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The Expanse: Abaddon's Gate
Episode 13, Season 3

An immensely fun ride
As I write this, the cancellation has already happened and so has the renewing. That being said, for a series ending episode, this was very well done. It tied up many paths and offered a plenitude of possibilities for the viewer's mind to race to its own. But I am really relieved it did get renewed.

By this point, I'm less anxious when the bad people take the stage. I can relax and enjoy the story, the characters and the interesting Sci-Fi ideas. I think it is one of the pillars that makes this show so enjoyable.

I'm a fan of Sci-Fi, but its about half of the reason I have kept watching it. A quarter is thanks to some the more unique characters, their backgrounds are as if really taken from a future world. And the last piece belongs to the pacing, with its ups and downs but without any bs... it keeps pushing.

Lastly, I think I can't leave it unmentioned since I can't shake this moment from the episode: "Bobby!?" "Alex?!"

While giggling, it does raise a question :D What truly matters in this world?

Good Omens

Aah, so much effort but you missed a little bit...
So much annoying politics in one show, you've outdone yourselves, but the two leads are white male. Hope this one stings, I mean it has to, whoever fabricated the political bits was probably held back on that part :D I can feel it. I really enjoy fantasy stories and greatly enjoyed the underlying idea of this series but sadly most of the scenes and text were just noise, no attachment to the trunk. I'd have given it a lower score had the two leads not been as great as they were.


Deserving of multiple sequels.
While perhaps hard to spot for the many, this movie does hold messages, even if for the few. Messages that resonate through the world of fantasy. There aren't many movies like this, chiseled to perfection. There is a S T O R Y told, even as I am unfamiliar with the lore of World of Warcraft, I can see clearly that critics have been manipulative tools. It is insane to think poorly of this movie.

I think I've watched it about 4 times now and I always get sucked in for the journey, almost as if watching it for the first time again. Even though I can remember the next scene, I enjoy the emotions, the pacing, the acting. Just impeccable acting, great choices with the cast. The CGI leaves short for words. A quality movie.

One that will be rediscovered again and again.

Westworld: The Bicameral Mind
Episode 10, Season 1

...what is beautiful?
Before the last speech by Ford, it really felt as if even the time spent showing the piano keys was chiseled to make the smoothest scene transition I've ever noticed.

The angles, the facial expressions, every purposeful pause was a delight. During the moment when Ford revealed his true views to Bernard, "... time to understand Your enemy", Anthony's face conveyed the message masterfully.

A lot more to say, but... I'd like to just feel this profound masterpiece and not limit it with words.

This whole series is necessary part in "a" bigger picture, but this season finale was as beautiful as a fundamental equation.

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