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One of the Worse
The lead detective is very unappealing and the show is filled with his sophomoric humor. We watched the first five episodes, but abandoned the show because it was so bad. This is one of the worse crime series my wife and I have ever watched.

Deux flics sur les docks

Good Detective Series Set In a Gritty French city
We watched the four episodes on Amazon and thought they were pretty good. There are some subplots, but the bulk of each episode is devoted to solving the murder(s). Some of the plots are a little complicated. We would give it a 7.4 and would recommend it. Now we wish that the other 8 episodes would become available.

Filha da Lei

Too Long and Badly Done
Due to several subplots (detective's relationship with her ex-husband, detective's daughter's stupid escapades along with her nutty friends), none of which contribute much to the series, there is a huge amount of wasted screen time. This series would have been much better at 8 episodes instead of 20. Also, a lot of the scenes and dialogue are painfully bad. My wife and I rate it 6.5 and would not recommend it.

Der Pass

Extremely good series, but my wife and I thought the ending was a little depressing. Also, they completed finding and dealing with the killer in one episode; should have devoted more time to it. We would give it a 7.8 and highly recommend it.

Den som dræber - Fanget af mørket

Holds Your Attention, But Killers Are Depraved
Well done detective series, but the depraved natures of the two serial killers is depressing and undercuts it. We would give it a 7.5, but would not recommend the series.


Missing Episodes
Started watching it a week ago and discovered that only one episode was available on Amazon Print - Britbox. They are adding one episode every Tues., which is weird because Season 1 has already been completed (don't know about Season 2). It's also extremely irritating. If you want to watch series on Amazon, suggest you wait a month to allow all the Season 1 episodes to become available.

Le chalet

The Plot Borders On Ridiculous
Implausible plot and stupid reactions and dialogue throughout. We finished it because we wanted to see who did the murders, but would give it a 5.5. Not recommended.


Bleak Society; Slow-moving.
Good depiction of the bleak, Communist-dominated society of the early 1980s. Slow-moving and fails to resolve some plot details. We give it a 7.0, but would not recommend it.

Young Wallander

Nothing To Do With Real Detective Wallander
Emphasis on modern (Woke) themes typically found in US detectives shows. Shot in Lithuania with British actors except for lead, who is Swedish. Has nothing to do with the real Swedish Wallander or even with Sweden. Not very well done. Poor ending. My wife and I give it a 5.0.


Season ! Better than Season 2
The lead male detective is good in his role and in Season 1 he develops a good repour with the woman detective. In Season 2, he never develops a solid partnership with the woman detective. Season 2 also has some serious plot holes. My wife and I would give it a 7.2 if we could. We enjoyed it, but it isn't a top-notch series.

Rocco Schiavone

Worth Watching But Not Great
My wife and I enjoyed the series. Schiavone is a serious detective. The show also has some characters who provide comic relief. The background material is a little hard to believe: the young, beautiful women who are always attracted to Schiavone; the ongoing relationship with his deceased wife. We gave it a 7.3, which forced us to give it an actual 7.


One of the Best Crime Series Ever
Wonderfully scripted and acted series. Taut with no wasted screen time. Season 1 consists of two 5-episode murders that Wisting must solve. One of the five best detective series that my wife and I have ever watched (we have watched well over a 100). We give it an 8.0. Highly recommended. We hope we can find Season 2 on some streaming service.

Il segreto dell'acqua

Slow-moving, Too Much Time Spent On Personal Relationships
This series was extremely slow-moving with long-looks and wasted time when nothing is happening. There is way too much time spent on personal relationships (love triangle, brothers' relationships with their Mafia father), which makes the detective work almost seem like background. There is a comic element with some of the characters in the police unit. This series could easily have been three episodes instead of six. We don't recommend it.

Le mystère du lac

Well Done - Worth Watching
This series is actually pretty well-done: the series keeps revealing more information over its six episodes with a number of suspects, each of whom is supplanted by a new one, even in the last part of Episode 6. Keeps you guessing and there's isn't a lot of wasted plot. Yes, there are a couple of plot holes and the actress who plays the lead is a little long-in-the-tooth. We wanted to give it a 7.7, but couldn't so we gave it a 7. We recommend it.

Rebecka Martinsson

Season 1 Is Better Than Season 2
My wife and I had watched Season 1 years ago. We watched Season 2 and then went back and watched Season 1 again. We didn't remember the plots or who did it. The actress playing Rebecka in Season 1 is better than the one in Season 2. The episodes in Season 1 are also better scripted. We want to give Season 1 a 7.5 and Season 2 a 7.0, but we can't so the series gets a 7.0. We would recommend Season 1.

Kaikki synnit

Didactic and Depressing
The lead detectives are good in their roles and the series keeps you guessing as to who the murderer is. This series tries to make cultural/political points throughout: religion is oppressive, gays need more understanding. Plus, it was fairly depressing. We rate it a 6.0 and wouldn't recommend it. We did not watch Season 2.


Many Holes/Loose Ends In the Plots
My wife and I just completed watching all 34 episodes of "Tatort: Borowski", which is about a detective from Kiel, Germany. Pros: The lead detective (Inspector Borowski) is an excellent detective. The plots keep you guessing: you're never sure who did it. Cons: There are obvious holes in many of the plots. In some cases, the episode ends with no resolution of important issues raised in the plot. My wife and I are giving the series a 7.0: it's ok, but we are not recommending it (anything below 7.0, we normally don't watch).

Inspektor Falke

Good Lead Deectives, But Irritating Elements
The two leads are excellent detectives, but there are some things that are irritating about this series (maybe it is because it is targeted to Germans). First, Falke, the lead detective, is extremely liberal (ok), but he seems more concerned about the criminals than the victims. Secondly, the crimes involve mostly non-criminals who commit serious crimes (murder) due to misinformation or circumstances that seem to force them to commit crimes. Very different from other detective series. My wife and I wanted to give it a 6.5, but couldn't so we gave it a 6.0. Barely worth watching.

Det som göms i snö

Marginal - Lead Detective Isn't Likable or Effective
My wife and I were disappointed with this series. The lead detective, Peter Wendel, is assigned to head a cold case unit after returning from three years of therapy due to a nervous breakdown. He is not likable and isn't nearly at 100% due to ongoing mental problems and the medicine that he has to take. Of the 8 episodes, the first two were so slow that we almost gave up on the series. Episodes 3-6 gradually improve and episodes 7-8 are pretty tense as the team closes in on the murderer. We would like to give it a 6.8, but can't so we gave it a 7.0. Watch it if you can't find anything better.

Durham County

Implausible Soap Opera
Don't know where some of the user reviews here came from. We watched the first two episodes in Season 1 (there are three seasons). We found them extremely irritating with a soap opera like plot. Completely implausible in every respect. Don't waste your time.


A Very Fine Series
My wife and I just finished Season 1. It was wonderful: well-acted with a gradual unfolding of information and clues that finally allow the police to solve the murders in Episode 10. Unlike many series where there is obvious padding to fill up some of the episodes, every episode is important. This is one of the best series we've watched recently.

Innan vi dör

Well Acted, But Plot Twists Are Unbelievable
My wife and I have mixed feelings about this series. Pros - The 18 episodes are consistently fast-paced and well-acted. The level of tension remains very high throughout. Cons - There are many holes in the plot. Repeating the same basic plot again in Season 2 wasn't a good idea. Season 1 would be better with 8 episodes instead of 10. Some of the plot twists, of which they are many, are so improbable that they become irritating. We would give it a 7.4, but can't so we gave it a 7.0.


Very Good. Episodes Are Long And Slow-Moving
My wife and I recently watched all 11 seasons on Amazon and really liked it. McManas is great as DCI Taggart. The show keeps you guessing until the end of each episode. My wife and I often pick a minor background character as the murderer, which turns out to be correct. It deserves better than its 7.2 rating. We gave it an 8.0, but would like to give it a 7.5. We think the low rating is due to most episodes being over 2 hrs. long and sometimes slow-moving

Jack Ryan

Season 1 Pretty Good; Season 2 Disappointing
Season 1 was pretty good. Season 2 was a disappointment. The plot contains a lot of implausible elements. Jack Ryan has become almost like Superman. My wife and I enjoyed Season 2 overall, but think it deserves about a 7.5, so we're giving it an 8.0 to account for Season 1.

The Bay

Many Characters Behave Stupidly
This series is not great. The good: more crime plot than background subplots; plot comes together in the end for a reasonable resolution; keeps you guessing to the end. The bad: many characters behave very stupidly throughout - hard to believe. My wife and I enjoyed the series, but I'm only giving it a 7.0. Don't expect too much.

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