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Yellowjackets: F Sharp
Episode 2, Season 1

Parents, please love your kids
Whoa, that was a surprise but not a big one to be honest. We can all see here what lack of self love and confidence might do to a teen, especially if he was getting nothing then suddenly everything.

Yellowjackets: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Couldn't catch up
Loved the theme and the soundtracks but definitely didn't like the camera work. The woods scenes couldn't see anything.

Everything else was good, not great.

The Wheel of Time

3 episodes in..
I watched the first episode and that made me understand why Amazon streamed the first 3. Because obviously one episode is not enough for this kind of shows. But after watching the second and the third i cant say they're enough either.

The Wheel Of Time is a -book based- tv series with a slow pacing and a bit of drama, with a hurry to explore the world and to but 3 books only in 1 season, you might sometimes feel its a bit rushed, but its not.

Cinematography and soundtracks are amazing, not in the first episode though.

Hope to see better episodes that -as the readers of the books said- live up to the same potentials of the novels.

The Wheel of Time: Shadow's Waiting
Episode 2, Season 1

This is not Game Of Thrones
If you're looking to watch the Game Of Thrones of Amazon, them im sorry to disappoint you but its not.

Its not bad either, neither the readers of the books says its as good as the novels, so i guess we'll just need to watch the whole season at least to find out?

The Wheel of Time: Leavetaking
Episode 1, Season 1

Unfortunately, this episode seemed inherently unfilmable. They could've filmed it better.

The CGI and other effects are a big no no. And most importantly the pacing was a bit off.

But to be completely fair -as a non reader of the novels- i see potential's in this show, so ima keep watching it at least for the end of the season.

Riverdale: Chapter Ninety-Six: Welcome to Rivervale
Episode 1, Season 6

Rivervale? Alternative reality? Sacrifice's and witches? Sabrina Spellmen? I mean, where is this show even going with this storyline? I dont believe they have a specific story or a dialogue for the season, they just shoot 3-4 episodes with a storyline and see the people review's and reactions, if they like it then they'll continue doing episodes about it and if not they move to a new dialogue. That sickness me.

All Too Well: The Short Film

All too well
Taylor swift is one of the most talented people in her generation.

About the film, Sadie captured Taylors feelings and emotions and makes its seems like im watching Taylor experience of the events.

Taylor please direct more films and i personally would love to see more short films for other songs being re-recorded.

Ôsama Ranking

game of thrones X cindrella
Loved the vibe, the story, the dialogue and the draw. Great work by everyone and the story itself is just very good that you will have a mix of feelings in every second of the anime.

Ôsama Ranking: Ôji to Kage
Episode 2, Season 1

I was crying and smiling through the whole episode. Starting from the original story of the 180 degree change of every villain that we know of, to the story of creation of every hero we know of.

Ôsama Ranking: Hadaka no Ôji
Episode 1, Season 1

Loved it
Great episode, great story and dialogue and there's a lesson to learn of it. Which you will see and enjoy. Very good and warm vibes though, the loving kind of animes.

No Time to Die

There is time to die
There are zero doubts that Daniel Craig made a whole different James Bond that we all seen before, a human with feelings and not just an assassin who loves women.

Directing of the movie was great, cinematography and soundtracks are super good.

There was a bit of comedy, but not much and that gave the movie a distinctive appearance.

The ending was the best thing about the movie, very strong and touching and gave me goosebumps.

Invasion: Orion
Episode 3, Season 1

Where's the sheriff storyline?
So you're telling me the school bus went off a cliff, at least 50 meters hight, and the only heavily damaged one is the adult? And the kids with few scratches? Unfortunately that's horrible writing and script for the second episode in a row. Hope things will be better or at least reveal some secrets to get us to actually like the show.

Invasion: Crash
Episode 2, Season 1

Playstation, laptops and ipads 😳 the only thing were missing is some pizza and they will officially be a college Fraternity or something.

And what about treating civilians in their own homeland like terrorist? And the school they went to the words and letters written there were Arabic, not Pashto or Dari(the official languages in Afghanistan). Im so sick of the stereotypes about people living in Middle East it just sickens me.

And Ahmad's character is just repulsive and very bad written, no father will do this to his family.

Invasion: Last Day
Episode 1, Season 1

I liked most of the episode, but something just doesn't seem good. Or as planned.

The script with the wife and husband from NY is so bad, didn't have feelings with these characters not like the sheriff part or the japanese one.


Sense8 vibes
After only watching the first episode, i get why Appletv streamed the first3 episodes, 1 is just not enough for this kind of shows. But after watching the second and third I honestly can't say they are enough either.

Invasion is a slow-moving, tedious disaster drama. Fill with mystery and a very little amount of talking, it is glacially paced sci-fi is in no hurry to explore. But in the same time you might get a bit bored if you dont like this kind of dramatic shows.

Cinematography is on of the best thing about this show, script and dialogue too, especially the sheriff part, it is very well written.

You: What Is Love?
Episode 10, Season 3

Love Quinn-Goldberg
Wow. Can we just take a moment of out life to appreciate the amazing acting of Victoria Pedretti?

Unfortunately, her story has ended. And i don't believe any actress will make a greater appearance in season 4.

Me, as fan of this show since the day Netflix aired it, nothing surprised me more than the death of Love. As she was the one who matched the vibe with him.

By the ending of this episode and the season itself things made me feel like it was an ending of the whole show, not like the previous seasons. I actually believe it was a good season of You.

1 question in mind, where does the series go from here? We'll have to wait to find out!.

You: Red Flag
Episode 9, Season 3

Things went south real quick
All the good shows have things in common, one of which is the climax of every season is the episode before the last. And here we can see its 💯 true. Great episode it is. Last 15 minutes though 🔥🔥

You: Swing and a Miss
Episode 8, Season 3

I hate Love
Love and her reckless behavior have put Joe and their son Henry in a lot of indispensable problems that are easily avoidable. Cant wait till Joe gets rid of her or the other way around.

You: Into the Woods
Episode 5, Season 3

What about joe's type?
This episode was good but a bit confusing, because we most definitely see a pattern but not a type to walk with-or through- ? A bit strange if you asked me but it wasn't bad.

You: Hands Across Madre Linda
Episode 4, Season 3

2 birds 1 stone
Interesting episode, a normal fan of the show would say things were easy for our lovely couple( joe&love ) but it was the exact opposite, you just need to focus to see it.

You: So I Married an Axe Murderer
Episode 2, Season 3

Something's never change's
Wow. What a coincidence that was!

Notice how they talked about their vows in episode 1 and now they vividly made new vows(i would kill for you). That was something. But the best bart about this episode is the idea that even if they love each other the most but after what they have seen from each other there will always be 0.01% scared of abandon or betray.

On My Block: Chapter Thirty
Episode 2, Season 4

Not the same vibes:/
I used to watch the whole season the minute Its available on Netflix but this season so far is not what I wished for. Its not bad but it just doesn't give the same vibes as the previous seasons.

On My Block: Chapter Twenty-Nine
Episode 1, Season 4

Tables have turned
This episode mainly focus on the 3 amigos and a brief scenes about what happened in the last 2 years.

Kinda saddened me to see how they've become but it was also interesting to see that what was holding their friendship has changed.

Ted Lasso: No Weddings and a Funeral
Episode 10, Season 2

What a great and a touching episode. It makes you sad but it also makes you laugh. Great work from all the actors though.

Ojing-eo geim

For those who didn't understand **
For those who did not understand the psychological projection of the series. Basically, The series discusses the brutality of the capitalist economy system in such a clever way that you'll definitely notice and say when you're watching "that character is me!".

It is that under the dominance of the capitalist system all people are in a race to get money that only one person takes in the end. The same money that come from the blood and sweat of others.

The capitalist system claims that there is equity And justice in the distribution of the wealth. And this is far from the truth.

As for the big capitalists who control the big capitals and companies that run the entire process, money is no longer their pleasure. That they only find pleasure in people suffer.

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