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Barnaby Jones

A serviceable show -- but why did they have to make Betty dumber and dumber as the seasons progressed
The series had some good plot lines especially in the mid-series seasons...In the early series, before the addition of the JR character, Betty was always portrayed as a resourceful and physically capable of taking care of herself. Unfortunately, a season after JR showed up Betty seemed to suffer an inexplicable drop in her IQ level especially with the ability to assess the seriousness of the situation. She also seemed to cry more in desperation...Wonder why QM productions decided to take the damsel in distress route for Betty.

Have Gun - Will Travel: The Black Bull
Episode 31, Season 6

Idiotic episode except for one thing....
A poorly written and conceived episode with possibly one redeeming factor -- literally anthropomorphizing the bull, it serves to showcase what a despicable, depraved sadistic activity (I refuse to call it sport) bullfighting really is.

Have Gun - Will Travel: Marshal of Sweetwater
Episode 11, Season 6

I think that this was an episode about hypocrisy.....
....and freedom of choices that balance precariously on a double edged sword. The marshall ran the town with an iron fist to presumably keep law and order. Yet he was willing to relax rules to suit his purposes and fancies. The drinking before 7 pm or even allowing a saloon and so called place of ill-repute if he could have the woman who happened to be the new owner. The previous owner, a man, presumably had to leave town and sell the place because business was bad under the marshall's rules....

Terror Birds

I was surprised..........
.......that this was not another syfy channel flick! I "saw" this as a double feature with sharktopus vs pteracuda... At least s vs p had conan o' brien in it! I am still trying to determine if birdemic is better than terrorbird. 'nuff said....

Have Gun - Will Travel: The Campaign of Billy Banjo
Episode 36, Season 3

A good Lady Macbethish episode.
Politics. Elections. Special interests. Murder. All figure in this episode where Paladin is hired to protect the political opponent of his friend.

Have Gun - Will Travel: The Misguided Father
Episode 24, Season 3

Does the character Keith Loring remind you of.......
American Psycho - Patrick Bateman - played by Christian Bale? I have seen reviews about how Fancher didn't get into the role as much as He could -- but the coldness behind the eyes was there and his delivery of lines I believe was coolly understated and effective.

Have Gun - Will Travel

Richard Boone is Paladin!
In spite of the fact that Boone was not "handsome" in the pretty boy Hollywood kind of way, he definitely had load and loads of charisma! He lit up the screen in a way few actors can. This made this series special -- just like his later Hec Ramsey. Season Three pf HGWT seems to have more stories dealing with ambiguous moral / ethical issues which sometimes gives the episode an ambiguous ending. The focus seems to not be on lets tie the story up with a neat and satisfying ending but to make the viewer ruminate on the purport of the story. In this, the stories become more of morality tales set in the context of the Western just as Star Trek -TOS had morality tales set in space and the future.

Predator: The Quietus

This thing - an obvious tax write off -- is so bad that..........
.......Even the synopsis seems to be for a bad yet more engaging story line. One has to wonder if such things get made for tax write off purposes! And amazingly, we detected a dozen different accents - and at least three spoken by the same character at different points in this thing. Thank heavens for the fast forward button!


Being familiar with quality of King and King productions , I was excited about this show........
......but alas! What a let down it has been! It is almost as though the creators wanted to give themselves plausible deniability for aspects of the show's content AND make the show likable by a majority. Result....One hot in dumpster fire! Very disappointed in the folks who brought us The Good Wife and Braindead! The story lines - the last four episodes have been so - so. Rose390 which seems to have had some impact on viewers failed to drive a point home. And puleeze -- deliver us from the evil irritation that is the lead actor's children. Enough already!

Mannix: The Sound of Murder
Episode 17, Season 5

Reminded me a bit of a hasty TV version of The Conversation (1974)
The Conversation is a 1974 American neo-noir mystery thriller film written, produced and directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Gene Hackman. This movie is an excellent thriller that may have to be watched more than once to follow the nuances of the plot. The Mannix episode predates it by about 2 years.. Wonder if ithe TV episode was the inspiration for the movie.

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