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Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

it made me happy
It was funny, cringy, ridiculous and hilarious! this movie made me smile, eye roll, burst out laughing and fall in love with Kristen Wiig all over again!


Australia always delivers sci fi
Wow! great acting; seriously great actors choices for unknown, filthy, bloody, alien etc...It is like everything you hate about american sci fi was done right. Australia knows sci fi!!


it's American dumbed down
It was good then it wasn't; then it was good and then..., classic problem for american sci fi, DRAMA! it lost its focus; could have been an amazing time travel movie but the writing/direction kept creeping back to married life and emotional family crap! it would have been better to omit the whole family and add a "missing" girlfriend. I find too many USA sci fi are dumbed down, over explained, convenient, meaningless messages of our future crap and this movie is a prime example of that! The acting is great and Anthony could have held the movie alone if written for one lead instead of 2. Doran accent kept slipping back, why can't he have his native tongue for this or any movie? I recommend this sci fi for its unique adventure but I limit myself from saying it was good, because it could have been amazing.


Looking for a out of the norm sci fi trip this will do! Sure those couch astronauts left low reviews but this movie and it's making is kinda fantastic. Oh the acting? well, you get what you pay for... it had some cringe moments during the unwanted drama smack in the middle of the movie but you will get through it with more understanding of how our planet ( maybe right now) has an underground lab full of scientific research to leave this planet once we've destroyed and somewhere else in the world is another bunker of science trying to save the planet. I recommend watching, there isn't any other sci fi movie like it really, where the hero is both hero and antihero. Also, does anyone do sci fi like an Australian? Heck No! my sci fi day starts with an Australian movie search! You may not agree or like 2067 but you will remember it and be proud it is on your sci fi list of "seen it!"

The Old Guard

when will it be a series?
More war, guns, hand to hand combat, soldiers of all kinds including very old immortals. The SGI was spot on believable looking! It has amazing potential for tv and why i think the movie was a little shy of being amazing paranormal or sci fi; it needed some time spent character building. Charlize Theron respects this genre and I always look forward to her in sci fi realms

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

first minute had me laughing
Will Ferrell gold! giggle to you cry! cringe and eye roll hilarity's! Love it! (Kristen Wiig must have been busy); Rachel Mcadams was fantastic! she's always wonderful!

Doctor Sleep

still seeing ghosts Doc?
" why you? why me son? you walked into my kitchen one day-and i'm still on the hook"

Wild Bill

Axed! I'll turn my attention to Beecham House... 🖕🏼

The Tribes of Palos Verdes

meh ...
This movie can be watched with the sound off. you will still understand what's going on; and what's going on? i a movie that can't decide if it's about surfing teens, surf gangs, mental illness, fidelity, marriages etc because we got a slice of all that and not enough to make it whole.

Another Life

Alejandro and 12 others
I agree with all the reviewers who question the age of these 20 something actors leading a ship into space and who land on a planet and take off their helmets. Reminding me how insulting the writers are to the Sci-fi community who expect and demand facts; Absurdity! I wonder how old the 13 writers are (13 writers!?) However, I also agree to wait for episode 5 or 6 when the worst characters are killed off and the earth artifact takes a more predominate story.... Few things we earthlings know, pathogens are real so keep your mask on and all scans read what we have knowledge of therefore space is an unknown as well as an unknown on our planet. We don't run in to any unknown without hazmat suits, oxygen, eye protection I can go on.... my point? Jean jackets and flannel shirt scientist and lots of lipstick on the ship, ya right!

Roswell, New Mexico

First episode has every stereo type of Mexicans from hot tempered female to dirty apron not making any money kitchen cook daddy. WOW! Can't Liz be a happy female latino? Can't Dad be wealth?y owning a huge local eatery? Michael Gay? Poorly recycled and embarrassing show! What a dumping ground for everything political/issues... I'm out. Ridiculous and disappointing after being such a huge fan of the first one I will binge watch the original AGAIN before I ever watch this remake crap!


it's a love story
Can't a girl love her planet without quit? This is a slow sad movie about isolation and hope with a stunning backdrop of a dead earth. It was simple, sad, beautiful and lonely visually. I'm not looking for scientific accuracy or explanations I just wanted her to have what she needed and in the end she got it. This is a personal choice sci fi. Judge for yourself by watching it alone.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Ed Dector, up your writing skills dude!
Well the most notible resume for talent is Katherine McNamara and funny that she is by far the worst actor. Unfortunately the writing relies heavily on Cass. Claire book which you would think it would be easy to fill in some intelligent lines or at least original, reactionary and deeper thinking to help these new actors who seem uncomfortable talking AND acting. There is more emotion on the faces of androids from Westworld, honestly. Good thing the co-stars are superior in delivering scenes, makes the errors in showing emotion like, severity, sadness, fear etc from the leads (who I hope are taking notes) more watchable and tolerable.

Katherine (Clary) inhales and exhales so loud; every line is delivered with a shuddering breath, sister THAT IS NOT ACTING! I call recast! we would be grateful, honestly! Alas, its season 1 and I can only hope for an improvements; I tried when it first came out but was so insulted by the cut and paste writing, the limited acting skills from the Clary and most of the cast (did they even read the book?) I gave up....suprised to hell how YA must be salivating for this series since it's in its 3rd season so I'm giving it another view and what a struggle, I've read the series so I just jumped around watching episodes I wanted. Fingers crossed for season 2. Ed Dector writing leaves out common sense and it is crazy not to recognize this....we are watching other shows parallel to this genre and compare how characters react in dire situations (the 100, all the Marvel shows, etc.) stop insulting our intellegence and WRITE!


acting in stasis
Wow! Wow, wow wow wow? what acting school did these people drop out of? They are equally terrible but the lead actress, Hanna Harr is particularly over her head acting 2 roles. Casting Director should be fired! This is a great sci fi movie for 11 yr. old's; I only say this because my 11 year old watched it briefly longer than I did. it's a WTH and a DNF for me... so bad 👎

Why Him?

it is what it is, Entertaining
Pure entertainment! I laughed, I cringed, I rolled my eyes, I reminded myself how much I love Cranston and Mullally to balance my dislike of all things Franco. This movie is like Franco's character Laird; totally honest. I'm not going to used big words to describe my likes or dislikes, not going to sound like a film expert who's expectations are high. I knew what kind of movie I was tuning in and I was not disappointed...It's funny, it's stupid, it's ridiculous, it's hilarious. I highly rated it because I was entertained. Easy laugh....

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

When you name a movie King Arthur I expected the King Arthur tale. If you went to see the Shining remake and the opening had elephants, well...? This would have been forgivable and a great Guy Ritchie movie if he had called it Fanfiction or anything else; Dude, call it anything but King Arthur! Ridiculous! If I wasn't a huge fan of this tale and didn't know the story of King Arthur then its a great Guy Ritchie movie. Effects were amazing the humour was comedy; Charlie did a fantastic king and Jude, meh. Mr.Bana gave this my 1 star rating.

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