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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Failed Greek myth adaptation
The movie is based on a greek myth, i guess they were trying to bring a modern touch to it. It failed miserably. The acting is cold and robotic. Emotionless and hollow. The bad guy It a mentally challenged boy who has supernatural powers with an awful ending.

Chaos Walking

Very very messy avoid
Really really bad, badly written and acted. Tom Holland keeps repeating his name, too many plot holes. Story makes no sense. Just avoid this one.

Monster Hunter

Paul Anderson giving his wife work for bedroom favours
What can i say aftet ruining every other video game movie paul Anderson and wife have a go at making b movies for china . Seriously who keeps giving him money to make these garbage films


Lupin the stupid
What can i say the french cant make series. The main actor trys to portray he his a smooth and smart thief . But comes across poor. Nothing he executes is clever. Nor is his identity a secret he is clumsy and makes errors. There is no mystery and he fails quiet often. His disguise are very poor and can easily be seen . Avoid this one

Ola de crímenes

Really bad and pointless
The movie tries to play on classics like clue, and death becomes murder but without the humor, an unemployed woman who has a psychopath son kills his father. The son is without emotions , the mother then sleeps with her sons best friend a minor and the son is happy about this. And she gets away with it the end . I saved you 2 hours thank me later

The OA

I wish I was in dimension away from this film
Brit quoted only reason I wanted to act is because it's the hardest thing in the world for me to do. And I agree she can't act.

She wrote herself in this awful series, it's awful garbage, the story makes no sense , multi dimension. Honestly I feel like she bumped her head

The Alienist

Don't believe the hype
Where to begin, The pros Good costumes , good set budget, good music. Good set of actors and acting was realistic for the most part. The bad . The alienist is no genius he does not have any idea how to solve the crime, he has a grumpy self-centred personality. Sara has no acting reach apart from breathing heavily and speaking in a serious tone. As the series trods on it gives no insight in to the killer untill boom the end they show you the killer.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

The party has ended
Uff were to begin, the acting seems forced, it was like watching 50 year olds trying to play 20 yearolds, it was all robotic,even samara weavings acting was poor, the story made no sense. I did not laugh once. Save your money


Really bad, cultural insensitivity avoid
Bad story, illogical actions. Boring for kids and adults. I dont know what Disney were thinking

The Boys

Second season getting boring
Season one was great, season 2 like always is filler episodes they are trying to milk the series and nothing interesting has happened so far in season 2 its loosing momentum and what is it with the weekly runs

Sharp Objects

Dont read the hype its a bad series
This series could have been done in 5 eposides, there is no mystery here. No clues that make you think in the end no twists, just slow filler episodes with flashbacks that confuse the time lines. Everyone says they knkw something but in actual fact know nothing. Acting is good, cinematography and misic score. But nothing special

The Outsider

Entertaining but frustrating
Really good story and acting if a bit slow to begin with, i felt the main protagonist police was prerty useless throughout the series he is portrayed as a bumbling slow confused police, the ending was a bit if a disappointment and after the end credits you can see they wanted to milk the series,


Octopus in space
Very bad movie, plot makes no sense, not very scientific. The scientists dont follow any basic protocols, just dont watch it

Fool's Gold

Poor mans in to the blue
The film tries to be funny but falls flat. Matthew plays a dumb and annoying guy who is unlikeble


Must watch
What can i say , absolute gem of a movie, even if your not a scifi fan it is brilliant story


This cargo should have sunk to the bottom
Really bad movie , its building up to something that never appears, the main actor is not likable in any way , you want him to die, questions unanswered like why are the crew missing, where did they go. Why was the captain obsessed with the boy dont waste your time on this tripe


John wick Dark comedy awesome
Really good movie must watch it, its dark, funny and action packed,

El segundo nombre

What did i watch
Seems like everyone forgot how to act in this movie, the lead character has 0 emotional depth think of Kristen Stewart x 100 sad , happy , angry she cant show any emotion. For a movie set in the uk the police officer looks like he has time traveled from the 1920s. And the officers wore puffy leather jackets , the story is really badly scripted the lead character makes a lot if stupid mistakes

Taxi a Gibraltar

Avoid like covid 19
The movie is a waste, angry taxi man follows a con man to find gold, its not funny or entertaining

Legado en los huesos

Bad just bad
The star amia cant act , she has no screen presence , no chemistry with her on screen husband. She has to be the worst inspector in history, she cant shoot, cant run, is crying all the time making heavy noises when she has to sneak up to people. Her partner has better ideas than her. The story panders about without leading anywhere. She is scared of her mother and is supposed to be a police, she keeps calling her mentor on Skype what is she a trainee , dont want it


Really bad movie
The bad guy wins , really unrealistic, this movie dipicts that all women are stupid his with believed a stranger than her husband, after a few weeks of her husband's death she is sleeping with the enemy . Dont waste your time


Dushan is the only rewarding feature
It was awful, the trailers are a lie , dushan was the only actor who was funny

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

What did I watch
Don't bother it's 3 hours of a biography that goes no where

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