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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

This movie is great, like most people I was surprised at how good it was and it honestly deserves a higher rating than it has now, who ever wrote this movie is a genius and should be a comedian, the animation is colorful and vibrant, the characters are amazing, The story is amazing and it definitely deserves a sequel unlike a movie that I don't wanna mention (Boss Baby) it is definitely gonna be very high on my favorite Animated movie of this year if you're a fan of the books what are you waiting for go watch it

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Amazing and Better Than Spider-Man 2
This movie is amazing and it is most definitely better than the first two spider-man movies made by Sam Raimi, yeah those movies were good but this movie is better, the jokes are great the story is great the characters are great, the villain was good, the action scenes are epic, the story is great , the Jokes are funny and the final fight was great and sorry did I mention the story was amazing? it is definitely my favorite movie of this year, unless Star Wars is amazing and the movie overall is very underrated, you guys might ask why and my answer is that people seem to prefer the first two Spider-Man movies, but for me those movies were good movies but the jokes aren't funny, the second movie's story felt like a Peter Parker movie instead and it should've been less than an hour cause it felt like it was trying to stretch it out but those are just small nitpick of mine and for me the first movie's origin story wasn't very accurate, as a person who read the comics the origin story was more accurate on the first Amazing Spider-Man film, sorry went side track there, so if you like Spider-Man or just Marvel in general go watch this movie

Harvey Beaks

A mannered bird with two friends, whom goes on wild adventures
One of the best shows Nickelodeon has had for a while I highly recommend it, when I first watch the show I said to myself "wow this show is very similar to sponge bob" and I did some research (look on IMDb) and found out that he work on the early episodes of sponge bob, and it is amazing but the episode "spitting tree" made me really uncomfortable, but there are a few episodes I despised but besides all the episodes I disliked, there are to many good episodes and I'll take it over fairly odd parents any day I liked how Harvey is just overall a really nice kid with ocd (I think) this show is the modern version of all the cartoons that gave Nickelodeon their good reputation in the first place, but the show has a high chance of getting cancelled with makes me worried cause this show is so good thank you grennblatt

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