sam goes out with Bethany since Rosie acts like she's not into him and then mocks Sam for being a virgin. And Rosie goes out with another guy because Sam told her Bethany wanted to go out with him, but he turned her down because he didn't want Rosie to go to the dance alone. When Rosie gives him the okay, he begins dating Bethany and losing his virginity to her to Rosie's disappointment. So at the dance, she losing her virginity in three seconds. Sam suggests they go to school in Boston. He gets accepted into Harvard. She gets accepted into Boston College, but can't go because she finds out she's pregnant with three second's guy kid. She refuses to tell Sam she's pregnant because she's afraid she'll hold him back. But nearly a year later, Bethany who has gone on in life to become a successful model after high school spots her and ends up finding out she's a mother now. She tells Sam and all Sam does is fly backs to surprise her and asks to be the godfather. And this is the movie. She visits Sam in Boston years later and finds out his girlfriend is pregnant. He shames her for being a single mom and brags about his unborn kid having two married parents. In retaliation, she hooks up with three seconds guy who wants to be in their kid's life now five years later because he has abs. She marries him because she want to belong to someone. Yet, at the wedding, she's looking for Sam instead of her groom. Instead of Sam telling her how he feels, he's bum out because he found out that his girlfriend cheated on him and the baby isn't his (which happens to alot of men in real life). He broke up with her the day Rosie married three seconds guy. Her husband ends up booking a hotel suite at one of her hotel chains and gets caught. Now, that part was stupid. But maybe he did so on purpose to get rid of her. Sometimes, when you're tired of being in a relationship, you self-sabotage yourself. She sees Bethany who is now more famous and suggest she visits Sam in New York. Rosie finds a letter where Sam somewhat confessed his feelings after he gets engaged. But by the time Rosie is ready to declare her love for Sam, her flight arrives too late and he's already married to Bethany. Rosie ends up giving the most awkward wedding speeches making it blatantly obvious she's in love with her best friend. You already know they end up together. It's just a series of weird mishaps before it gets to the happy ending.

Yet, it was a good movie if you're into romance movies. People mom shamed Lilly Collins in a good way for looking too old to be a high school student but looking too young to be a mom. Umm, most people's bodies start to grey in their thirties but they don't physically change until after their forties. So it is realistic to look the exact same way you did in high school at age 30 with the exception of a few different hairstyles and clothes if one keeps themselves up. Your personal life may be different based on the choices you make in life, but your physical appearance tends to remain the same unless you let yourself go. But I enjoyed this movie. It wasn't One Day or The Notebook. It would have been cuter and stronger maybe if they rekindled later in life and ended up together. But I liked the movie. It was cute and sweet and reminds us sometimes you got to take a chance even if you fear rejection. And maybe you'll find love sooner than wasting years of your life with the wrong person.

Accidental Engagement

Cute, predictable movie
It's a cute, predictable movie about a down on her luck aspiring actress pretending that a Hollywood star actor is her boyfriend to impress her friends from high school at her best friend's wedding. The Hollywood star finds out about it and goes along with the lie since he has to cover up for a simplistic problem he's in and you already knows how the movie ends. The two leads are pretty good actors in a very simplistic plot with no stakes and manufactured drama resolved within minutes of occurring. There is no real conflict in this movie. However, the cast was good and they did the best with the small budget they were given. This movie is very generic but if you want to waste an hour and a half on a movie, it's a good movie to simply watch to waste the time.

Little Mermaid

Screams low Budget but not a horrible movie
A modern day retelling of Hans Christen's The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid makes a deal with the sea witch to sell her voice in exchange for a chance to be in love with a cute human male who turns how to be a jerk who sleeps with her then dumps her. She becomes a stripper and meets her another cute, kinda dorky photographer named Jax who treats her kindly and allows her to live with him then kind of turns into a jerk to her too when he loses his eyesight thanks to the sea witch drugging his glass of water and taking his sight away. It makes sense for him to be irritable since he makes his living taking photographs and then suddenly out of nowhere he loses his sight. The stripper friend she makes at the strip club named Sky becomes upset with her after their manager keeps upstaging her with the The Little Mermaid since she's making better tips. She quits, takes advantage of Jax's blindness and has sex with him. The Little Mermaid sees them in bed, and the sea witch temporarily gives her her voice back and gives her a dagger that her mermaid sisters sold all their hair for her to have. She tells her that if she stabs Jax then she can go back to being a mermaid and return to the sea with her family. She was about to stab Jax, but decides against it and jumps off the balcony to her death and becomes a creature of the sky one day hoping to get a soul.

This movie is very dark and I admire it's bravery. Everyone wants to tell the happy version of the sea princess getting with her human prince and living happily ever after. Very few want to tell the truth version of the story where she sells her voice, doesn't get the guy, is given a chance to kill him and return to being a mermaid, but doesn't and kill herself instead. It's tragic but it's more poetic and realistic. Once you get pass the low budget feel of the movie and the sometimes cringeworthy dialogue, it's a great story which sucks because it's realistic. Cute guys turns out to be jerks who manipulate and use you. Sometimes nice guys let you down. Girls can be your friend one moment, then become jealous of you the next moment. Sometimes girlfriends will sleep with your man. And people who you thought you could count on turn their back on you when you're no longer of use to them. Some people use drugs, alcohol, escapism, work, and sex to deal with their disappointments in life. I think did the best with the budget he had, but despite all it's imperfections and the Rob Zombie white trashy feel it, it's still a compelling story shot beautifully sometimes with a nice score and great soundtrack.

I'm not going to lie. The first time I saw this. I cut it off and was thinking what in the world is this. I was thinking it was the 2018 version starring William Mosely who played Peter in The Chronicles of Narnia movies. The movie kept getting pushed back because of backlash from the Disney's Ariel fans who were uspet it wasn't Disney's version of it. So if this movie came out around the same time, I don't get how it escaped the scrutiny. Yet, I recently gave it a shot since I'm on a binge watching different adaptions of beloved fairytales. Yet, I was determined to give it a shot and once I got halfway, it was smooth sailing with a few bumps here and there and the ending made it a stronger movie. It's not the best, but it is a rawer interpretation of a beloved fairytale I think the even the author would have appreciated. All I say is Disney's Ariel was very lucky she was found by Prince Eric and his dog instead of some seedy men and been thrown into prositution. Both happened in those times and modern times. But overall, give it a shot. I can't guarantee you'll like it. It's definitely not for everyone.

Le mille e una notte: Aladino e Sherazade

A Great Rendition of a Classic Tale
This is another great retelling of a classic tale. I like this version better than the 2018 live action Disney remake. This has become my second favorite adaption of Aladdin after the 1994 or 1995 Disney's Aladdin movie. Vanessa Hessler once again does an excellent of playing a princess and I say her version of the princess is superior to Disney's version of the princess. She's beautiful, adventurous, outspoken, a genius, and has read numerous books and loves botany and the stars. She doesn't desire marriage and enjoys her freedom and learning. Her father supports his daughter but his evil wife has other plans and constantly find ways to undermine Princess Shahrazad for her own ulterior motive. In this version, Aladdin is not a thief. He's a shoemaker who works for his father. He lives with his mother and three younger siblings. He doesn't let poverty get him down. He can read and loves reading, poetry, and is a great storyteller entertaining his young siblings with tales of adventure and magic. He is better kindhearted and humble. When the princess's carriage with the princess in tow, he saves an old beggar's life in the streets and offers him the shoes he promised he would sell for his family to put money on the table. When by chance, he encounters the princess who sneaks out the palace to see the festival, it's love at first sight. He rescues you from kidnappers trying to kidnap her and brings her to the festival where they dance, eat, talk about the stars and share their first kiss all in one night. Because of her action, her stepmother convinces her father to force Shahrazad to marry. When Aladdin tries to return Shahrazad's shoes to her, the palace guards refused to let him in and tell him she's getting married. His family and his fellow villagers come together and help him disguise himself as a prince so he can win the princess's hand in marriage and makes her a pair of shoes as a gift using crystals to represents the stars since she loves the astronomy. Not knowing what Aladdin has planned, Shahrazad comes up with a riddle for all her suitors to solve if they want her hand in marriage. Aladdin is the only one who is able to solve the riddle, but when she finds out he lied about being a prince, she dismisses him. She is then impressed by Prince Jafar who her stepmother wants her to marry. And it's quite obvious her stepmother gave him advice in how to impress the princess. Aladdin is so heartbroken by Shahrazad's rejection, he gets drunk and then decides to leave his family and Agrabah and join a traveling caravan in order to forget the princess. Meanwhile, Shahrazad stumbles upon her stepmother and Prince Jafar speaking about their plot to kill her father and the princess once she married the princess and learns her stepmother and Prince Jafar are lovers. When Prince Jafar almost kills her, her father comes to her defends and fights him off. Her stepmother stabs her father in the back and Jafar strikes him too, killing her father. He tells his daughter to run away before he dies. Shahrazad escapes with Jar and his soldiers hot on trail beginning tales of adventure for Aladdin and his princess.

This movie could have went so bad but as soon as Aladdin and Shahrazad appear on the scream, you know this movie is cast full of good actors who can act so the casting director deserves an applause for doing a wonderful job with the casting of this movie. The actors were all great. I don't know what it is about filming in the desert but sometimes movies about the desert's backgrounds seemed fake. In this movie, it didn't matter because the actors were amazing and well developed. There's not many movies where you have a princess as smart as Shahrazad yet still a woman of her time. Marco Bocci who plays Aladdin does an excellent job and seemed to get sexier by the second. I think it's the hair and the facial hair. But you can see why the women lust after Aladdin but he's a one woman man making them want him more. This movie plucks out some of the greatest stories from Arabian nights like the thieves, Aladdin, the genie, seductive sorcerers, magic lamps, and gentle genies. It's a great story full of well developed characters from the children actors to even Aladdin's family. It's a wonderful movie and the score and the clothing are just as beautiful. A great story of adventure, star crossed lovers and magic.

Beauty and the Beast

Only secondary to Disney 1991's animation
This is the best live adaption of The Beauty and the Beast movies. It's not for the kiddies and definitely more adult-oriented and realistic. Beauty is a middle class girl named Belle Dubois and the youngest daughter of sea captain named Maurice Dubois. She's naïve, kind-heartened, very nifty, and her greatest dream is going sailing around the world with her father. Yet, misfortune hits her family when her father returns home disheartened. A terrible storm hit his ship and he had to choose between the cargo and saving his men. He chose to save his men and had them throw the cargo overboard. When he returns home, this leaves him indebted to the cruel Prince Leon who was once a kind man until his wife was killed in a fire which left him disfigured years ago. Now, he spends his time bedding the wives of his subject and get amusement watching his subjects fear him and playing dangerous games with them. He sends word to Maurice that either he sells himself into indentured servitude to him until his debt has been repaid or he gives him one of his daughters as an indentured servant until he repays him back. Maurice refuses and rather sell him the deed to his ship to give his daughters to a vicious man. Belle's older sister who raised and took care of Belle as if she was their mother desperately wants to marry her fiancé, but she cannot without a dowry. She admires Belle's optimism about their family being able to leave and pick up once again somewhere else. But she reminds her little sister she spent her youth raising her and all she desires now as to get married and have a family of her own. So Belle being sheltered all her life, sneaks off and goes to Prince Leon's castle and offers herself to him as a servant until her father pays off his debt. Prince Leon's tells her no saying she's only a child and could take she never done a day of hard labor. She convinces him to keep her. When her father comes ready to give himself and give his deed to his ship to the Prince as a servant until he repays the prince in exchange for his daughter's freedom. Belle stops him and tells her father she could handle the prince's cruelty, his ship is his dream, and it gave her hope to being free knowing her father will one day repay the prince back. When Prince Leon tells her she will regret it, she bites back she know she will sparking the prince's interest in her. When his distant cousin sees his interest, she challenges him to a bet. If he beds Belle within three weeks, his cousin will marry anyone he picks for her. If he loses, then Prince Leon will marry her, his cousin. He takes the bet thinking it will be easy, but he's in for a surprise with Belle.

Alessandro Preziosi does an excellent job playing the Beast. A man with external damages from the fire and internal damages from the aftermath of losing his beloved wife. He's a human man and is unconventional handsome. One minute, he's charming. The other minute, he's scary when his short tempered is release. The cousin is not exactly necessary, but she brings some drama to a story already dramatic enough. Blanca Suarez does an excellent job as the strong-willed, yet gentle soul Belle who stands up for her convictions and never let her circumstances get her down. It's a powerful story of how love truly conquers all, even those the world fear cannot be saved. I really enjoyed this movie. It could have been bad, but the acting is amazing from all the actors. One of the strongest example of Belle's character is her reaction to the disappearance of a ring. A great movie. I definitely recommended and the score for this movie is beautiful.


An interesting take on an old tale
Italian actress Vanessa Hessler does an excellent job playing a modern day princess. Even though technically, she isn't. Since this story take place in 1950s Italy where an upper class girl and classical piano prodigy Aurora de Luca falls in love with one of the Ausperg brothers who lived next door to her who was very kind to her when she was thirteen years old and he dreams of becoming a writer. When her beloved father died suddenly, she is forced to live with her evil stepmother and mean-spirited stepsister who turns her family home into a hotel. She ends up working for her stepmother as a maid until she becomes of age to inherit her inheritance. She grows up to her into a beautiful young woman where an older maid and the cook protects her and love her like she is their surrogate daughter. When one of the brothers from her childhood return to their old home next door, now older and a successful businessman in the family business along with his parents, Aurora becomes excited and hopes it's the brother who befriended her when she was thirteen. Also, a rich, old lady with a mysterious past stays at the hotel and Aurora befriends her and learns she is in competition with the brother in order to secure a deal with another businessman both the brother and the old lady want to win a deal with. The brother's family uses the hotel for meals and Aurora deliver them food. The brother who name is Sebastian Ausperg doesn't remember her and treats her with much respect given to a someone who is the help. He has become a businessman obsessed with pleasing his father and gave up his dream of being a writer. Aurora is determined to get him to see her as more than the maid and hopes to bring back the kind spirited boy she remember as a teenager.

I really liked this two part minseries because the set, the location, the characters, and the location were great. It goes more deeply than the 1950s Disney's Cinderella where the characters just meet once and instantly fall in love. In this movie, the characters get to know one another. They aren't perfect and make mistakes. It's also a story about forgiveness and taking chances on one's self and never giving up even if the odds seemed against you. It's a story about following one's dreams. Yes, the story does get very Italian at points especially during the ball dance scene but it was still a great enjoying movie with a great message and compelling characters and a heroine you root for even when she is too scared or stubborn to follow her heart and dreams. A great movie you should give a chance to and one of the great adaptation of the Cinderella score with a beautiful score too.

Paradise Hills

Pretty to look at
This movie was very pretty to look at, but beneath it the plot was very simple. A young woman named Uma ( Emma Roberts) doesn't want to marry the guy who led to her Father's suicide so her fiance and mother send her to an island to correct her defiance and make her more obedient. She meets other young women too who families and associates send them there to mold them into their image. Arnama (Gonzales),a pop star,who wants to control her music. An obese woman named Chloe (McDonald) whose family want her to be skinner. An Asian woman named Yu (Awkwafina) who family want her to act proper or faces being disowned. She also has a cute love interest named Markus (Jeremy Irvine) who conveniently gets a job on the island. And of course Milla Jovovich as The Duchess is very beautiful. Yet it's pretty to look at but there's nothing there but feminist propaganda, LBGT agenda, toxic masculinity, and other SJW tropes. It's a simple movie about rich women feeling forced to be someone they're not, so their families send them there to be rehabilitated. Whether their families know it's a program to study their loved ones mannerisms so poor young woman can get plastic surgery to look exactly like them and replace them in their individual lives. And after the ladies are done been studied and having their identity stolen, The Duchess turns out to be an evil snake or succubus who eats them. Why I don't know since everything gets reveal in the last twenty minutes with no explanation. Markus turns out to be the bad guy and a part of the scheme because he's weak and a man. Arnama is hinted to have feelings for Uma and this is confirmed when Arnama kisses Uma goodbye on her final night on the island. Every man except Uma's dead father is bad in this movie. Markus did one redeeming good thing and that's it. The deaths of two of the children were dumb. If Uma and Chloe's process were complete and they were still alive, why not just wait until they were finish processing Yu? And Uma was so busy looking around and staring at a dead Arnama that she literally let Chloe die? The Duchess' death and reveal was so anticlimactic and ridiculous. Yet, the final scene was a nice reward after the confusing opening scene. I also like the nice twist on classicsm with their replacements. It wasn't a horrible movie but it was kinda all over the place and the third act could've been more interesting but it seemed rushed through. Wasn't a horrible movie but it could have been better. Overall, a pretty movie to look at about a not so far off dystopian world about affluent women being copied, killed off, and being replaced into their loved one's ideal version of them.

Texas Chainsaw 3D

A Series of Stupid Acts
This is why the horror movie genre is going downhill. Every horror cliche was in this movie besides nudity and the cliche sex scene which I'm thankful for. The only good thing about this movie was the star Alexandra Anna Daddario doing her best in a bad movie. She didn't overact. She did her job and collected her check.

Yes, a small portion of horror fans love the sex, violence, and gore. But many want smart horror in compelling storylines where the characters don't have to constantly make stupid decisions in order for the movie to continue. Which is why movies like Get Out and Cloverfield Lane stand out, because the protagonist has to use their brains to get out of a bad situation. This movie had the hitchhiker turning out to be a thief. The cheating boyfriend sleeping with his girlfriend's promicious best friend in her daisy duke shorts. Tripping down the stairs to make it easier for the villian to be able to follow after the final girl. One character trying to run through an iron gate when all he had to do was wait until it opened and they could have eacaped. Instead of the lawyer meeting her at the bar, they could have had the same conversation in his car on the way out of town. The no good mayor and the other rednecks making a already handled situation worse which led to the plot of this movie. The twist of a character unshockingly turning bad. A black sheriff who has no control over the white men in town. So his threats fall idle. And a cop shooting one in the victims in surprise which I guess would be funny to a Rob Zombie fan. The violence was anticlimactic. The villian would snatch a victim but it cuts off from the actual torture. For horror fans who like gore, the death scene is usually their favorite parts of a horror film.

The few positives about this film were the lead actress of course, the guy who played the villian did his job, the cinematography was nice, the death scenes were bloody, and the scene in the interrogation room when the lead actress is looking through the evidence and the scene at the carnival were a nice change especially the throwing of the chainsaw. The movie had potential if those behind making this movie were brave enough to stop making a safe movie and stepped outside the box. Making the characters smarter instead of having them commit dumb acts to keep the movie going. And better death scenes would also been an improvement. This movie was a perfect example of everything wrong with the horror genre and it fits perfectly with all the bad B movie horror on the Sci fy channel.


Watched Four Times within Twenty-four hours
When this movie first came out, I thought it looked stupid so I wouldn't give it a chance. When I was watching the 1995 BBC version of Pride & Prejudice on DVD, this was one of the previews for the movie. I checked it out and I enjoyed this silly, romantic comedy. The entire cast was phenomenal and over the top. Keri Russell's Jane Hayes thought she was nuts being obsessed with Jade Austen Pride& Prejudice all her life and she was thrown into a world called Austenland where the characters were so nuts they made her look sane. After having a midlife crisis after her loser ex boyfriend tells her he's the best shot she has at marriage. She goes nuts and spend her lifesavings to go to Austenland where she's promise to have her own Austen inspired romance. In Austenland, the line between reality and fiction becomes very blurry. JJ Feild who plays Henry Nobley, the Darcy of the group, kills it with his facial expressions and his reactions to the ridiculousness of their situation. The great thing about this movie is that it's one of those movies that each time you watch it, you find something new. It's not a straight romantic comedy with one note. It flips the script on you and gives you many twists and turns so you never truly know how it plays out. It's a cool movie to watch, then rewatch and catch things you didn't catch the first time around. But I really enjoyed this movie. The entire cast was amazing. Jennifer Coolidge as Miss Elizabeth Charming, a rich legally dumb blonde who has a heart of gold and is Jane's comedic sidechick. Bret McKenzie as the likable charmer Martin. James Callis from another Austen inspired property the Bridget Jones series plays the flamboyant Colonel Andrews. Georgia King was hilarious as another rich blonde named Lady Amelia Heartwright. Ricky Whittle who plays the sexy Captain East and also a soap star who is so sexy, he'll take off his shirt, revealing his six pack, and use it as a handkerchief to watch a ladies' mouth. Jane Seymour plays Mrs. Wattlesbrook with ease. Ayda Field is in the movie for five minutes but she nails it. It was an enjoyable movie and every actor gets their moment to shine. If you are a serious Austen fan and hate any unpure version adaption of Austen's work, you'll going to hate this movie. But if you love her work and don't mind giving sillier adaptions a chance, then you'll like or dare I say love it. And probably secretly admit to yourself only, you wish Austenland really existed. Oh, and may sure you watch the ending credits. It's a nice treat!

It Chapter Two

The only reason I'm giving this movie a C for effort is because I can tell the cast, the crew, the producers, director and everyone else attached to this movie put a lot of their hearts and souls into this movie. Yet, it didn't live up to the hype of the original. I began to lose interest in the opening scene where we see a gay, white couple at a fair and get not one gay kiss but two gays kisses and of course a group of homophobic white males beat them up. They also change the sexuality of one of the losers to homosexuality. Because heaven forbids if two guys have a close friendship where they occasionally make fun of one another, then it must mean they're gay. So IT has become a LBGT agenda movie. The movie had a good ending, but it wasn't any better thassn the original. While the scares of the original depended on Tim Curry and practical effect. This one depended on Bill Skarsgard and CGI. There were two scenes where I jumped. But for the rest, the monsters weren't scary, you can anticipate the scare, or the audience was tricked into thinking they were about to get a jump scare. The writers were creative and did their best to make this movie different from the original. They relied heavy on showing a lot of flashbacks with the younger cast to get those nostalgia moments and attempt to capture the magic of the first movie. But like the original, the adult cast were great, but they couldn't capture the childhood innocence of their younger counterparts even when they made juvenile jokes to one another as the adults. I did like that they gave Mike a little bit more to do. He got to narrate the scene after the opening scene, have a private talk with Bill, and help out with the final battle. I did love the storyline between Ben and Beth. It was different from the original, but it was a good mix of romance, horror, and angst. It wasn't a bad movie, but go in also knowing it's going to be an agenda movement. And this will be the new norm for all movies. Even if it has no place in the movie and feels added on, Hollywood is going to insert their agenda and if this is how every movie is going to be, then I'll be seeing fewer movies in in the future. Overall, it was an okay movie. It was more funny than scary. However, I won't be adding it to my It collection. I'm cool with the 1990s It and 2017 IT Chapter One.

Eiga Koe no katachi

A Masterpiece
Normally, I write longwinded reviews, but this one doesn't need it. It's a masterpiece story about redemption. I learnt about this movie yesterday by accident and though the animation looked cute and the summary was interesting. I decided to watch this two hour movie after work. I was crying throughout from the beginning to the end. Anyone who has been a victim of bullying, dealt with depression, attempted or contemplated suicide, felt like an unnecessary burden to their loved ones, who felt ostracized, suffered from loneliness, felt like a loser, suffered from social anxiety, tried to maintain a perfect facade, or had done an act so cruel it haunts you for the rest of your life, then you could relate to this movie. I warn you, you're going to cry and I'm not a crybaby myself. Two minutes after this movie ends, you're going to still be thinking about it. Don't go in thinking it's a romance. It's about redemption and learning to forgive the hardest person in the world to: yourself.

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is Not Batman
Batman was way too nice in this movie. Pizza parties and telling Raphael he's right. But overall it was a fun movie. It was more kid-friendly since The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles are a Nickelodeon property, but the characters did bleed. It was a great mash up of fights with Batman taking on Shredder and the Ninja Turtles taking on the Penguin and Ra al Ghul. Very fun movie and made me very aware of the different adaptions of these characters going on at once with the style, animation, and action of both the live action and the animated movies which is awesome because there are so many different stories to tell with these characters. In this movie, Batgirl and Robin which I'm assuming in Jason since Barbara and Dick are usually the same age. So Dick must be Nightwing and wasn't in the movie. But Robin kicked butt and held his own in the film. I'm assuming Batgirl fan will love her in this movie more than in R rated The Killing Joke movie since she does get moments to shine and isn't a quick cameo. Loved the Ninja Turtles as a kid, watched the animated series and the live action movies. But when Robin held his nose, it dawned on me that the Ninja Turtles had to really stink in real life because they live and swim in the sewers which is filled with all type of disgusting things. But it was a good mash up and I caught the sweet nod to April in the Turtlemobile. or whatever their van is called. But it was a good movie. At one point, I was about to become annoyed because I'm getting annoyed with The Joker seemingly now to always be Batman's go to villain, just like Lex Luthor seems to be in the Superman universe. But alas, the creators turn it into another mash up which turn out to be a nice comical fight for Batman and the Ninja Turtles. So it was a good movie, more on the childish side, not as stupid and crazy as Batman and Harley Quinn, but quite enjoyable and fun movie.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

A ridiculously over the top movie but a fun ride
If you miss the over the top action movies of the '80s and 90s of macho men with big guns, bigger muscles, bad puns, and explosions, you're going to love this movie. If you can't turn off your brain for two hours and tend to overanalyze the plot, then you're going to hate it. This move defies the laws of gravity. The Rock is literally as hard as a rock, even gravity can't stop him. The plot is a secret illuminati society is trying to take over the world by spreading a virus which will wipe off a large part of the world's population or as Idris' Brixton would say, "only the weaker ones" and it's up to Hobbs (The Rock) and Shaw (Statham) to save the world. Vanessa Kirby's Hattie is equally a skilled fighter as the boys and does her best to balance out the bickering of the boys when it starts to become juvenile. So the movie is a fun ride if you want pure popcorn escapism and don't ask yourself certain questions like "How can The Rock slide down a rope with no gloves and get no skin burns? How can The Rock jump off a rope with no protective gear and land on top of another guy without falling splat on the ground? Doesn't that defy the laws of gravity? Why do the bad guys line up to get attack one by one instead of shooting Hobbs and Shaw from a distance or attacking them both at once? If Brixton is Black Superman, then why is Hobbs and Shaw able to hold their own against him? Are they French Superman and Rock Superman? Are Hobbs and Shaw really human because they never bleed in the movie?

That's the only downsize with this movie, because anyone who watches this movie knows it's going to be crazy and action packed. The fact the characters like in most action movies also, come across as invincible, there's never any stakes or real tension because you know nothing is going to happen to them. They never bleed or if they get hit, they bounce it off and get up or joke about it. I think the only somewhat believable action star we have today I could think of is fifty-seven year old Tom Cruise. Once he went from being the super spy in the first three Mission Impossible movies to the death defying stunts and getting his butt kick in the last three MI movies, the movies became better because there was a chance the main character could die. Of course, you want him to survive and win, but it's the tension of the atmosphere built when there's a chance the hero can die or get hurt. One of the best action film character was Harrison Ford because he was a ruggedly handsome guy who came across as normal who got in a fist fight before and maybe lost a couple too. He occasionally got his butt kick and nearly died in death defying stunts leaving the audience tense and finally relieved when he figured out a way to get out of a bad situation.

After the backlash of some Bruce Lee's fans and his real life daughter of Bruce Lee's character being portrayed as full of hot air and being tossed in a car in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, fans don't want to see their favorite action stars lose a fight or get their butts' kicked. So the leading stars have the dilemma of having to come across at these larger than life invincible creatures who never loses a fight, but there is no stakes or tension because you know they aren't going to die or lose.

So besides no true tension in the film, the movie was very fun and enjoyable. Kirby, The Rock, Elba, Statham, the cameos, and even the pretty young actress who plays Hobbs' daughter, all did an excellent job in this movie. Elba made a pretty good and convincing villain. Even at the end just like in the Wire, he went out like a G. I wouldn't be surprised if his character returns in the sequel since he is part man and part machine and this is a Fast and Furious spinoff so anything is possible in this universe. It's obvious The Rock had a hand in producing this movie and it's one of his better films. I loved how he went back to his Somoan roots and figured out a way to incorporate them into the film. He seems like he's creating opportunities for his fellow WWE family and helping bring them into the film industry. And I love Statham sneaking a cameo of his 2003 movie, the Italian Job in this film which was also a pretty good movie. It's also so obvious that everyone enjoyed making this film and you could see the love in making the film and imagine the actors laughing between takes. I can only imagine how funny the blooper reels for this movie will be once the DVD is released. But overall, a stupid, dumb, and fun movie. And Hobbs and Shaw knows it's stupid, dumb, and fun, and just goes with it. Great movie if you have a need for over the top action and want a two hour break from reality.

Batman and Harley Quinn

Why So Serious?
Imagine a very goofy episode of the animated series of Batman from the '90s and you have this movie. From the opening WB Animaniacs type intro with Harley chasing after Batman with Looney Tunes Hammer, you know this movie is going to be stupid and very cartoonish. Yet, it was enjoyable and I laughed at the silliness of this movie from beginning to end. Poison Ivy and Floronic Man come up with a crazy plan to save the earth from global warming by turning all the people on the planet into plant people. Nightwing and Batman need to get in touch with Harley Quinn to find Poison Ivy to stop her.

Night Wing finds out Harley Quinn is working in plain sight as this diner called Superbabes where hot women dressed like sexier version of female superheroes. Harley is dressed as herself. Harley catches Nightwing following her. They get into an alley fight. She poisons him with laughing gas she got from the Joker. Nightwing wakes up to being tied to Harley's bed. Then, there's an awkward scene where she borderline rapes Nightwing but at the last minute he consents so I guess it was consensual and then it's awkwardly reference later on. I think if they were going to add a sex scene then just do it like they did in Suicide Squad the animated movie with Deathstroke and Harley Quinn where he was reluctantly to sleep with her because she's nut then shrugs and slept with her in a quick funny scene. The scene is never reference again. So it could have been a fun scene, but it was written awkwardly.

The movie is nuts like Harley Quinn and is all over the place. It doesn't know if it wants to cater to a mature audience or children. There's sex references and the weird, sex scene between Nightwing and Harley. There's fart jokes of Harley farting in the batmobile. A weird sequence with Harley taking Nightwing and Batman to a villain's club in the middle of nowhere. The red-haired twins' song was awesome. The person voicing Harley Quinn could not sing. Yet, this scene was stupid because it mocked 1960s Adam West's Batman. Batman tapping to Harley Quinn singing. Nightwing dancing. One of the villains mocking Batman dancing like Adam West did in those goofy dance moves from the 1960s TV series. Then, the fist fight with the villains and the comic book words popping up like in the 1960s series. Harley leading Batman and Nightwing in a high speed chase to beat up her high school prom date who stood her up for prom. The ending was the stupidest. Harley stopping Ivy with her tearful face. The Swamp Creature appearing to be an ex machina only to let Floronic Man decide what he wants to do. The movie ends with Nightwing and Batman debating on how to stop Floronic Man when everything else has failed. Harley suggests he's like a tree thing, set him on fire to where she receives a kiss from both men. This movie was bananas. Purists and fans who take the Batman franchise way too seriously are going to hate this movie. But if you want a fun laugh at a completely bananas of a movie, then this movie is quite enjoyable and anytime Kevin Conroy voices Batman is always a treat.

Batman: Hush

Hush! I Liked It!
I recently had a chance to watch the movie and I loved it. It was a good story about a new criminal named Hush using Batman's enemies and his Justice League colleague Superman to get to Bruce Wayne/Batman. Didn't like the new 52 and I am definitely still a bigger fan of the Justice League from the early 2000s and their continuation of movies. But the new 52 have listened to the fans and fixed the problems with the movies. They ditched the unwanted Wonder Woman/ Superman romance and fixed Lois and Clark's relationship with the Death of Superman and the Reign of Superman movies. So I loved Lois and Clark getting a brief cameo in this movie with a continuation of their romance from the two Superman movies. I am a total fan of Diana/ Bruce budding romance in the JL movies. But I'm liking the romance of Selina Kyle and Bruce in the new 52 movies. She's a good match for him and she fits perfectly in his universe. If Bats get out his own way, he won't grow into the lonely old man he is in the Batman Beyond series. I know the negative reviews are from fans upset they changed the twist at the end from the comic book. I didn't read the comics, but if the best friend was supposed to turn out to be Hush, then that would have been blatantly obvious. The villain who it was, was an anticlimactic reveal but the Riddler being the big bad was a nice twist since Batman's biggest villain seems to always be the Joker nowadays. I love the Bat family being in one movie. In the animated series from the 90s, they were always spread out in individual episodes. So it was nice to have a cameo from Batgirl, Night Wing, Damian Wayne, along with classic Batman villians: Bane, Poison Ivy, The Scarecrow, The Riddler and his minions wearing their Riddler costumes, the Penguin, and Clay Face. I don't remember in Mr. Freeze made an appearance or not. But it was so freaking awesome to see all these characters in one movie and most of the characters had their moment to shine. I also liked the maturity of Batman and Catwoman's relationship and how we got to see them team up and fight the bad guys. Well, with a little catty persuasion from Catwoman. I loved their relationship better in Gotham by Gaslight, but Hush did them just as well and it was nice to see Catwoman fighting Poison Ivy and Batgirl and holding her own in a fight with the fellas. It was also nice to get a glimpse into how a relationship between Catwoman and Batman will be. This movie was a great character analysis of Batman and how Hush nearly cause him to break his code of no killing with the killing of his childhood friend and framing Joker as the killer. Commissioner Gordon had to stop Batman from going into the abyss with the killing joke. Selina was definitely a good companion for Batman but his inability to stop being Batman when it's clear Night Wing can fend for himself as Batman. In an earlier scene, Night Wing got into a fight with a group of bad guys on a routine patrol which went bad since Night Wing set the ship on fire. Bruce was ready to leave his party he attended as Batman to assist when Night Wing informed he had it and he finished fighting off the bad guys while talking to Bruce. So you have a vigilante who trained his teammates so well, they can defeat the bad guys without him. He has the perfect woman for him who he reveals his identity to as Bruce Wayne and Batman and she's fine with it and he knows he can trust her to keep his secret. He has everything he wants, but the tragedy of his character is that he doesn't want to give up being the Batman or kill even if it could save his life and technically, it would be self-defense. Catwoman had to watch in despair as he was willing to die for the code he believed in and saved the life of the man who he couldn't trust and knew his secret. Instead of letting go, he kept trying to pull the Riddler to safety even though the building was exploding around them. It was Selina who had to cut the rope, let the Riddler die, so Bruce could save both of them and get them to safety before the building exploded. She literally had to save Bruce Wayne from himself. So you have a man who rather hide behind the mask as Batman than spend time with his friends and build a life with the woman he loved. So he loses out on being with Catwoman who is trying to change her life for the better and can't stay with a man whose afraid to take off his mask and be Bruce Wayne even though Night Wing is ready to pick up the mantle as Batman and once Dick retires, then Damian will gladly take his father's place as the Dark Knight. So it was a good, enjoyable movie and a good analysis on the tragedy of the character of Batman. Giving up on love and having a real life for an idea and a code his children and his disciples already live by. It's like he's addicted to the thrill of being Batman and rather be the Batman than dealing with the realities of being simply Bruce Wayne. Instead of letting Bruce Wayne be his real identity. He sees himself as really being Batman and Bruce Wayne being the façade he wears in order to keep being Batman. He loves the thrill of the chase with being with a femme fatale like Catwoman, but he doesn't want to give up his reins as Batman in order to have a real relationship with her as Bruce Wayne, the version of him she really want to be with. I'm loving the continuality of these stories. I love Batman as a character, but one day I would like his story to end happily like it did in The Dark Knight Rises and Bruce Wayne could finally let go of Batman and finally mend his relationship with Dick by trusting his adopted son with carrying on the legacy of Batman. So I'm looking forward to how The Bat family story continues in the next movie.

Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood

I Laughed from Beginning to End
Not a fan of Quentin Tarantino, think his films are ridiculously violent, and hate his obsessive use of the N-word. Contrary to popular belief, Samuel L. Jackson's opinion of the N-word does not reflect the majority of black people's views on the use of that word. The only movies Tarantino directed I liked was the Kill Bill movies because of their style and the fight scenes. So I'm not obsessed with his work. I said all that to say, I'm not a Quentin Tarantino purist. Even though I'm not, I enjoyed this stupid two hour and thirty minute film which I will probably never watch again except maybe in the distant future on television on a Sunday morning when I have way too much time on my hands.

Yet, this is a simple movie about the friendship between a falling actor named Rick played by Leonardo DiCaprio and long time stuntman Cliff played by Brad Pitt which just so happens to coincide with the Mansion murders in 1969 and the real life death of rising star actress and wife of director Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate. Rick is in the twilight of his career and Cliff is his best friend/ assistant who always supports him and encourage him not to give up on acting. This movie is crazy and bunkers and had the audience laughing from the beginning to the end. Since the MeToo era, feminists complain about everything including the minor role they believe Margot Robbie had in this movie playing Sharon Tate. Could the character have been played by anyone? Yes, but the reason why Sharon Tate's family approved of this portrayal of Sharon onscreen or let's say compared to Hillary Duff's version is because Margot captured the youthful beauty and spirit of Sharon Tate. Yes, her role is small compared to DiCaprio's and Pitt's, but the point Tarantino was trying to convey, was to allow the audience to get to know her as a real person. In real life, she died at the age of 26 and her career barely begun. Unlike Judy Garland, she didn't have her "Wizard of Oz" yet. So beside being forever linked to Charles Manson as the victim he sent his followers to murder, in this movie, we got to see her as a human being. A young, newlywed married to a famous film director and spending her afternoon going to the movies to watch herself on screen in one of her movies. She wasn't a victim in this movie. She was a normal person and that's why her sister Debra Tate approved of her portrayal in this movie. In this alternate universe, Sharon lived and in the unknown future, whatever happened to her life afterwards, was her choice alone. So I enjoyed this movie. Margot captured the essence of Sharon Tate really well. Brad and Leonardo was awesome, but Brad stole the show a little bit. Both had their moments. The last thirty minutes was bananas like Tarantino may have been smoking acid when he was trying to figure out how to end this film.

Once Upon a Time was a beautiful love letter to the Golden Era of Hollywood. And if Luke Perry had to leave this world early, Once Upon of Time in Hollywood was a pretty awesome movie for his final film ever listed on IMDb. Anyone who loved old sitcoms from the 60s and 70s, will love how this movie plays homage to them. So to sum it up, it was a good movie. The critics love it. The audience love it. Sharon Tate's family loved it. The guy who played Bruce Lee was amazing too and is renewing interest in a new Bruce Lee story but he too, captured the essence of Bruce Lee. And even in this alternate universe, Rick Dalton loved it too because by saving Sharon Tate and her friends, he saved his career too by the film ending with Rick finally getting what he wanted by living next to a famous director and of course, we all know he's going to bring his right hand man Cliff along with him. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a beautiful love letter to the greats of the Golden Era like the friendship between the late Burt Reynolds and his stuntman and longtime best friend Hal Needham, Bruce Lee, Sharon Tate, and Roman Polanski (whether you love him or hate him for his sins in his personal life, professionally he's one of the greatest directors of a generation). Great movie, check it out.

Itazura na Kiss

A cute, romantic dramedy anime
Eleven years after this anime originally premiered, I finally watched it for the first time two days ago on Tubi TV and I absolutely fell in love with it. It ended up binge watching all 25 episodes in two days. It seemed familiar to me because years ago I read a well-written Sailor Moon fanfic called It Started with A Photo but I had no idea it was based off of this anime. The plot for this beautiful, well drawn anime is seventeen year old high school senior Kotoko Aihara finally muster up the courage to write a love letter to tell her long time high school crush Naoki Irie she loves him. When she presents the letter to him at school, he immediately rejects her letter in front of the entire school. One of her friends Kin, who also has loved Kotoko for years in a one-side love too, calls out Noaki for rejecting her and not accepting her letter. Noaki says he doesn't date stupid girl and laughs when Kotoko admits she's stupid when trying to defend herself against his insult. Later on, she's having dinner with her father in their new home. A 2.0 earthquake hits Japan and their house is destroyed because her father had it built with cheap material. Her father's high school friend feels sorry for their misfortune and invites them to live with his family at their home in an affluent part of Tokyo. His name is Mr. Irie and Kotoko thinks it's a mere coincidence that he shares the same last name Irie as Noaki and grows nervous when her father tells her his eldest son was her age and attended the same school as her. She realizes she's now living in the home of her high school crush Noaki, his parents, and his genius nine-year-old little brother Yuuki. From that moment on drama and crazy antics begin on Kotoko's quest to win to Noaki's affection.

The anime covers about fifteen years of their lives from high school, college, marriage, and parenthood within 25 episodes starting from age seventeen to their early thirties. Two other important characters are Mrs. Irie who is Noaki's meddling mom and plays matchmaker always encouraging his son to get together with Kotoko to his irritation and Kin who is determine to make something out of himself in the world to prove himself worthy of marrying Kotoko one day. Mrs. Irie plays as a plot device constantly pushing the story forward dealing with a stubborn son Noaki and an insecure Kotoko. There are three significant episodes in this anime: Episode 7 "Spiteful Kiss, Episode 14 "Greatest Kiss", and Episode 19 "Crazy For You" because each episode marks a turning point in their relationship. The character of Noaki is a genius, popular, and handsome. He's the smartest kid in their class and the smartest student in Japan. He has a photographic memory and remembers everything so he doesn't have to study. Everything comes easy to him so he's jaded in life, emotionally detached and almost robotic because certain feelings like jealousy and sadness are foreign to him since he never felt them before. At their high school, their class is divided by their academic aptitude from Class A being the smartest and brightest students with Class F being the academic failures and dumbest students. Naoki is in Class A while Kotoko is in Class F. Kotoko is stupid, goofy, a klutz, and a horrible cook but she's loveable and has a good heart. You can't help but root for her even though she does a lot of silly things with good intentions. Kotoko causes chaos in Naoki's life and she makes his life interesting. In the series, he comes across as mean and cold-hearted to her, always teasing her or mocking her. But in actuality, he adores her. Yet, he doesn't know how to express his feelings for her without being mean to her. Kotoko continues to pursue him for over a year without realizing she already won. He could have gone to Tokyo University which is the equivalent of Harvard University in the United States in this anime. Yet, he chooses to go to the same college at her. She encourages him to become a doctor to one day help the sick little boy in the hospital they meet and befriend when Noaki's younger brother Yuuki becomes ill and has to be hospitalized. So he studies to get into medical school which he easily gets into at their university, and his dream is to become a doctor now. It isn't until he almost loses Kotoko is when he realizes himself his true feelings for her. Instead of reacting when another guy tries to pursue her and he's on the verge of losing her, he ignores her and becomes distant. It takes Kin to make him realize he's jealous. At that moment, he realizes he doesn't only love Kotoko but he needs her because with her, he can be his true self. Once he accepts his emotions and learns to accept his feelings for her, he grows into a more human and likable character.

On the polar opposite side, I know we live in a MeToo era now where such made up terminology as "toxic masculinity" is used. But sometimes, trying to be worthy of the affections of a man does make a girl become a woman and reach her full potential. Through trying to pursue Noaki and be worthy of his affection, she begins to stop seeing herself as stupid and wants to prove to Noaki she isn't dummy. She blackmails him into helping her study for their high school mid-term exam and she becomes the first student in Class F to score in the Top 50 making the fiftieth spot while Noaki made the highest score. She annoys him to death (in a very funny scene) into helping the entire Class F pass their finals and get accepted into college. While on their honeymoon in Hawaii, after he snaps at her while trying to help a deceptive wife who Kokoto knew but Noaki didn't know was after Noaki about being upset with him touching other women. She decides she wants to pursue a nursing career to work alongside him. Even though she fails her entrance exam the first time around, Noaki encourages her to keep trying until she finally passes the exam and achieves her dream of being a nurse at the same hospital as her husband. While she at first sucks at being a nursing student and a nurse, she kept trying until she became better and when push came to shove, she was able to let go of her goofy side and become serious and help others. When the series comes to end and Kokoto is on the verge of becoming a mother, one of their old college friends and also a woman who challenged Kokoto in college for Noaki's affections comes to the hospital sick and in need of surgery on the same day Kokoto goes into labor. Kokoto had made Noaki promise to be there while she gives birth and he tries to honor that promise when their old friend comes in but he was the only doctor available to operate. Kokoto tells her husband to go save their friend's life while she brings their child in the world. She even encourage the nurses to allow Noaki to operate on their friend alone knowing this would be his first solo surgery. Yet, Noaki is so smart and perfect everyone knows he'll do a great job so the head nurse reluctantly agrees. This marked a significant point in their relationship because she stops becoming insecure in their relationship and lets her husband save the life of the woman who once was her rival. So both helped the other grow into a better person. It's a beautiful drawn and written series. Even to the three most important episodes there is so much angst and build up to those moments. Making each kiss and love scene more impactful from the journey it took them to get to that moment in their relationship. So if you want to watch a romantic dramedy or even get lost in the fantasy or the reality for others of winning the affection of your high school crush and being able to build a life with that person where each of you make the other person into a better human being, check out this anime. The music is also amazing. One of the better animes I deeply enjoyed, and had fun watching.

Yôjû toshi

Men in Black Before Men In Black
Ok, I'm an anime fanatic and used to love watching movies like this as kid on the Sci-fy channel on Saturday mornings. My favorite anime style is always going to be the 80s and early 90s animated style like with Akira, Wicked City, Demon City, Sailor Moon, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, Voltron, Gunham Force and so on. I came across this movie the first time years ago by accident thinking it was another beloved favorite Demon City. I watched it and loved it. That opening sex scene gets me every time. I rewatched it again thirty-two years after its original release and still love it. It's a simple story about a ladies' man secret agent Taki assigned along with a demonic secret agent named Makie from a demonic city known as The Black World to protect this centuries old dirty old man named Mayart and ensure he safely is escorted to a treaty accords with The Black World to endure peace between the two cities for another 500 years. For some reason the movie never explains why the demons from the black world do not want the treaty to be resigned and spent the night trying to kill Mayart. I'm assuming based on an encounter in the movie Maki has with one of her former acquaintance, a small sector of the demon think they are better than the humans and rather kill them than co-exist with them.

The movie starts off insane with Taki thinking he's getting lucky with a woman he's been pursuing for months only to find out after a great night of sex it's not really her and it's actually a demonic spiderwoman who nearly cuts off his manhood with her vagina denata and nearly kills him. Another insane scene is the moment Taki pulls out his gigantic magnum gun at the airport, a gun so powerful and big it can kill demons and would make Dirty Harry blush. Makie is equally badass as she is beautiful and actually more powerful than Taki being a demon from The Black World and viewed as a traitor by her fellow demons who despises the fact she works with humans. She's actually more powerful than Taki and has powers, but Taki can still hold his own in a fight. Yes, there are many sex scenes in this movie, but they are relevant to the story which is dark, sexy, funny, and yet sometimes brutal and cruel. It's a dark movie with characters living in a demonic world. Makie is the powerful character but she is the victim of sexual assault by her former acquaintance which she kills when she gets the chance and she is raped and tortured by demons as punishment for her portrayal. Yet, she never lets them break her and always gets her revenge. A symbol of how mentally strong she is as physically strong.

A decade ago, no one would have bat an eye about women being rape in fantasy storylines. Now because a wave of feminism bored with their first world problems, a new generation of feminists are oversensitive to any negative depiction of women being raped in any media form, especially those who were victims of sexual assault, and bashed it as misogynic and being only a plot device. So movies like this even created in a different era when times were less politically correct, old movies or TV shows are seen through a critical post MeToo world. It's so bad even the cute Christmas flirtatious song about a guy trying to convince a woman he likes to spend the night with him called "Baby It's Cold Outside' had to get its lyrics changed and in other places was banned because feminists thought it was too rapey. In their minds, it's okay for women to be misandrist to men, but not for men to be red-blooded males to women. They honestly believe pornography, hentai, or women being rape in fantasies or movies are going to trigger men to be sexually aggressive towards women in reality when in reality and based on statistics, it isn't true. People can distinguished between fantasy and reality.

I said all that to explain the unnecessary hate this movie is getting. I've seen it before the MeToo and politically correct era and I've seen it again after the MeToo era and I still love this movie about secret agents fighting off demonic creatures to save the world in black suits.

Oh another thing I loved about this movie. I haven't seen this movie in so long. I was shocked when I saw someone who looked like a black man walking by, then I realized 80s anime depicted dark skinned Japanese. I remember growing up watching Chun-Li kicking Vega's butt in her apartment in Street Fighter II to KMFDM's "Ultra" playing in the background. She was dark skinned but over the years her character was lightened up and then eventually whitewashed. It was nice seeing dark skinned Japanese since practically all the animated movies now depicted only light-skinned Japanese.

The three main characters are the delight and the movie has a cute twist at the end. I also liked the romance between Taki and Makie which developed over a crazy night of danger and adventure even though they come from two different worlds. I really enjoyed this world and Wicked City is a great companion piece to Demon City. It doesn't deserve the hate it gets simply because some hate hentai or criticizing a movie created during a different era during modern times. Great movie with great sex scenes, action, nudity, great fight scenes, demonic creatures, romantic, a twist, and the nicest gun ever pulled out on screen.

Child's Play

Pretty good for a remake
I heard people comment this movie was not as scary as the original. Well, Chucky is a movie about a one foot tall killer doll who goes around killing people and cursing. It was scary when you're eight, but once you grow up, the movie is really funny and ridiculous. This remake was like the It remake meaning it's a reboot of the franchise but it has originality, told its own story, and updated it for a modern audience. Our Chucky was for kids of the eighties and early nineties who loved playing with toys. This movie is for the 21st century kid growing up with smart devices and AI intelligence. Their toys is their smartphones and video game systems with access to the internet. This version of Chucky reflects their generation where a toy is basically Alexa too and can control the technology around it. Mark Hamill does an amazing job voicing Chucky, the annoying buddy friend from hell. Chucky didn't want Andy with no friends. Anyone who threatened to take Andy's best buddy's status or upset Andy had to go. Chucky didn't play with his friendship with Andy. Aubrey Plaza as the young modern day mom and Brian Tyree Henry as their neighbor, Detective Mike Norris was perfectly cast for this crazy, silly movie. I also like Carlease Burke as Doreen Norris, Mike's mom. I'm glad she didn't play the stereotypical black mama role. She was funny in this movie, but she started a beef with Chucky and her scene with him kinda made me laugh then sad because her character was so cool and funny, just like a mom. I like how this movie embraced the silliness of the franchise yet still gave you a few scares. It wasn't scary to me because I've grown desensitized by the violence in real life and the horror genre but I did enjoy this film and I cared about the characters. When you created a horror movie and you make the audience care about the characters, you've done a good job. I liked the Tupac and Star Wars jokes. I might even go on to say there's a Karate Kid joke on the slick, but I might be stretching. The last thirty minutes are very intense and this franchise with a big imagination and creativity has limited opportunities for growth into something bigger. This could be the Terminator of horror movies. But it was a great film with great characters and very funny and enjoyable. If you're a loyalist, then remember, the original franchise is still going on. I've haven't been a fan since Child Play's 3. I didn't like the franchise going straight comedy horror starting with The Bride of Chucky, but plenty of fans love it and it still going strong. But this movie was good reboot or universe separate from the original and I look forward to see where they take these movies.


A Creepy Imitation of Small Town Life and the Livelong Effects of Bullying
For those of us who grew up in small towns and feared being stuck there until death, for those of us who tried to leave and circumstances forced us to return home, for those of us who allowed one traumatizing moment in past hinder our growth and never moved passed it, this movie is a chilling reflection of life. It's simple tale of a group of bored high school kids in a small town with nothing to do, trying to have fun by getting an adult to buy them alcohol. They are constantly rejected until they run into Ma who at first rejects them, then when she sees the name of the van, she agrees to buy them alcohol and even let them eventually use her basement as a safe place to hangout, get drunk and get high. She relives her high school days vicariously through them and finally feels like one of the cool kids when she didn't fit in when she was in high school. She imagines the cute guy to be the cute guy she had a crush on in high school. When they reject her after she snaps at them for breaking one of her house rules, she becomes unhinged and begins her revenge on those who wronged her in the past.

Ma is a chilly tale of a woman whose mental growth was stunted from a cruel act done to her back in high school by the parents of the high school kids. Physically, she is a woman with a mediocre job, house, was married, and is a mother, but mentally is forever that socially awkward teenaged girl stuck forever in high school by a cruel prank she never got over. It was so cruel she tries to stunt her daughter's growth and intentionally makes her sick in order to stop her from going to school and facing the mean kids like she did when she was in high school. For those individuals who have their lives together, this movie is mediocre and idiotic. For those individuals who don't and let the sins of the past become their whole life or no matter how hard they try to better themselves, they continue to fail and return to their hometown and face the ridicule of adult bullies who rejoice in their failure, it's scary accurate and kinda depressing if you are in that predicament.

It's a simple movie with so many hidden, deeper meanings. There is even one scene where Ma paints the only black friend of the high school kids in white face and tells him there can only be one black friend. For bullies who bullied weaker kids in high school or elementary school, their lives go on without a worry of the effects of their bullying did to those kids they tormented. Sometimes those kids dust off what happened to them in high school and move on with their lives. Then there are those like Ma, who are forever tortured about being bullied as a child. And the cruel prank done to her was pretty traumatizing. It is a crazy reminder of how as children and adults we need to aware of how actions and treatment of others mentally affects them. Otherwise our children must suffer for the sins of our past.


Good first project for teenaged executive producer Marsai Martin
Kudos to Marsai Martin for pitching her first movie and age ten and getting it greenlit and produced by age fourteen, and start promoting it at fourteen/fifteen. The concept is cliché: mean adult who is rude to everyone around her is transformed into her younger self and can only break the spell when she learns the lesson of being humble. You can tell the movie was written by someone who was inexperience and the writing seemed like a first rough draft which had not been refined. The pacing was off and the edits weren't as smooth as shown in the trailer. Jokes like Martin commenting on Issa Rae (April) dressed in her clothes looking like Cookie from Empire and April beating little Jordan outside fell flat with the delivery in the actual movie because of how the scene was filmed.

I think the movie was originally geared towards kids, but someone must have made the decisions to gear the movie towards adult black women. I think it would have been better if geared towards kids with the adults speaking in a very family friendly manner. Since Jordan is transformed into her teenaged self, then she is forced to go to middle school which is the same school she went to middle school at in the past. At school she meets a trio of misfits named Issac (Jo McCrary), Devon (Tucker Meek), and Raina (Thadia Tran). These friends befriend little Jordan when Jordan's arrogant, stuck up attitude on her first day of class makes the rest of the kids dislike her. The only ones who would allowed her to sit with them at lunchtime is the three social rejects. The children were pretty good even if they were in the movie for a short period of time. Even the villain of the school played by Eva Carlton whose plays Jordan's bully in middle school and now again under the spell is not that horrible compared to other school villains and bullies. In Jordan's past her name was 90s' middle school bully Caren and for little Jordan cast under the spell, it's 21st century Jasmine.

The movie isn't horrible but had the potential to be such much better. Regina Hall is an excellent choice but she wasn't in the movie enough, had a bad wig, and her fashion choices could have been better. Marsai Martin is a talented actress herself. She's a young actress with the spirit of a wise, old spirit inside of her. So playing an adult trapped in a little girl's body is easy for her. Not crazy about Issa Rae but the lady did an excellent job with the material she was given. Both Hall and Rae made the best with the material they were given. There was obviously ad libbing at different moments in the film but it didn't take away from the story only made the scenes funnier.

The rest of the cast like Justin Hartley as Mr. Marshall, Tracee Ellis Ross as the voice of Jordan's virtual assistant Homegirl, Luke James as Trevor, MadTV alumni Rachel Dratch as child protective service Agent Bea, and the crazy MTV Wildn' Out alumni Mikey Day as Connor, the rich young millennial they are trying to impress with an app to keep the company afloat.

So it is an enjoyable movie. There are many scenes which make you laugh. If you are sensitive to a teenaged girl flirting with two grown men causing them to repel from her then you are going to cringe a few times. It makes sense story wise, but some people are very sensitive to that subject even though the adult men handled the situation appropriately. Justin Hartley was hilarious as the teacher and Trevor was so much more than a beautiful black man giving a hilarious dance number to April and little Jordan thinking he was dancing in front of adult Jordan. As I write this, I kind of the like the movie more and can see myself rewatching me.

But one thing I did like about this movie is how Jordan DID NOT do a complete turnaround and was still bossy and self-centered, but working on becoming a better person and treating those around her better. She's a work in process instead of Scrooge waking up Christmas morning after his long night with the three ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. So Martin did a pretty good job with her first movie. She just need to fix the editing, polish the script, trust the actors around her to bring their talents to her work but not letting them completely take over because they are older; and also work on creating a better score for the movie so there wouldn't be so many quiet, awkward scenes like watching a Tyler Perry movie, but overall for her first movie, she did a pretty good job.

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