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Dark Waters

EVERYONE should see this movie.
EVERYONE needs to see this movie. These chemicals are in all of us, especially C8 (PFOA). Derived from The Manhattan Project, DuPont used one of the most toxic "forever chemicals" in everything from cooking products to paint. 99% of all humans have it in their systems.

Before you dismiss this as "hyperbole" or exaggerated for artistic license, don't. This is based on decades of documented and well known civll and criminal cases, countless deaths, DuPont's own records they tried to hide, and on and on. This isn't another "liberal agenda" film as some often state as a means of dismissal - this is about all of us and knows no political bounds. Please, I sincerely implore you, watch this movie and do your own research if you doubt any of it - and prepare to be gutted (warning: not an uplifting film).

Game of Thrones: The Bells
Episode 5, Season 8

Should have stuck with the leaked season
Everyone pretty much expected the series to end on certain notes and the leaks of season 8 which lead to major rewrites, reshoots, and a delay undermined what could and should have been the only ending. Not everyone would have been happy, not everyone is happy, but based on what GRRM and show runners and writers D&D worked out, they should have stuck with the original plan and not this rushed and uncharacteristically flawed finale. With one more episode left, my hopes are not high.

Designated Survivor

An Original Series Premise that Lost Its Way in Season Two
The first season was a solid and engaging start even with its flaws. Then the show creator and writer left before season two began production, and it's as though the show's premise was forgotten and season one never happened. Instead, the series' story arc shifted away from the events that defined its premise and each episode became a contrived "by the numbers" drama of the week. What happened with catching those responsible for the attack? Who were the domestic and foreign operatives involved? Why did the VP and his wife suddenly shoot themselves towards the end of the first season? What events occurred with his military unit? The answers were weak as if the writers simply wanted to end the series story arc and begin with an entirely different concept for the second season. The weekly episodic story arcs in season two seem desperate attempts in trying to reflect current US political drama yet falls short with absurd premises ("sucker-gate"? really?).

It's a shame as the cast is solid. Kiefer Sutherland, Natascha McElhone, Adan Canto, Kal Penn, Italia Ricci, LaMonica Garrett, Virginia Madsen (what happened to her character?), and of course Maggie Q, Maggie Q who I personally believe is a severely underrated actress. With a solid cast and an original, interesting premise that simply needed fine tuning, "Designated Survivor" lost its way in season two and with it my interest.

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