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Hallowed Ground

Intelligent horror with excellent LGBTQ representation
Well-developed characters and great performances by Lindsay Anne Williams and Sherri Eakin were a refreshing change from the often over-sexualized stereotypical portrayal of lesbian characters in horror films. Beautiful cinematography and use of color. Miles Doleac is so good at being a creep you want to poke out BOTH eyes! Definitely worth watching!


Truly unique and thought-provoking in the genre!
Demons is a gripping and unique film that delves into the realm of well-intention-ed religious fervor taken too far, inner demons that manifest themselves in horrific ways, and how these things affect the lives of a disillusioned priest and his family. Using a brilliant format of flashbacks that tantalizingly unfolds the history responsible for current supernatural happenings, Demons manages to weave enough humor and poignancy into what is otherwise a dark and psychologically deep thriller that it never loses the attention of the audience for a minute! Billed as a horror flick, Demons delivers so much more than any slasher film as it really develops the characters and I found myself terrified - not of the "Demons" that Father Hampstead attempts to exorcise, but of those demons present to some extent in all of us - regret, disillusionment, missed potential, misplaced trust, and those demons we fight because of circumstances in our past. Lindsay Anne Williams and Kristina Emerson deliver particularly powerful performances and it's truly refreshing to see a male screenwriter spending much time and thought on his female leads, particularly in a genre where females tend all-to-often to be helpless or simpering victims. With a gorgeous soundtrack, remarkable cinematography particularly for an independent project, truly brilliant casting, and a surprising and thought-provoking post-script plot twist, Demons is DEFINITELY worth seeing several times, as I have found new layers of insight each time I have experienced it. Don't miss this "horror" film that is truly unique in the genre!

The Historian

Fearless Realistic Portrayal of Academia Life
Knowing this was an indie film with a budget exponentially lower than most "Hollywood" blockbusters, I wasn't sure what to expect. Let me just say: WOW! I was impressed and delighted when I promptly forgot any preconceived notions about "low budget" or "independent" and found myself immediately drawn into the story and the characters! The writer/director does a masterful job of portraying in a totally believable way many of the common characters encountered in academia without over-stereo-typing them. The plot conflicts are extremely believable and I applaud Miles Doleac for having the bravery to portray life as it is often actually lived rather than caving to the pressure to portray a more "politically correct" version of events. Art imitates life; and life, especially in that microcosm we call "Academia", is messy and complicated and, occasionally, as we see in The Historian, beautifully rewarding...but it never lets you forget there is always, always a price. Thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time! Worth watching more than once to pick up on the more subtle character nuances!!!

The Hollow

Gritty and Gripping
Beautiful cinematography highlights this gritty crime drama with tragically and believably flawed characters that are immediately intriguing. From the opening scene, you are drawn with fascinating revulsion to the character of Ray, portrayed in a brilliantly base and smarmy way by Miles Doleac. James Callis does an equally organic and painfully revealing job in his role as a broken and damaged FBI agent doing his best to take each next breath without giving up or giving in.

The film has an almost voyeuristic feel of a guilty pleasure as the audience is privy to such raw debauchery, intimate pain, and complicated interpersonal relationships. Because of this, it is completely impossible to stop watching to the surprising and yet somehow poignant end.

This is a film that is absolutely worth watching more than once as the revelation of the whodunit takes a backseat to the brilliant development of characters and relationships in this Deep South True Detective Drama. Do not miss this!

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