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Station Eleven: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren't Dead
Episode 4, Season 1

I really hate the carnie-vibe
I was so disappointed when I realized this was a continuation of episode 2. They had another 45 minutes to try and connect the audience with these characters and I still feel absolutely nothing but disdain for any of them....and since that wasn't intended by the director and writers then they have completely missed the point of telling this story in the first place. You can have strange phenomena happening and also let the audience connect with the characters...take a lesson from LOST.

Kirsten trying to act like she understands opening up and vulnerability is laughable considering none of these characters are vulnerable with the exception of maybe Alex, but honestly when she was running into that minefield I did not care what the outcome was going to be. So her vulnerability just makes her seem like an idiot and not a human being.

I really hate Kirsten's character. The acting is subpar as well. Like the actors don't even believe in what they are doing themselves. Can't say I blame them, who wants to be a bunch useless, self-important carnies.

Swan Song

Touched my heart
This film truly rocked my emotions. If you thought it was boring then you didn't get the purpose of the film at all. This was about a man's journey to life and to death. To love and loss. To acceptance. Cinematography was beautiful. Sound was beautiful. Acting was superb. I can't think of anything I would change about the film. Do not be looking for some crazy twist ending, that's not this movie. It's a film that goes according to plan for the most part. Above all it's about love and how much you would do for the people you love in your life. If you knew you could prevent them pain and loss and incredible grief wouldn't you jump at the chance? Even if that meant in your darkest hour when you needed them the most, that you'd be left behind alone, the only solace - knowing that they were going to be okay. Isn't that what love really is? Letting go of yourself and your own ego.

Station Eleven: Hurricane
Episode 3, Season 1

Thank God this was nothing like Episode 2
I almost decided to turn this show off after such a let down episode with the 2nd one. This one almost makes up for episode 2 but not completely. I really loved Miranda's character. This was well acted, especially in the ending scenes - Miranda delivers a powerful "pitch" to her Malaysian logistics partners. If the series makers put out a crap fourth episode though I'm trashing this series into the bin.

Station Eleven: A Hawk from a Handsaw
Episode 2, Season 1

Way to take something that started out beautifully and turn it into garbage
This second episode is nothing like the first. I feel zero emotional connection to Kirstin as an adult. Very little even happens in this episode and it feels weird without a real point to the weirdness, just for the sake of feeling weird. First episode should have trigger warning: "Warning all the characters they made you like die or turn into carnies"

Station Eleven: Wheel of Fire
Episode 1, Season 1

Interesting Premise for a Show
I enjoyed this first episode a lot. The cinematography was beautiful and the emotional connection the audience feels with Jeevan is established early on. This episode does an excellent job making you feel trapped. I found myself feeling the same emotions as Jeevan was throughout the arc of this episode. This episode is fairly straightforward but be forewarned episode 2 is a whole different ball game - and not in a good way.

Lucifer: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
Episode 2, Season 5

Ellis Does an Amazing Job Making Michael and Lucifer Two Distinctly Different Characters with the Same "Admittedly Dashing Face"
You cannot truly appreciate the amazing acting done by Ellis with his portrayal of Michael in contrast to Lucifer unless you watch this episode 3-5 times. You'll start to notice that Ellis has paid attention to every small detail of his role as Lucifer and used that to create a perfectly contrasting character with Michael. Of course his stance (when no one else is looking) is obviously different - the right shoulder much higher than the left), details like which hand he uses to pick up his glass (not sure if they have two different dominant hands or if Michael's injury (which we haven't been told the story about yet) forced him to use his left hand instead of his right. Don't just stop there - what's inside the glass is even more noticeable as Lucifer almost always drinks whiskey but Michael never does so - always pouring himself (shakily) a glass of gin or maybe vodka? (or even water?). Another obvious difference between Michael and Lucifer is their accents. Michael obviously uses the British accent when pretending to be Lucifer but an American accent when talking to those who know he's Michael. Pay close attention to the way Ellis looks at German (Chloe) when he is Michael vs. when he is Lucifer. Ellis has gotten down the look of complete love and adoration when Lucifer is looking into Chloe's eyes - but he also keeps that look absent when Michael is looking at Chloe. After all, that kind of true love - you just can't fake it even if you do have the same face. Pay attention the the characters facial expressions and you'll also discover slight differences between Lucifer and Michael. Ellis does an amazing job bring Michael to life - so much so that he makes us long to see Lucifer and hate Michael in this episode.

The Spy

Sacha Baron Cohen's Most Brilliant Performance
I wasn't sure until the 2nd episode that this was going to be a fantastic drama/thriller. I was stressed the whole time because you fall in love with Eli, (played by Sacha Baron Cohen). It was heart wrenching and incredibly real, a true story done with respect to the true hero's of this operation. I am amazed at how versatile Cohen is on so many levels. He truly nailed this role and I could tell the story meant a lot to Hollings. I predict this was an award winning performance for Sacha. I binged the entire mini series in one night. Edge is your seat suspense all the way through. Cinematography was beautiful. Music exceptional. You can't go wrong with this one and it is definitely a story that deserves to be heard.


Great WWII Dark Comedy Series
I'm only one episode in into Catch-22 thus far but so far this is a great WWII dark comedy. I'm not sure why IMDB critics have only given it a 6 star rating, I hope it's not for liberal political reasons which almost seems to permeate anything of any substance or value in the entertainment world. George Clooney (aka George Clooners) does a great job making us feel as though we are trapped inside a bomber plane with bombs flying at us from all angles. These scenes make you feel methods, holding your breath until the mission is over. I like the comedy mixed with the hard-hitting drama of war. It cuts some of the anxiety and lightens the mood just enough. The acting is spot-on, consisting of an all star cast. The addition of the music of the era cuts some of the edge of the stress or war and helps set the tone of the time period. Where many people in the US were reluctant to leave their lives of dancing and the jazz era for another world war. I definitely recommend this show and advise anyone interested in a great war series to take the entertainment critics biased and mediocre reviews with a grain of salt.

Death of a Nation

It's too bad the progressive left immediately turn their brains off when it comes to evidence
Since the left pretty much owns all aspects of the media I'm not surprised to see that the critics haven't given this movie a fair review or even considered what D'Souza's intended message to the audience was...I thought it was a very well done flick despite what the liberals will say about it...I know they like to keep us all brainwashed. Looks like the majority of regular folks that have seen the movie agreed with me as well. There's a problem when the critics have given the movie 0% on RottenTomatoes, yet the audience score is 89%. If that isn't evidence of Hollywood's liberal progressive bias, I don't know what is.

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