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Pepper Ann

I love Pepper Ann!
I love Pepper Ann!!!!!!!!! It is my favorite cartoon show ever!!!!!! But they don't show it anywhere anymore! :(

My favorite character was, . . . . Milo, yeah, Milo. He rocked. "I love assemblies." and "Is it fish-stick day already?" are my favorite Milo quotes. Deiter and Alex Trebec were my other favorites. Moose was fun too, but he's not as fun as Deiter. I LOVED the theme song, I still catch myself singing it when there's nothing else going on. My favorite episode was the Greensleeves one. Greensleeves is my favorite song, so I really liked that episode. I also liked the Evil Knievel and Patrick Swazey statue episode. I wish I could find someplace that sells the entire 65 episodes. Pepper Ann is better than The Weekenders and Fairly Odd Parents, but since I can't see Pepper Ann anymore, I watch those shows now.

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