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Shazam made my day😃
A fresh, light hearted take by the DCEU and yet an unexpectedly fantastic one. I had very less expectations with Shazam but I left the theater with such happiness and joy. DC fan or no DC fan, regardless, you will thoroughly enjoy this film. This isn't just any superhero movie with just a typical storyline of the protagonist gaining powers to defeat an enemy. It is more than that. It delivers life lessons from time to time, describing the life of foster kids and balances quite well between action, drama and humour. The film has genuinely well written good comedy. From the beginning of the film to the end I don't remember not smiling or not laughing. Those two expressions of joy never left my face. In every superhero movie, one anticipates to see how the story will be built around the character when he first begins to realise his super powers. In the case of Shazam, this whole phase of learning his powers is irresistibly hilarious and by far the best part of the whole film. Coming to role performances, Zachary Levi pulled off the role of Shazam impeccably. He is charismatic, exuberant, naive, a perfect teenage kid in an adult's body, born to play the role of shazam. Freddy played by Jack Dylan Grazer is simply excellent, a true friend and an epitome of superhero nerdiness. The friendship between Freddy and Billy Batson (Shazam) is just perfect, full of ups and downs nonetheless. The film even though maybe defined as just joyous, it does have a strong villian, Dr Sivana, a horrifying, intransigent and a nefarious character giving a tough fight to Shazam. Although the film could have improvements in its action and animation, there is a cornucopia of comic book references, DCEU references, good humor that will keep you buckled up to your seat and refresh your mind. Storyline - 8/10 Acting - 10/10 Humor - 10/10 Action - 7/10

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Not a much impressive conclusion to the httyd saga
The much awaited finale to the dragon saga is here but it doesn't fulfil ones expectations. The visuals are stunning, much better than the previous films. Animation is spot on. The movie is filled with innumerable, vibrant, variegated, goliath dragons each with their eccentric ability. The scene where the hidden world is introduced is absolutely breathtaking, visually and with the synced soundtrack. One could simply re-watch that scene over and over and never get bored. Although the film has much of the fun and frolic to rejoice about, it still denies to deliver something new. There is alot in their basket but only a few things executed. Too many characters introduced but only a few are given the spotlight. The plot isn't that good, it lacks originality and could be better. Much of the story is centered around the chemistry between night fury and light fury, depicted in a rather Bollywood style, consuming much of the film's runtime. Humor is facetious. The purpose of the villian, to be the villian is not very convincing. Most fighting will give u an epiphany, with a question "couldn't they have done this before?" The film feels like the director focused too much on finishing the saga with a sentimental ending and failed to pay attention to the paramount part of the film - "the storyline". When juxtaposing this film to its predecessors I believe that httyd 1 is by far the best, regarding its content...followed by httyd 2 and then httyd3. Animation - 8/10 Visuals - 8/10 Action - 7/10 Humour - 6/10 Storyline - 6/10

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This different approach of animation is simply mind blowing
There have been so many spiderman films, each of which was cut off from a sequel and rebooted over and over. However, this could alone stand out to be a much better spiderman film in comparison to them all. Into the spiderverse takes you on a sci-fi adventure of multiverse, a spiderman film we have all been waiting for.

The animation alone stands out to be the best feature about this film. This new style of comic book animation is top notch and a must watch especially for comic book lovers. The efforts taken in creating and rendering this film was worth it. The film is innundated with so much of high quality design, byzantine animation, one can't take their eyes off the screen and even afford to miss a scene.

Even though it has a small run time to it, as most animated films do, this film offers a good character development and good storyline which is unpredictable at times making you shout out "wow" especially if you are a spiderman geek.

There is an adequate amount of humor. The humor is not forced at all, it has good one liners that makes you enjoy the film from the very beginning. Into the spiderverse is a fun, fresh take on the spiderman story filled with excellent quality content, brilliant animation, lots of humor and exciting action sequences.


The best DCEU movie so far!
Yes I truly mean it. Aquaman is not just the best DCEU film but also the best origin story or solo film in both the Marvel and DCEU universe.

I last thoroughly enjoyed myself in a DCEU film when I watched Wonder Woman's "no man's land" scene. But in this film one can't seem to pick any specific action sequence that is so brilliantly crafted that it stands out, infact each action sequence is as brilliant as the previous one. The camera movements and lighting effects especially for under water scenes were stupifying i.e. cinematography on the whole was breathtaking.

The third act of this DCEU film was a jaw dropping climax. The last time I experienced utter silence was during the third act of Avengers Infinity War. This time the theatre was filled with mind-numbing silence creeping upon every unsuspecting viewer slowly but surely making them move to the edge of their seats due to the burdening weights of anticipation, nervousness and excitement. The film ended with astonishment on people's faces and a huge round of applause.

The visual effects were a treat for the eye, mesmerizing and charismatic. Being an aspiring animator myself, I could notice and appreciate the efforts taken in animating the Atlantians, making them float, swim as if they are fishes and not humans and make it all feel realistic. From the mosaic underwater architectures, the finely detailed character costumes, the enchanting visuals, to captivating and horrifying monsters and unforgettable marvelous action sequences, this film offers everything we need and more.

Surely it does have the feels of Thor Ragnarok, Star Wars, Avatar and Game of Thrones - All packaged in one. One may think that the story is predictable. But then get ready, for James wann is about to turn your ship sailing event into a voyage far exceeding beyond your expectations.

Personally I believe James Wann for the DCEU is propitious and I wish he directs Man of Steel 2 or even more DC films. Aquaman is tenacious, invigorating and a must see film for not only all DC fans but for anyone looking for a good movie for the weekends. Watch it in IMAX 3D on the biggest screen possible and feel the imersive experience of an underwater adventure. In the end it will be worth it.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Highly disappointed
The second installment in the Wizarding world saga is the worst amongst both fantastic beasts films and all harry potter films. The film is slow and boring. Some silly, unnecessary scenes magnanimate your boredom. Good visuals and yet very less action. It starts with a good thestral chase scene and from there on everything goes down the hill. There is no thrill, no excitement, no good suspense created at any point. The film focuses more on locations, attires, soundtracks and visuals rather than a good plot or action sequence. The end battle scene was dull and disappointing, in fact the end battle is usually where you expect thrill and bombastic action for a good amount of duration. The title as well is entirely irrelevant to the films content. Which crime exactly? There was no such crime in the film. Also hardly any new beasts introduced, and hardly any existing beasts brought into action. The film felt like the director wanted to provide Harry Potter nostalgia and in order to do so he simply threw in some Harry Potter references into his magical cauldron and vola made the film!!! Visuals - 8/10 Action - 3/10 Drama - 4/10 Storyline - 2/10 Acting - 6/10

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