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The Virginian: The Brazen Bell
Episode 5, Season 1

Starts Good, Becomes Absolutely Terrible
I have seen all episodes, through the first four seasons.

This one begins fine, but then, it begins to show extremely bad taste, even for 60s westerns.

The acting and script, for Scott's chateaxter, suddenly has many twists of unusual behavior and bizarre manners of delivery. Some facial expressions and reactions to tragedy, are impossible for the viewer to accept.

I could not believe it.

Then he waxes eloquenty, about a ridiculous passage, from an author, toward Royal Dano, again, impossible to accept.

The ending is absolutely one of the most violent, in any western.

It's scenes like that, that got the feds and parents, to get Westerns off the air.

Then after 75 minutes of building up the character of the School teacher, there is no conclusion about him whatsoever.

A bad episode.

Bonanza: The Crucible
Episode 28, Season 3

In the Top 5 Best, of the Entire Series

I don't know where other reviewers have been, but this one is so well-known, to be one of the very best in the entire 14 years, by most fans.

The acting by Roberts, and Marvin, IS one of the reasons, for the absolute brilliant, dramatic and tense story.

The utter cruelty of Lee Marvin and the acting of Pernell, mesh, to make an excellent episode.

Not for the squeamish.

An ending you won't want to miss.

The Maltese Falcon

Huston is the Main Problem
I read all of the one star reviews. They are accurate.

But. John Huston. both wrote and directed this.

Everything he has done, always has a warped and bizarre manner to it.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which he wrote and directed, is so strange, almost an insult to our intelligence.

The Misfits, is a piece of trash. Director only.

No wonder, Huston was a known communist, and did what he could, to undermine America.

He even gave up his US citizenship, and became an Irish citizen.

In The Maltese Falcon, the plot and script, are bad.

North to Alaska

Ridiculous, Inane
First, the French lady as the lead, was warm and sincere, and it helped.

But, this a sprawling episode of almost entire foolishness, and you know it.

I couldn't believe it.

1. The Duke commits at least 15 cases of assault and battery, hitting people in the mouth, for almost no reason.

2. Mild profanity.

3. Serving alcohol to a minor.

4. The Billy character was very disturbing, even assuming illicit behavior with a woman twice his age, really creepy.

5. The Duke tells him, a 17 year old, to shut up, about 8 times.

6. Most fight scenes look phony.

7. WORST: The constant subjugation of Angel, as a trophy to pass to any man.

Utter devaluation of women.

John Wayne seems very schizo in this, going from one mood to another, with no rational thinking.

You can see my other reviews. To see that I am fairly good at reviews.

This movie was really bad.


Brilliant, Strong Acting, and Accurate

Few made for TV movie pilots, are good.

This one is excellent, all around.

Normally, it takes a show, about 8 episodes, to get into a groove.

But this one is great, right out of the box.

All four leads. act as good as in a few seasons later.

Burr, is excellent.

Hawaii Five-O: Voice of Terror
Episode 8, Season 12

Moving, Gripping, Tense
An extremely ham-fisted performance by Bellini, but still good, this episode is about as good as anything from Season 10 or 11.

In later Season. McGarrett is usually in a role of adminstration, with little action, and this one is like that.

Mannix: A Question of Midnight
Episode 5, Season 3

Brilliant Script, and Photography
If you want thrill, suspense, and excitement, this is it.

There are several times, where a person is explaining something, and it immediately goes to a flashback scene, so seemlessly, that it is hard to realize that it is a flashback.

It is so well done.

Hawaii Five-O: Woe to Wo Fat
Episode 19, Season 12

Absolutely Brilliant in Every Way
Believe me, it is worth getting the Season 12 DVD set, just for this episode.

Firstly, no other member of Five O, is featured or mentioned. It is just McGarrett.

Further, he doesn't have just an administrator role, as is many of the last few seasons.

He does it all- spy, police officer, even a dual role, as the Professor.

Beautiful cinematography, and scenery.

Acting excellent.

Many lengthy scenes between Wo Fat, and Steve, something we have craved for many seasons.

Very lengthy scene in the woods between Kigh Deigh and Jack Lord, including Jack Lord running, jumping, and more.

The first fist fight of Jack Lord, in about 7 seasons.

And a fitting ending to the show; the season; and to the entire 12 seasons.

It is lamentable to see other reviewer's ratings of this.

Please, please, remove your reviews

Hawaii Five-O: Use a Gun, Go to Hell
Episode 7, Season 12

I will match this against anything from Season 11.

Anything with Andrew Duggan, is good.

By this time, and even by Season 10, McGarett usually has a small role, and only administrative.

Here, the two hoods do a fine acting job.

Yes, this is to discourage gun use, but it is done in an honest way.

Hard to imagine anything without Danno and Chin, but this episode was good and keeps your interest every minute.

Barnaby Jones: Child of Love Child of Vengeance: Part 2
Episode 23, Season 7

No need for a two part episode.

Pat Hengle isn't an actor for the part of a cult leader, and it shows badly.

Mannix: The Need of a Friend
Episode 9, Season 2

Weak, Overly Emotional, Poor Ending
I agree with the reviewer of three stars.

I couldn't believe the script. Terrible, especially that of the man coming out of prison.

Not the slightest epilogue.

But the ending, just leaves the viewer hanging.

I have decided that, beginning about episode 18 from Season 2, is when the series got good, not before.

Mannix: End Game
Episode 19, Season 2

Intense, Gripping, Exciting
The entire episode is basically one scene, one large set, with only two actors. A few other actors, with very few lines.

You can see the Geller influence in this one, similar to an M:I episode, or a few Five O episodes, like the Bomber and Mrs. Maroney.

In the Mannix one here, there is almost no daylight shown, all inside the building, intricately wired with many explosives.

Tremendous role for Inhat, who appeared on two MI shows, including The Mind of Stefen Miklos. Inhat is superb here, and I think few others could have pulled it off.

Mannix: To Catch a Rabbit
Episode 25, Season 2

Not Great and No Conclusion
I couldn't believe it.

The whole episode was to prove Carlos innocent.

I kept waiting until the final scene to see who dun it. Who iced the brother of the lady.

I thought for sure, that it was Mike Brady, uh, Robert Reed, but the show ends without saying who the killer was, or if it was an accident.

Nothing. Zero.

Just a diatribe from the woman and a insane diatribe from Carlos.

The Mod Squad: In This Corner - Sol Alpert
Episode 12, Season 2

Brilliant, Excellent, Sensitive
The Mod Squad, is one of my top five favorites, with Five O; Room 222; Streets; and others.

This episode, is one of the best in the whole era, of Golden Age of Television.

Meticulously well - written, crafted to show sensitivity and love.

Role of a lifetime, for Kaplan, and just to hear that wonderful voice of Choo Choo, from Top Cat, is enough to draw anyone to this episode.

Anyway, the entire episode is based on Jewish beliefs, extremely rare for 1969, and a daring move.

For about ten minutes, I thought it was either a PSA to laud Judaism, or to trumpet the concerns regarding slum lords, but it developed into a moving, gripping, saga of love, mercy, and forgiveness.

Must see

Barnaby Jones

Good, But Primarily Because of Buddy Ebsen
Standard Quinn Martin series.

Buddy has class, dignity, manners, and is polite, and that really is enjoyable to watch.

Merriweather, is humble and a good supporting character.

Shera is alright.

I have watched the first five seasons, and besides the terrible DVD quality, every single episode, except a few, is about the same, and 95% are about murder:

Crime happens.

Jones visits with the person who hired him.

Immediately, he knows who commited the crime and visits with her or him.

They lie through their teeth.

He investigates, and proves them wrong.

Most times, he plugs the crook, but ALWAYS just wings them.

This is like the Lone Ranger, always tried only to injure.

Epilogue. Some little happy saying, then the credits.

Betty, almost always acts like she can't figure out how Barnaby, deduced something, which makes him look better.

Each season has about two excellent episodes.

But the main reason to watch is for Ebsen.

Batman: The Minstrel's Shakedown
Episode 5, Season 2

Could Have Been Much Better
I have seen this three times, in the last several years, and I now agree with most reviewers

Van Johnson, even in Brigadoon, was not enjoyable to watch, and the same here.

Perhaps he was having difficult times, or his homosexuality was causing it, but here, it could have been a really good episode, but as others said, it was boring.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Not Great
Decent in the beginning, but many difficulties. I have seen it three times. As the best reviewers have said, the beginning is good, and the performance by Walter Huston, is good.

He was asked by son John, to remove his false teeth, for a more realistic performance.

Great to see John Huston, in a small role.

On the Dick Cavette show, Huston said that they found actual bandits, to play the bandits.

Fairly routine plot, and can be discerned at the beginning.

The concerns are:

The sudden and unforseen massive paranoia, by Bogey, kills the whole movie.

It is ridiculous.

2. John Huston, was hit or miss, as a director. This is an example of a miss.

Further, although he was charming, with a great voice, his involvements with Communism, and the Blacklist, shows in his movies. There is always some leftist slant.

Bogey is good sometimes, but not always.

He was good in the early gangster pictures, but not in much after.

The affected voice, and dark demeanor, don't help.

The viewer expects much more from this, such as a better ending.

Hardly a true classic.

The Rookies: Life Robbery
Episode 21, Season 1

As I fully expected, Pat Hingle, was absolutely annoying to watch, in every way.

Script certainly could have been better.

Shortly after the beginning, when Mark Lenard is speaking to his thugs, he intentionally and purposely, uses his middle finger, in a very obvious, and deliberate manner, to make a blatantly obscene gesture, to them.

It's the old adjusting the glasses routine, but so obvious.

I absolutely couldn't believe this.

And, that the editors didn't catch this.

It was probably a way to show the director, that he was not pleased with something, or a gag, but a very inappropriate thing for TV.

Bonanza: False Witness
Episode 6, Season 9

Extremely Violent, But Excellent
The first gunfight, was very violent, and very involved, plus there were many more.

Vicious criminals.

One thing though, the witnesses were placed in the hotel, in protective custody, but the security to protect them, failed many times, including obvious mistakes, even by the sheriff.

Violent episode.

Bonanza: Judgment at Olympus
Episode 4, Season 9

This has it all, story, script, pace, ending.

Barry Sullivan, is excellent.

The final scene, with the girl, says it all.

The Rookies: Concrete Valley, Neon Sky
Episode 1, Season 1

Good, Remember, it Takes Time for a Series to Develop
It's essential, to know that every show takes up to half a season, to be good.

Examples, Bonanza, Five-O, The Mod Squad, Barnaby Jones, and many others, the first six or more episodes, were not great.

I saw the Rookies from day one, in 72.

Then DVDs, four years ago, then now. I usually see episodes 6-24, then go to the first ones.

I've accepted the fact that the Rookies was meant to be preachy.

There is no question about that.

Even Nurse Danko, is always, and I mean, always, the strong woman, with wisdom and keeps everyone together.

Being created by a woman, Rita Lakin, they make Jill Danko, to never be wrong about anything.

So, accepting that the show is social worker first, police second, has helped me.

Here, the gangs were fairly accurate.

The city is fictitious, which is rare, but it is obviously filmed in Los Angeles, (by the many landmarks), but for 1972, the portrayal of gangs, was about right, even for a California city.

All acting was good, and remember, they really try to show that they care about some of the crooks.

Good episode, especially for the first one.

The Rookies: Covenant with Death
Episode 5, Season 1

Gossett is Good, but Episode is Very Weak
An utter waste of the great Lou Gossett, Jr.

He is enjoyable to watch, but script is weak.

There is a villian who is stalking him, then the reason given, is ridiculous.

The person who was harrrassing him, is not arrested, nothing.

No follow up with that person.



The Rookies: Dirge for Sunday
Episode 8, Season 1

A Masterpiece
Riveting, gripping, the entire episode.

McDowall is one of the punks, that the viewer always want to see get defeated.

Good role for Jill Danko.

Excellent episode.

The Rookies: To Taste of Terror
Episode 10, Season 1

A waste of Robinson. In Dirty Harry and Streets of San Francisco, he was given a better script, but here, the first two thirds, just is not convincing.

Also Ryker not doing anything, is hard to believe.

Ending was absurd.

Hawaii Five-O: Over Fifty? Steal
Episode 11, Season 3

Skip This One
It's amazing. On all websites, people rave about Hume Cronyn, and both of the episodes with him, on Five O.

Here, there are no accomplices, few other characters, except Che, an absolutely lame and unappealing set of music cues, and such a brazen type of moxie, from Hume.

No offense to anyone, but Hume seems very effeminate in both episodes, just difficult to watch.

It's hard to say why this was made, unless it was to please Hume, because this one is really not good.

Lord and others, just go through the motions.

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