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Good Movie
This is a good Movie.. This movie's story is very good. Actors acting is good.. It's a entertaining movie . Audience can enjoy this movie .. Comedy, thrilling, romance , confusion mixdup in this movie . Direction is also good..

Avengers: Endgame

What a Ending!
Exciting movie ! Lots of fun in this movie .. Good creation .. All the heroes give us much entainmenment .. Captain America , Captain marvel , Spiderman , hulk Iroman's, heroic performence give us more excitement .. Ironman's death was very pathetic for us .. All the creation is good , but expect more better then it's .. We expect more & more exciting movie in future ...

Fagun Haway

Good Movie
This is another Beautiful Movie by Tauqir Ahmed Creative Director of Bangladesh.. This movie made about the situation of 1952 .. All The scene of the movie is good.. Love this Movie..

Jodi Ekdin

Amazing Movie
This is a Amazing Movie With Amazing Story.. This is a different movie .. You can find Romance , emotions, love everything .. Starring & direction is lovely .. Loved This Movie .. I f you see only fighting movie , you can't like it . But Real movie lover loves it very much.. Best wishes for bangla movie..


Just A Amazing ! Movie
It's a Amazing Movie.. Really Enjoyed It Very much .. Missing Humayun Ahmed Sir too much .. Hopes It's One Of The Masterpiece Movie For Bangladesh ..

Avengers: Infinity War

Amazing Film
Excellent Film .. It's enjoyable film.. Everybody hopefully enjoyed it with lot of excitement.. It's another beautiful movie by marvel ..

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