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Motherless Brooklyn

This movie is terrible
Why is this movie so long? The directing is just not good. The story telling is uninteresting. It seems like some of the acting is good but the movie is so bland. I really should have just turned it off 30 minutes in, when I first thought to. It just got more painful to watch.


I loved the first episode, but now I hate it.
The first episode was really funny and promising, but the story now drags. This girl has been dealing with the exact same issue for like 5 episodes now. She has a boring job and a boring boyfriend and a boring best friend who can't find a man up to her high standards who will instantly marry her. So she goes back and forth wanting to cheat with her crush from high school. I thought the characters would be a little more mature or at least if not more mature, less mopey, but they're not. This show is exactly that, mopey AF. Watching this show is depressing, not at all enjoyable and funny like the first episode was. It makes me feel slimy.


This show is depressing and not in a good way.
ALL of these characters are horrible. They're all superficial dumbos and I think that's supposed to be funny in a sad and dark humor kind of way, but it's not!!! I don't buy that these relationships are real because you might as well just kill yourself if they were. The kids don't even seem to like their Mom(SJP) and Dad and I don't blame them. I've watched multiple episodes hoping it'd get better, to my shame, but my only hope now is that HBO does not green light another season of this disgusting show. I don't blame the acting, maybe the casting a little, but mainly the writing. This show will make you feel like like trash deep down inside.

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