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House M.D.: Lockdown
Episode 17, Season 6

Snooze fest...
This is probably the episode they've decided not to have the show last too long. As good as season 6 may be, it is clear the next season should've been the last. Lockdown is proof the series had no juice left. The humor and the drama was senseless, and ringed false coming from these characters. The worst part was House and that dying patient. Who cares about anything they had to say? And all of this happened during a lockdown caused by a literal kidnapping. That isn't the main focus, so we would have what exactly? Character development? We didn't need one! It's not like the characters are so mysterious and complex, and this episode was proof of that.

House M.D.: 5 to 9
Episode 13, Season 6

A must see to any fans of the Cuddy character.
Last episode wasn't very good. I had a hard time getting into it. But this one was the show seen through the eyes of the infamous Cuddy. And it was exactly how I was expecting. A lot of paperwork, negotiations and threats. And I liked it. I love the way the show always knows when to change the focus, or shake things up from the usual format. I still can't stand Lucas, and think he's a terrible match for Cuddy, but he wasn't there enough to drag to episode down too much. I'm not a fan of her and House's relationship, either. Actually I don't know who could be a good match for her. But the writers made a good choice have her adopting that kid. It gives new layers to her character. And the songs they picked for the soundtrack were spot on. It's a good episode.

House M.D.: The Down Low
Episode 10, Season 6

One of my favorite House MD episodes.
The medical case conclusion, needs suspension of disbelief. But the comedy and drama are spot on. Wilson and House fighting over their hot neighbor (who doesn't like Sasha Alexandre?) was hysterical. And that last montage were highlights of the episode. The joke the staff tried to pull on Foreman was nice, and the way they get theirs in the end, was very funny too. It's everything you would expect of a good TV show episode. Entertaining throughout.

House M.D.: Ignorance Is Bliss
Episode 8, Season 6

Decent episode...
Cameron left the show for good. Her marriage with Chase didn't last long... The new case isn't very thrilling, but Taub and Thirteen are back for good. It's Thanksgiving, and House got punched. Only, what is this annoying detective still doing on the show?! They prevented us from his useless spin-off series, but why did he had to be brought back? To date Cuddy and make House jealous? That was childish and unnecessary. Still, I'm really enjoying this season. 2009/2010 was a good year.

The Vampire Diaries: Dangerous Liaisons
Episode 14, Season 3

We all love a good Ball...
The plot thickens... And this is probably the last time the show is written this well. I like the Esther character, she's set out to be the vilain. When in reality, she's the hero preventing the world from evil vampires. But there wouldn't be a show anymore, if she reaches her goal. So she had to be stopped... This episode also introduced us to two of the worst storylines for the whole series. Everyone pushing Elena in Damon's arms, so he won't kill anyone, like he did twice already. Because he's just a psycho who can't take rejection. With Stefan and Elena's relationship being angsty and stalling for no reasons. And Klaus and Caroline's awkward dead end romance. What were they thinking? This is also the episode with the infamous « Ed Sheeran » dance, and Rebekah and Damon's « hot » hookup. So far this is the best one this season, one that was clearly leading to some hiatus back when the show aired on The CW. And made you want to know what happened next, because you didn't know yet, that the worst was about to come...

The Vampire Diaries: Bringing Out the Dead
Episode 13, Season 3

And the show gets more and more ridiculous.
Except for the part with Klaus and the rest of the Originals family, the rest of the episode is useless and cringeworthy. Bonnie and her mother risked their lives to bring back the matriarch, and not even a thank you? More of their drama? And two more siblings out of thin air? The way they pulled another love triangle, was silly. So every guys fall for a Petrova doppelgänger? Especially when they share the same blood? Stupid. And seeing Damon say he loved Elena too, like it was his turn to have his way with her now. Made me want to vomit. As much as I dislike Klaus, he was right about the brothers only bringing misery to this girl. But is she really worth it? That's the thing with the way the show evolved after a while. Characters assassination. And what's with killing off and/or resuscitating secondary characters? Did this new team of writers hated their work, or what?!...

The Vampire Diaries: The New Deal
Episode 10, Season 3

That was awkward...
Damon is in such a state of denial. Just like fans who were rooting for Elena to be with him. She looked so embarrassed after that kiss. Can we say assault? I don't care what some might say, I like them, as friends. Stefan was it for Elena. They shouldn't have changed that halfway, and spend so much energy destroying their bound, and forcing Damon and Elena's « endgame ». Last episodes before Winter break were very good. The show was finally back on track, and this snooze fest of an episode happened. Jeremy is sired to forget everything again, Tyler's character is ruined a little more, Bonnie is trying to please everyone. And Alaric is almost killed for the tenth or so time. Which introduces us to Meredith Fell. Klaus is being so petty and vindictive it's not fun, it makes him look more annoying and childish. Where were the others? The show's writing is very inconsistent this season. Why is that?

House M.D.: The Tyrant
Episode 3, Season 6

Never play God...
So far it looks as if season 6 might be the closest we could get of the best House MD season. Tyrant is a very well written episode, with very good drama. Foreshadowing big changes. I loved seeing the old team back again, and the way each characters reacted to this particular situation. And James Earl Jones flawless portrayal of that very ambiguous character. I sensed something was off with the way his character died, and think Chase not respecting Hippocratic oath, was wrong. And I was disappointed with the way Foreman became an accomplice, afterwards. But like I said, the drama in this episode wasn't heavy-handed and hints at interesting dilemmas on the upcoming episodes. House's mini storyline was good too, and added some humor.

CSI: Miami: Throwing Heat
Episode 13, Season 5

What a stupid episode...
You say refugee, I see illegal. Since when human trafficking is ok? The most laughable part, was when the kid told the cops he had his papers being made. So he's here legally, now. I thought the way he arrived in the country, was what mattered. But in crooked America, I guess it's a minor detail. The part with Delko was annoying too. The scam was so obvious, I had zero sympathy for him, and enjoyed seeing him be fooled by that devious woman. The bartender being in on it too, made the whole episode written by someone who's either out of ideas or not knowing how to write a good story. Except for the opening sequence, I thought there were no redeeming qualities to this episode, even the subplot about the hit man was lazy. And the aggressive way suspects are being interrogated, is off putting lately...

House M.D.: Broken
Episode 1, Season 6

Best season premiere, so far.
Season 5 was good. Even the bad episodes didn't drag the show down. And the season finale was very good and unexpected. It was my second time watching it. And as convoluted as that twist was, it still got me. Not as much as it did the first time, but I didn't remember it in details. Broken is a great episode. It finally addresses something that was long overdue for the House character. His commitment, and recovery from Vicodin addiction. And more. The other patients had very by the book personalities, but the actors did a good job portraying those mental disorders. Same thing applies to the « doctors ». But my favorite supporting cast members, were Franka Potente, Angela Bettis and Andre Braughler. I can't say it's the best House MD episode, but it is definitely on the top 10. Too bad it wasn't kept as TV movie format, on other mediums...

House M.D.: Simple Explanation
Episode 20, Season 5

Ok, but what was the point in this episode?
It adds nothing to the season's arc. Has almost zero impact on the characters on the remaining episodes. And who actually cared about Kutner? He was a wallflower, and was never given a real storyline, in all his two seasons run on the show... The saddest thing about his suicide, is that it was more reasons to showcase the other characters psychologies. And we still know nothing about who he was, and why writers decided to off him. Even the new patients parts were pointless and just there. I like sappy episodes, when done right. Counting out the ending song, this one wasn't. And honestly, I am getting sick of the melodrama on the show, and the way House is portrayed as a seemingly complex and tortured character. He's a perfectionist. Big deal.

House M.D.: Last Resort
Episode 9, Season 5

I liked this episode.
So far I enjoy season 5 a lot more than I did the previous two seasons. It is like the second one, minus House's ex wife drama. Last Resort is the « hostage » episode for the show. It isn't as good as the one from One Tree Hill, ER or even Grey's Anatomy, but it's still a good change of scenery from the usual format. Some decisions make zero sense, but it adds to the suspense I guess. And leads to Thirteen finally accepting her fear of dying, and deciding to agree to take the safety measures to live through her illness. The cast was great and filled with popular TV actors. And some of the acting from regulars, was very good and believable. Not understanding the hate honestly...

House M.D.: House's Head
Episode 15, Season 4

Clearly the best episode of the whole season.
The show needed this revamp done on season 4. The search for a new team, made things. Even cases exciting again. Some of the contestants were better than others. And House's old students, joined in on several occasions. Once this new format and dynamic settled in, this is where I slowly began to lose interest again. Even the episodes with special guests, didn't caught my attention, like they used to. This episode on the other hand, was risky and original. Even the melodramatic (to compete with other medical dramas spectacular finales) aspect worked, and made me care for that Amber character. Whose death's obviously the fourth year finale's endgame. And the hallucinations scenes were brought up smoothly and unexpectedly enough to keep you guessing.

House M.D.: Family
Episode 21, Season 3

It'll save your dying kid's life. But beware if you scratch yourself with a bra fastener. You're probably going to die the same day. I think this episode had the show jump the shark, in the most ridiculously pandering way. For dramatic measures or something else entirely, it made me hate the way these parents thought their sons were so special, the whole hospital staff should work day and night to save them. And death was not an option. And how Foreman literally assaulted the brother, to prove his point. His resignation was a cop out, he's no hero. It's the kind of intelligence insulting nonsense you would find on current shows. But I guess it was a sign of what entertainment would become...

House M.D.: House Training
Episode 20, Season 3

What a bummer episode...
I really liked some of the previous episodes. But this one was unexpected. I don't know, it looks far fetched, but the way the issue was addressed, got my invested. And I was expecting a last minute diagnosis, that would save the woman's life. At first I thought I would hate it, and was prepared for another run of the mill House M. D. episode. But the fact that for once, they couldn't do anything for the patient, because of the doctors haste and error of judgment. Was interesting. It was the first time their overconfidence backfired. This time, I thought this Foreman centric episode, was done the right way. I still have an issue with Epp's acting in dramatic scenes, but he did a fair job in those. The comic relief, involving House, Wilson and his ex wife, were welcomed additions. To a pretty depressing episode, that still keeps you guessing after the cause of the infection was revealed...

House M.D.: Half-Wit
Episode 15, Season 3

Only for Dave Matthews fans...
Season 3 is insanely tame and by the book. Few medical cases stand out, and the characters. House in particular, became the conventional version of what they were in the early seasons. You even sense the soap undertones of what the show becomes at one point, there. And now there's a clear pattern. New patient, same drama. Treatments, complications. Rinse and repeat. Then House goes to Wilson, who tells him something true about himself, and his patient of the week. House sarcastically saves the day, coda. The end. This is why I can't give this show more than the average rating. It is good, but too formulaic to impress sometimes.

House M.D.: Lines in the Sand
Episode 4, Season 3

First good episode of the season.
So far, season 3 bored me. I was confused with how House could walk normally, and the medical cases weren't as gripping as they used to be. This episode however, addressed all the right things. With House refusing to move on from his trauma, the way he identified with the autistic kid. And how his stalker (Leighton Meester in one of her early roles) was simply suffering from an illness, making her do and feel things she normally wouldn't. You also sense one of the most important plot for the rest of the series, his romantic involvement with Cuddy. Throughout most of their scenes, especially that heart to heart near the « fountain ». The « interns » were yet again in the foreground, but the storytelling was overall balanced and easy to get into. The last scene, with the Ben Harper song, was good. And not too heavy handed on the sentimentalism. I liked it.

House M.D.: Euphoria: Part 2
Episode 21, Season 2

Boring and full of plot holes...
Maybe it's because I'm not keen on the Foreman character. But I thought the previous episode hinted at far more interesting moments, than seeing Omar Epps overacting, and doing weird faces all the time. House's digs at Cuddy, were probably the best parts of the episode. That tainted water parasite explanation, failed to convince, but Foreman was sort of redeemed with everything following his contamination. And that Marc Cohn song was a very good choice for the soundtrack. Still, it wasn't a good episode, and I couldn't wait for it to finish. Because on top of everything else, I already knew the character would pull through...

Huit Rue de l'Humanite

So not funny...
It's a movie about people during lockdown. You wish would all catch COVID and spare the world from their useless presence. If that was the point of the movie, then good job Netflix. Otherwise, eh...

House M.D.: Skin Deep
Episode 13, Season 2

Very unexpected episode.
Full of revelations and interesting things about each characters. Kiiwi is right, people are too categorical these days for a show like House M. D. that tells stories in an unbiased way. And give different points of view, depending on which topic it is about. They even do it without judgment. The part where House thinks his feelings in the leg are coming back, is too anecdotal compared to that peculiar case. So it looked like writers had no idea what to give him to do there. And it makes the episode lack momentum, which is a shame, because it was a really bold and courageous idea.

House M.D.: Need to Know
Episode 11, Season 2

Good episode with interesting drama.
It's the first time the main plot caught my attention more than the medical case. That manipulative woman was awful. But the actress nailed the part, and gave her more complexity. She was selfish, and honestly you don't do that to someone you love. Especially when she puts her own life at risk. How does she thinks her husband and daughter would react to her death? Just reckless. The House/Stacy fling ends like we would expect. House breaks it off, leaving Stacy heartbroken. This is the first time the season I sided with her instead of him. That part with the husband, was funny though. I wasn't a big fan of the Stacy character, but Stella Ward was great in that role. In spite of some interactions with House, interns were given nothing of great value to do this time. And the last scene on the roof with Wilson, was also a first for me, when I heard him doing a really pertinent statement about his friend. It was a good episode, but that medical case wasn't as exciting as the opening made it look. And Elle Fanning's scenes either.

Grey's Anatomy: With a Little Help from My Friends
Episode 4, Season 18

Since when Addison got so weak, whiny and self absorbed?
Grey's Anatomy is like a black hole, sucking the light of every character, it's keeping around at that point. Between this and the life coach bs, this show got insufferable. Who's actually enjoying these kinds of condescending speeches? God, even the music got annoying and parodic. It's like hearing the same beats whenever something « uplifting » is happening, or the suicidal folk singer, when it's time to blow the tissue. I thought that eighteen seasons in, the show would have something to back up that number. But no, it is stuck on the rut that is feeding on itself.

House M.D.: TB or Not TB
Episode 4, Season 2

Great episode, calling out more hypocrisy.
Throughout the House character. Who was anything but jealous I think. He's just too insightful for most people. And he was right about his patient all along. He's a fame hungry medias philanthropist, who uses TB as a way to showcase his image. Just like House's blackmail about lying regarding his probable cause of death, showed. And that stunt he pulled on the hypochondriac housewife. Brilliant. It's a shame his character was trivialized in the rest of the series though. Which explains my review for the whole series.

House M.D.: Humpty Dumpty
Episode 3, Season 2

Good episode, calling out so many hypocrisy.
First, you have the worker who falls off Cuddy's roof. Because he caught some kind of bird flu, for indulging in illegal cockfight. Who has the nerve to sue the hospital that saved his life! Was Cuddy supposed to assume it was more than asthma? That cough maybe, but still it wasn't a symptom of something worse. Then the mother of said worker, who lies about not talking, let alone understanding English. Should have all our sympathy and compassion? How manipulative is she? How dishonest can you be to pretend you don't understand someone, until that someone says something that gets your attention? Was she planning on using this tool for the trial? And that patient calling racism on a treatment, that is more efficient to his ethnic group... In that case, what is the point in prescriptions? And that little paper in each medicine's boxes? Or medicine even? This episode is a sad realization for everything rotten about a lot of things these days. But it is written in a subtle way that isn't preachy or one sided. And I like how they let the suspense build up on who's the new patient, on each episodes opening, lately. So far, season 2 is as good as I remember. Probably one of the best of the whole series for me.

Grey's Anatomy: Hotter Than Hell
Episode 3, Season 18

Addison is back, that's all you need to know.
I was really looking forward to seeing her back on the show. But even her return couldn't salvage such a pathetic script. The new interns are annoying beyond words, so is the new staff. And some old characters. Who got too much SJW injections in their veins. Like another reviewer said, it became a parody of what the show once was. With the same old « powerful words », nobody would endure more than two minutes, in real life. Blah...

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