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Poor direction and unreal plot
The whole plot was kind of unreal story. It seemed garbage to me, director messed up. Acting of Amir Khan and Kajol was excellent.

The Circus

Excellent comedy but Minor Chaplin
It is one of great chaplin's movie, excellent sense of humor and natural comedy. I enjoyed the movie except ending. Actually i am not satisfied with endin.

Pulp Fiction

Overrated movie of all time
Actually this one of the worst films I have ever seen. The word overrated is not enough to describe this movie, actually is a garbage.

Planet Earth II: Cities
Episode 6, Season 1

Unique Shot
Relationship between human and ferocious hyena was stunning. Never seen this before.

Planet Earth II: Mountains
Episode 2, Season 1

Awesome Episode
I enjoyed the whole episode specially flamingo's parade. It was just awesome.

Dear Comrade

Actually it is Arjun Reddy 2.0
Very slow and boring movie. Moreover it is almost 3 hours long. It has almost the same concept of "Arjun Reddy", life of a ill tempered person.


Worst Movie
Worst movie i have ever seen. Just wastage of time. Very poor story.

Bagh bandi khela

New kind of Bangla Movie
This movie is different form as usual Bengali movie, consists of three different short stories. I loved the 3rd story of the movie.


Acting was good but very simple plot
Jeet and Sraddha Das acted really well. love them. But such a simple plot was not appealing at all

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