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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

3 & im being generous
This film is so NOT scary, i wouldnt even call it thriller. Why she cursed those ppl? Not explanation at all. Compared to other horrors those days its not bad but when u compared to previous parts its sh***y movie.

The Unholy

why so many fake rev's
For such a low level film? Tho it have some hilarious scenes, especially the one with cross after matches.

The Unholy

why so many fake rev's
For such a low level film? Tho it have some hilarious scenes, especially the one with cross after matches.

Love, Death & Robots

so we waited...
2 years for season 2 and this is what we got? 8 short episodes full of cr*p.

Dont bother with seas.3.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

rebelious ginger teen as
Villain and standard race bs. Disnej stop, just stop, go back to mickey mouse and donald duck and stay the fo from other stuff, get it?!!

The Strain

Single most annoying character in tv history
It could be amazing show if it wasn't for this damn kid.

I had no problem with him in season 1 but since season 2 he is so badly written and acted, i can't stand him.

American Gods

... like others, 3 seasons and nothing, they didnt move story even a bit and seasons 2 and 3 were boring asf.

Wheres promised war of gods? And now u killed best character? Even tho i suspect he might come back i wont be here to find out.

Chaos Walking

Maybe the film would work better as comedy.

And Mads stepping to the edge because of few "ghost" woman who couldnt hurt him... who does that?


fake rev's a lot
All the 10/10 rev's are from 2 groups of ppl. 1st are the one who only rated this pos, 2nd are ppl who rated 2 movies. And its always the same 2 movies: Incision (2020) and Glass Jaw (2018). In both films same actors, same production companies etc. So its really obvious whats going on here. And maybe imbd should f do something about it!


The moral is dont be that idiot who fights others wars.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Ann Notthoff (NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL) Dumb!tch is laughing, "oh my you mean cow farts, hahaha" No wonder earth is dying if that's the ppl who suppossed to protect it. I guess agent Smith was right, we are the virus, which should be exterminated/extinct. Sooner the better. And thats the sad true folks.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

Sadly its ...
Exactly like few others pointed. This serie is not about killer but about women and her book. So still waiting for proper docu serie about Golden State Killer.

Shadow of Truth

Looks like even...
Promised land isnt free from scumbags (to be clear, not talking about killer but piglice and prosecutors). What they did to poor Roman is even worse than what happened to the girl.


cant even look at this kim-2fat-ugh pos
Anyway great doc. Hopefully soon some1 return prank to this fat pig.


literally dumber with each...
Episode and thats something consider first 3 ep's. so we got vanda & wision, quicksilver? (was it or just the actor, wtf was that), then out of nowhere we got some silly witch? and again out of blue another wision? + ramborockycommando. good thing it was only 3h. disnej stay the fak out of marvel, u already destroy starvars, so foff.

Cosmic Sin

Looks like...
... Bruce Willis is jealous of Nicholas Cage career.

Al final del túnel

But what was the point of bomb when it take few hammer hits to break through the vault?

Run Hide Fight

movie 4 hamburgers...
And even than, its 4 the dumb ones. normal folks should avoid it at all cost.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series: Attack of the 50-ft. Sex Machine
Episode 3, Season 2

Whole new level of stu...
So this guy in u.s. gather mexican chicks and ship them back to mexico cos? there is no mexican girls in mexico anymore? all mexicans are in usa. so who are those ppl in mexico? maybe next in line to border? that would be ppl from guatemala right. but then again, who's in guatemala? damn this is really hard. who de ffakk write this crap?

btw. i can put crap into review but i cant put $h!t? what kind of bullsh... is this?

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

did he wear avia shoes?
If not its not him lol

Sorry, your review is too short.


wait, isn't that the movie...
I watched trailer of, like ten years ago? nvm. so step(s few) in any direction puts you in different time periods (or something). and he finds his friend's daughter how exactly? some msg written forever but later she's like, what msg? bunch of nonsense. i wanted to rate it 2 but for what he did to his dog it should be -10.

The Assignment

Wow that must be the dumbest plot ever, i just dont know how ripley got anything to do with it.

Supernatural: The Trap
Episode 9, Season 15

... a veteran with 15 years of combat exp. but god showed him few visions which he said that were true and Sam become little pvssycat. Because of such a long relationship with this show i want to see how it ends but with each ep of s.15 it becomes increasingly harder and harder. And there is still 11 eps to go. Chuck give me the strenght to finish it.


s. 1 & 2: 10/10 s.2:9 but s.4 is max 5...
And thats only bc of amazing Oraetta. Well Josto, Olyphant & "1 indian, 2 indians" were good too. Chris rock was terrible and wikipedia f girl was annoying asf. If thats the new Fargo dont bother with s.5.

Wonder Woman 1984

wow, just... wow
So wig wishes to become apex predator and she turn into kitty? asteria armor, strong enough to take on the whole world, torn to pieces by one kitty etc etc tell me it was suppossed to be a parody and a change my rating to strong 4.

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