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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Boring,Terrible Acting. Pass!
Never expected this to be a great movie. From the outset it looked like a weak knock-off of Harry Potter. But sometimes mediocre movies are decently entertaining.

Unfortunately this doesn't even rise to the level of mediocre. Its just plain bad. Bad acting, bad casting, dull story. Seeing the names Tim Burton, Sam Jackson, and that hot brunette from Casino Royal, you'd be excused for assuming it would be a well put-together film. Feels like Tim Burton was handed a massive budget and just rushed through production, hiring untalented nobody actors with a few cameos from big names mixed in.

If you're reading this review hoping to find justification on whether or not to sit through this movie, I'd suggest you pass on it and choose something better.


Good cinematography, but bad acting.
The choice of actors in this film is unfortunate. Neither lead is charismatic or likable. A better choice would have made this project much more enjoyable to sit through.

Some nice camera work and scenery of Iceland. For that alone this film is interesting to watch. The story however is nothing special and full of holes. Amateurish.


Be unhappy in life ladies!
So lets analyze, Sarah Jessica Parker's other major claim to fame was a show where she encouraged women to hold out, sleep around, and only settle for a "Mr. Big" with money and status. Now, her next series is a show where she encourages women to dump their loving prosperous husbands once they reach upper-middle age so they can be alone and happy...

Seems like Sarah Jessica Parker is part of an agenda that wants all women to be a cliché of urban female misery. Good luck with that ladies. Buy into this if you want.

This show is very dull and slow, and the humor is not sharp or witty. Three out of ten stars is generous. Not even going to bother watching following episodes.

Have a nice day!

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