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The Wheel of Time

Half way through episode 3 I have had enough...
There is quite simply a lack of chemistry between the main actors, I wonder how many rehearsals they did. The casting directors did a bad job here.

The acting seems wooden and forced and stumbles for many of the different characters. The so-called humour lands flat on it's face and is ill timed and the FX for spell and creature desgisn look a bit bad 1980s / 1990s in places.

Also, how can I put this delicately ? The 'big message' that appears daily in many productions is just overly used here in the casting and it just takes me out of it as a fantasy piece.

Netflix's The Witcher just struck the right balance between humor and drama and action but The Wheel of Time is boring with many sub-par performances.

It's like they took the cast of BBC soap opera East Enders for a weekend out to do a fantasy drama with little to no preperation.

Rubbish !

Ojing-eo geim

An absolute masterpiece
Squid Game is essentially a terrible indictment of society whereby contestants are so downtrodden and made desperate by life in the real world that they're willing to enter a fabricated, deadly gameshow world to solve their real world problems with money. Although this show demonstrates that money certainly doesn't solve everything like you think it will. The show also highlights that as with real current events in the early 2020s, some elites are bored and perverted and take pleasure in having people abused and exploited for their entertainment. This series has got it all, great action, betrayal, loyalty, friendship, co-operation, revenge, family, greed, horror, plot twists, suspense and some very touching moments.

Everyone involved with this production should be proud of themselves, the set designers and builders, the lighting technicians, the actors, the director, the writers, the people that chose the music and costume design.

The Tomorrow War

A ludicrous but excellent fight the aliens movie
A ludicrous but excellent fight the aliens movie

In the first 20 minutes of this movie I thought it was just a goofy version of Battlefield Los Angeles with time travelling elements stolen from Terminator and on ..then later Starship Troopers but as the movie progressed it gave me that fun 'big' movie vibe that I've not experienced in 7 years or so.

There are themes here about family and saving the world to save your families future, there is some light humour and drama and plenty of action, the SFX are top notch. Interestingly there was the slight hint of PTSD being explored but it never went into much depth.

These are how Hollywood blockbusters should be made. I just with there were more of them.

Army of the Dead

If a businessman offers you to do a heist in a city that is imminently going to be eliminated which is invested by hordes of zombies - don't do it.
The characters are ludicrous, cartoon cut outs with no depth; the plot is incredulous and the acting and dialogue are all over the place with questionable quality. Yet this movie is absolutely perfect for what it is, which is a heist movie in a zombie infested danger zone. I like the idea of Las Vegas being converted into a Zombie kingdom with the king zombie and his queen and their henchmen and serfs. The infighting in the heist team is done well with redemption arcs and honorable self-sacrifice to save others and backstabbers getting their just desserts. The zombie killing effects and FX were some of the best I've seen.

With the death of the great late John Romero, who is left to take up the mantle of the great contemporary zombie movie director ? Well my guess is that it's Zack Snyder now.

Love and Monsters

Like an old school 1980s "light" action adventure movie DONE RIGHT !
I was a bit cynical before I started watching Love and Monsters but it was at No.1 in my country so I gave it a shot and I'm really glad I did.

It's got this 1980s feel good 'vibe' about it, like those 1980s kids movies and TV shows that Spielberg did back then. The CGI is great and the 'dad joke' humor is all there but some moments were quite moving.

The Witcher

A Swords and Sorcery tale done right.
I've binge watched all the 8 first season episodes and I can honestly say this is a fantasy world which works well. Right from the get go the use of magic and monsters is revealed so there is no slow, drawn out reveal as there was say with Game of Thrones. Geralt is an excellent anti-hero as is Yennefer. I would say the mood and style of this series is somewhere in between the Shannara Chronicles and Game of Thrones but do not mistake this to mean that it is of the same quality as the Shannara Chronicles; the Shannara Chronicles was a pretty rubbish series and got a well deserved cancelled season 3 (the young actors were just not up to it). The Witcher has great acting right across the board and special FX are up there. Highly recommended to fans of the fantasy genre; do not believe the mainstream media reviews which are giving it 3/5 stars, this is a sold 4/5 stars to 9/10 stars tv series.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Only the Skeksis are sceptical of this ! an enchanting and wonderful series.
As a kid of the 80s the old movie strangely passed me by but I caught it in the early 2000s I caught the movie, it was good, a little strange. But this new Netflix series has got it all, amazing puppetry, better than the movie, amazing sets, incredible lighting, and that a charming world full of light and dark, with drama which reminds me of the good old days of 'dark Disney' and this is not really made by Disney - maybe they could take a leaf out of The Dark Crystal's book and start again to create something as incredible as this. I'm a Star Wars New Hope and Empire Strikes Back fan, the Dark Crystal is better than the Disney Star Wars movies , much better !

Sex Education

An incredible series, a masterclass in writing, casting and directing
Set in a mostly middle class college in home counties England in a slightly surreal school which is half way between "American Highs school" and countryside Brit school, kids are learning to deal with the realities of their sexual lives with a little help from Otis, the series focal character. who is finding his feet as a sex therapist.

This isn't 'reality' acting for the most part. The characters are extreme and the relationships are incredulous but somehow it works so well. Otis's gay fried is hilarious but don't think that this is a campy comedy, there are serious parts to this series such as teenage abortions and anti-gay violent attacks. And yes, the story has characters which may seem very 'progressive' but I think that it makes the series more 'upbeat' because of this and many of the non-mainstream characters are very likeable.

I absolutely loved this series, I hope that if there is a season 2 that the quality does't go down.

This series has a similar style to "The End of The F**cking World" if you like that netflix show also.


If Portlandia was Game of Thrones the city would be High Garden
If Portlandia was Game of Thrones the city would be High Garden. A wonderful comedy sketch show with a running theme, the theme being the irony of real world city Portland.

I asked some American guy if Portlandia was anything like the real Portland. And the told me that he actually lives in it and he didn't want to talk about it.

Black Mirror: USS Callister
Episode 1, Season 4

I'll never look at a games programmer in the same way again
It was like The Matrix, meets Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak crossed with Star Trek all gone wrong !

Mild mannered Matt Damon's twin brother is the CTO of successful company company Callister named after the Star Trek like ship from a bygone sci-fi TV series.

But it's always the quiet ones that harbor grudges of their work colleagues and vent their daily frustrations on computer game characters after going back home at night after work. But how close are those computer game characters to the resented co-workers ??!??!

The Mist

A mist opportunity
Due to apparent budget constraints this is a very 'talky' horror movie with few special effects which tries to make up for it with tension and suspense but it feels to do that even. So what you end up with is a total bore-fest that goes from scene to scene with conflict, conflict resolution, a bit of a fog to try and create mood.

I can see what they were trying to achieve, they were trying hard to create an interesting character driven horror series with something supernatural in the background but when that element is pushed back so far that the creature / horror theme is almost incidental you end up with something quite bland.

Let those all involved with this production, learn from it and grow. The Frank Darabont movie is far superior in almost every way, save yourself some time and watch that instead.

Blade Runner 2049

Blade what a bummer
Not too pleased about this movie, the main bad guy of the Wallace Corporation doesn't really have his story completed. The virtual hologram girlfriend was like something out of Red Dwarf the TV series. Having a 1950s styled personal assistant doing the killing of the bad guy as a henchman looked out of place. The low point was when Elvis came on singing as a hologram.

I want to forget this movie someone please erase my memory.

Entre dos amores

A style of Spanish film making that we should never return to !
The acting is hammy and unrealistic, I cannot get in invested into the characters who just seem to be 'walking their lines'. As a light, romantic comedy with musical elements (yes the actors often break into singing and mild dancing) it doesn't work for me because the plot is so awful you just don't want to hear it ! Everything about it looks cheap also with rear projected backdrops etc and poor editing. Actress Irán Eory who plays Patricia (a rather unconvincing English woman) is knockout beautiful but the use of inappropriate zoom ins and musical elements in the movie ruin any potential, it's almost like a bad Bollywood movie. Sadly the main adult actors in this movie are all dead now which reminded me of how precious time is and left me wondered why I even watched this dreadful movie ! To be used as a bad example of bad movie making of a bygone age.


A very special war movie indeed
Beautifully shot and crafted the desperation of being on the losing end of a full military retreat. Out of hopelessness comes salvation. The multiple different story threads intertwine and are often partially repeated from different perspectives, the big acts of heroism from individuals and the little people combined is quite uplifting and moving to watch. The movie almost reminds me (in mood and design) of those 1960s, 1970s and 1980s movies .. Waterloo, Battle of Britain, Barry Lyndon .. sort of slightly detached. A must see for war history lovers and investigators of the human condition when under bleak, mortal threat.

The Siege of Jadotville

A (more) modern day Zulu - battle at Rorke's Drift
Set in the 1960s a 150 strong and very green U.N. Irish regiment holds off a Congo / French mercenary military force which is 20 times their number defending a remote radio station camp.

This actually did happen and there was U.N. political incompetence and U.N. political tragedy after the president of the Congo was assassinated for nationalising the mineral rich Cobalt and Uranium mines in the area which paid mercenaries and the new corrupt president and his army vowed to defend for the companies and keep them as private entities.

These Irish soldiers were seriously left to die almost by the U.N. in a political game which saw them face impossible odds and in the face of adversity they showed immense bravery. The movie ends in a rather sombre mood which makes us realise that there is often more honour amongst soldiers than there is with politicians.


the horror of insane people taking out their frustrations on a victim
This is a surprisingly well directed movie about a teenager who is the new kid in a new school in a new city in a brand new hell. The physical bullying is very graphic and the psychological bullying is downright nasty. Like in many situations like these the parents and teachers are clueless about the violence and torture perpetrated against him. There is hope in the form of a neighbor who lives in the apartment above who initially seems to be an uncouth man but turns out to be a kind of savior of sorts.

The movie was shot in 2009 when cyber-bullying was not quite as prolific as it is nowadays but the threat of cyber-bullying is certainly featured in this movie.

The moral of this movie is perhaps that if you are getting bullied, flag it up early, make all those involved and in authority and the parents aware of it to fix it and if it doesn't get resolved move to a different school or ensure the ones doing the bullying are expelled. There were some disturbing statistics quoted at the end of the movie regarding numbers bullied in Spanish and UK schools. Food for thought.


A Sci Fi classic not just a sci fi indie classic
When I watched this in the cinema as a younger man I could appreciate it back then, I've watched it on and off over the years often catching it half way through on TV. Tonight at the end of Summer 2016 I'm watching this and it's on par with the best sci fi I've watched in the last 17 years.

There is a hidden message behind this movie with conspiracy theories, the failure of mankind and how it will inevitably destroy itself. What was surprising is that many of the actors starring in this movie were from England (or at least were born there). It's no surprise that the director of this movie directed the excellent Cypher and Splice two excellent sci fi movies. Pity none of the actors in this movie went on to have stellar careers, there's not much justice in the world.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Porky's Meets Zombieland
A small scout party, a cocktail waitress in a stripper bar, hot young girls hanging out with jocks from school. The nerds are in Scout group they desire the hotties, they must prove themselves to be real men through a rite of passage fighting the undead. This has some real laugh out moments which are usually very short and punchy right at the end of scenes which then quickly cut out to the next scene for next punchline. The humour is quite adult so this is not for kids. This movie is essentially a good effort almost as good as ZombieLand but not quite. I know it had a limited release in theatres and has had to make it's money back via TV etc and I hope it does reasonably well and the actors etc go on to do other things.


I love this movie, I saw it on TV in the 80s when I was a child
It's a sombre piece about a remote viewer who is seconded into the UK intelligence services to essentially spy. There's an odd assortment of actors Billie Whitelaw as the strong MI6 (?) boss who manages Shadey, Katherine Helmond as a mad American lady, Patrick Macnee in the usual gentleman style and of course Antony Sher as the conflicted almost fish out of water clairvoyant. The movie is slow but you are routing for Shadey and there is a late movie shock moment where something happens to him but it sort of turns out OK. A forgotten mini cult, classic. I would imagine that it's maybe a movie that is quite difficult to get hold of, it's certainly worth it, the most similar American movie I know of in terms of pace and the occasional dark humour is Safety Not Guaranteed perhaps.

Stranger Things

Simply Amazing, an adult version of E.T. with 80s kids.
This series is more than just a itch scratcher for 1980s nostalgia, it's an almost perfect re-imagination of a genre not replicated since the 1980s; movie Super 8 looks clumsy and is boring compared to this excellent series. The characters look 80s, the casting itself is very 1980s, nerdy kids and their nerdy friends with bad 80's hair. The language and style of acting is also very 80s but it's more of a streamlined 1980s, the editing, direction and cinematography, lighting is better than your typical 80's Goonies or even ET I think. I must emphasize that this is a grown up version of the 80s ET type genre, people get shot in the head etc and teenage kids rendezvous in the toilets to make out etc so it's not that innocent comedic thread that runs right the way through ET for example although there are many moments like that particularly with the main group of protagonist kids. I must say that the costumes, sets and the props (BMX bikes, giant walkie talkies, HAM radio kits, 80s circular telephone dials, 80s style houses in small town America, big 80s American cars etc go a long way to making this look authentic. What can I say, this is truly excellent and everyone involved should be proud of themselves. In some ways this is the ultimate love letter to Steven Spielberg, it's a labour of love and just doesn't it show it....

Love, Rosie

It's a rubbish rom com that trivialises young single parents
The writing is wannabe Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and A Funeral), there are wannabe Hugh Grants, a wannabe Keira Knightley. Best friends, girl and boy since the age of 5, girl gets pregnant by an irresponsible guy who runs off, the original male friend goes to NY and hooks up with a hot model wife ... I just don't want to even think about it. It makes light of failed young relationships where a kid is involved and that true love cannot be found with a hot wife in Manhattan with a great job and materialistic life style, instead dreary England with a hot but not as hot girl who has a child by another man is a better option. I think I'd choose the emotionally challenged hot wife in Manhattan thank you very much. It's unconvincing, it's unrealistic, people are not willing to sacrifice what they have for a person with baggage across the Atlantic. The single parent girl in England even accepts the bum dad that abandoned his child in the first place and gets burnt, so the girl in England is portrayed as stupid and irresponsible also. There's even the inevitable rush at the end as the person whose made a series of relationship mistakes runs to what she believes to be the true love of her life and vice versa, that good old Rom Com cliché I just hate this movie, I want my electricity paid for which I spent on the TV watching this drivel, I want my 110 minutes or so back where I could have been asleep instead....

Young Ones

The Dust Bowl in 1930s America meets Fallout 4
Looks great, the world is broken, water is scarce and agriculture is in serious decline and subsistence farming is the order of the day. A slightly dysfunctional head of the family ... farmer is holding it together, the mule doing the leg work dies so he buys a Google pack mule and his daughters semi secret lover kills him and oh who cares ... the plot is a glorious mess, just like the narrative / editing but I sort of liked it, I would rather by annoyed at a movie than be bored and I was very annoyed with this movie because of the lack of drama but I liked it.... explain that to me...... someone ??? ... please !

The main cast do a good enough job Holt, Shannon, Fanning and Fanning's kid brother but maybe Holt needed to be more cunning, manipulative like the main oil man in movie Let There Be Blood.

Brexit: The Movie

Makes people aware of the pitfalls of staying in the EU and gives reasons to leave
It covers the main points which are absolute truths regarding why the UK should leave the UK i.e.: a) The UK will regain it's sovereignty and re-instate the power to create it's own laws, it's own domestic trade rules and regulations and standards in industry and in civil life. Rather than have non-elected and non-accountable bureaucrats in Brussels and elsewhere in the European mainland dictate the laws and rules to the UK.

b) The UK will no longer be obliged to bail out under performing European economies if it leaves the EU.

c) Trade deals will still be favourable to the UK even if it leaves the EU simply because the UK is a bigger importer from the EU than it's an exporter; EU mainland companies will lobby their own governments and the EU government to continue trading with the UK.

d) UK small businesses are being decimated and choked by the large volume of European lead rules and regulations; it's too restrictive and is linked to protectionism which eliminates fair competition for small to medium sized businesses in the UK.

e) Immigration control should be easier into the UK as it raises the drawbridge by not having to comply with European labour market movement and security collapses due to borders being freely open to "Syrian refugees" (note from me: how did that turn out for Germany in Colne New Years Eve 2015/16).

these are some of the main points this documentary presents.

Office Space

The futility of the modern workplace summed up beautifully
Ever wondered why are we here ? is there an edge to space and time or why are you stuck in a crummy job 9 to 5 ? well maybe this movie doesn't have the answer but at least it's a reflection of the cubicle hell that many have had to endure in the modern age.

It's like the theatre of the absurd and I bet you've come across many of the characters in tis movie in the real life work place.

Milton demonstrates how misfits can in one sense survive in those environments (even if they are in denial).

Also be wary of those efficiency consultants that turn up trying to increase efficiency at the office, they're there to sack you ! remember to creep around the cubicles like a ninja at 5pm so the boss doesn't spot you and stall you, thaaaat wouuuulllddd beee greeeeaaaaaaat ! come in on Sunday, thanks !

Happy Valley

Excellent not since Breaking Bad has a series been so addictive.
Here I am in Spain and I'm watching this in original English (we got the option to switch to either language here at the press of a button) and I am extremely impressed, the writing, the acting, the grittiness of it all.

Sarah Lancashire gives an Oscar like performance as the good cop trying her best in a world full of potholes and bad people, who would have thought that the brassy bar maid from Coronation Street could have pulled a role off so well ? You may think that the show is exaggerated i.e. how can so many gruesome things occur in such a small rural town in the North of England ? well remember the general area is quite close to Greater Manchester so think again and the real life Yorkshire Ripper was from around that county so it's not beyond the realms of possibility. I take my hat off to all those involved is this great production. I just cannot stop watching it !!

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