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Arctic Void

Three men and a maybe.
Three men and a maybe it could've been a whole lot better. The story was okish, compared to a lot crap that I've seen recently and the fact that the story was centered around straight men in this PC woke/cancel society new world order BS was very refreshing. Not much on story but I do like artic landscape films.

Archive 81

A lousy series with a lousy lead actor
A lousy series with a lousy lead actor. Athie's on-screen presence is buzz kill. He comes off drab and monotone and it's annoying. Will watch this lousy series with its lousy lead actor to kill some time.


A one time watch.
Very predictable drug delivery wrong person in the wrong place film low budget film. You've seen them once, you've seen them. A one time watch.....very forgettable.

Dexter: New Blood

Ep.10 ruined the whole season
I so did not the like way ep.10 ended. I thought it was going to end by Dexter being exonerated, with him and the chief getting back together, with him and Harrison bonding with a nice build up to another season but boy was I suprisingly wrong. Eps 1-9 had a fantastic build up but ep 10 ruined the whole season. Really a bad season finale.....ugh!

The Lost Daughter

A cup of sleepytime tea.
Flashbacks of coping as a young mother and infidelity, present moments of dullness on a beach in Greece, two little girls being brats on screen and a stupid doll. This film was long, drawn out and boring as hell. Nothing but a cup of sleepytime tea and quite possibly another remedy for insomnia.

Dark Light

A kinda Dark Skies knock off.
If you've seen Dark Skies, than this would be kinda a knock off that. The only obvious difference was Dark Light was ridiculous. A child abducted by an alien film, the mother is accused of her disappearance and the mother does everything she can to get her daughter back from the alien. Dark Skies had a much better cast and premise. Dark Light was low budget and convoluted. Barely watchable.

The Matrix Resurrections

A solid one time watch.
I don't agree with the negative reviews about Resurrections because this was a sequel and like all sequels it's purpose was to do one thing....entertain. It wasn't as bad as the negative reviews make it out to be and that's because it's a sequel. After Alien and Aliens that franchise went downhill, after T1 and T2, that went downhill, after Jurassic Park, the sequel franchise went downhill and after Predator 1&2 (T4 was pretty decent) and the Fast & Furious all those other sequels tanked as well. So if you go in with a 4th installment sequel expectation, you will not be disappointed because it's a sequel. A solid one time watch.

The Monkey King: Reborn

Good animation, excellent score, a you seen it once you seen them all story of good vs evil martial arts yada yada yada. Predictable and yet watchable popcorn. Watch once and enjoy.

Silent Night

I'm so glad we had this time together...Carol Burnett
A kinda meh story about family and friends getting together for their last meal because it's their last night alive. Great cast but Roman Griffin's character was the best of the entire film. It was good enough to sit thru but nothing at all to write home about. While I was watching it, the closing song to the Carol Burnett show "I'm so glad we had this time together" came to mind. A barely ok one time watch.

Black Friday

26 mins in and I was done.
I know their is an audience for these kinds of idiotic films but I couldn't go any further than 26 mins. I've never been a fan of zombie flick to begin with so they would need to hold my attention the minute I start watching them. Anyway for those of you who enjoy these kinds of B horror flicks, have at it....hard ass pass for me.

True Story

All I can say is wow!
All I can say wow! Hart, Snipes blew completely away along with the rest of the cast. Simply one of the best series I've seen this whole year. Wesley is a given but I always knew Hart could play these roles and I'm so glad he was finally given a script to show off the skills I knew he had to play a serious actor. Looking forward to seeing him in more roles like this. A definite highly recommend. Again....wow!

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Super Lame.
I honestly did not enjoy this Venom at all. The first one was definitely great popcorn, let there be carnage wasn't even close. It was comedic dialog more than anything. Venom's character stole the show, and he was the most enjoyable but Harrelson and Hardy were just supporting roles. This was a real swing and miss.

Hide and Seek

A one time watch and nothing more.
This was an ok one time watch and nothing more. A tad bit slow but the build up of the story remained stabled enough to follow. Rhys Meyer played a solid lead throughout but it was more cameoish for Joe P. Nothing to write home about so if you have nothing else on your to watch list and have time to burn, this will not disappoint. On a another note, I have to say that Rhys Meyers and Barett are both ten years younger than me (I'm in mid my 50s) and they both look older than I am....wow. Never forget that your body is temple. I digress.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

For kids under 12.
I would not recommend this film to anyone over age of 12. The trollhunter shows up fifteen minutes before the film ends and the entire story was pointless. This was time I wasted that I clearly can't get back.

Red Notice

A feeling of dejavu.
This film was loaded with every heist movie and James Bond score all up in it. From The Temple of Doom, National Treasure to Ocean's Eleven. And the score was super similar to all of the James Bond films. Definitely great popcorn but I couldn't help having the feeling of dejavu while watching it. A great one time watch.

The Harder They Fall

Real black actors and a decent one time watch.
Not since a long time have I seen a black film (let alone a black western) with no talent black rappers, comedians or music entertainers, playing dumb down roles in whitewashed films. But this film had REAL black actors and it was definitely a decent one time watch. Not sure why one reviewer injected BLM (very stupid and racist) in his review because the story had absolutely nothing to do with that at all. The storyline was on the same premise of any white western but just with an all black cast for a change. And it was truly refreshing to see real black acting talent onscreen. Watch once and call it a day.


Netflix...the new Lifetime channel
Not sure why this didn't just debut on Lifetime. Bad story telling, white chicks that look aged, one black actor and nice homes. Netflix....the new Lifetime channel.


I'm done.
After watching three episodes of ridiculousness, I can safely that I'm done. The school bus students story are so not needed for this series but overall a lot nonsensical, illogical decision making and not enough alien story telling......swing and a miss.

Night Teeth

MTV popcorn
The agenda of female masculinity is at the tipping point of utter nonsense and these films depicting white chicks only weighing a buck five being invincible has become real tiresome. This spin on vampires taking over is nothing more than MTV popcorn starring GOT Greyjoy and no talent having Megan Fox and her senseless cameo scene.

Dune: Part One

Fantastic cinematography.
I never read the book, nor seen the 80s version of Dune but this was really a good watch. From cast to score this was truly fantastic cinematography that I haven't seen in a scf-fi in a very long time. The opening scene showed that this was part one so I hope that part two will be just as good. I can't wait. A 2 1/2 hrs film that I didn't want to end.

The Cleaner

Good for anyone who suffers with insomnia.
If you have trouble sleeping and you are in need of a solid sleeping aid, then start watching this around your bedtime and I guarantee you will be out in not time. A decent cast, a barely ok story and a absolute snooze fest that will make your eye lids extremely heavy 35 mins in. Good for anyone who suffers with insomnia.....sheesh louise.

Old Henry

A Billy the Kid westen rendition good enough to hold your attention but absolutely nothing to write home about. I like way the son stepped up in the end. Watchable....once.

When a Stranger Calls

A film full of ridiculousness.
This was my first time watching this 1976 version and I will safely say that this film was full of ridiculousness even for a 70s film. Why didn't the babysitter ever check the children? Why would the detective throw a syringe at the killer? Why after the seven years the babysitting who is now married still an idiot. I mean really....come on. My intelligence was truly offended watching this. Now I can confirm that this version and the 2006 version were both ridiculous.

No One Gets Out Alive

Not bad.
For the 2021, the age of rotten films and just horrorABLE horror films, this was not bad. Barely enough back drop story telling to make sense but you get it in the end, which by the way was the best part of the story. Far better than a lot of stuff I've seen this year and it's Sept and yet it's nothing to write home about. Watch once and keep it moving.

Naked Singularity

A solid one time watch.
Once again reviews are skewered calling decent films rotten and rotten films good. For what it was, Naked Singularity is a solid one time watch. A little bit of drama, suspense and a drop of sci-fi, gave the story enough umph to sit and watch to the end. The negatives reviews are truly misleading. The cast did a fine job in their characters and it's always good and positive to see a male black actor playing a lead role as a straight man and nothing weirdoish. Really tired of seeing the weirdos. It's Tuesday evening and because I stopped doing theater years ago paying for tickets and canceled all my TV subscriptions, with downloading from torrents if a film just so happens to be trash (but not this one) only my time is wasted....enjoy. A solid one time watch.

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