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Ryu san

SABU is one of the most fearless and creative filmmakers these days. Most of his movies were comedies and this one is a bit more serious but his style is just as evident. Definitely of the most inspiring and emotional movies I have seen in a while. Absolutely recommended.

Beauty and the Beast

Enjoyed it
I have seen the animated movie as a kid and always wanted to see it again. Decided to watch this. Maybe this is more enjoyable for kids and at some point I was getting a bit bored but I am glad I watched it till the end because it's a beautiful movie and brought a tear to my eyes a few times.

The Untouchables

A cocktail of coffee and sand
Contains both violence and pathetic stuff for kids. It just doesn't work. Everything about this movie is wrong. Bad acting. Bad directing. This is not a piece of art but a bunch of random stuff. Excess music when it's completely unwanted. The characters will cry but you won't be moved. Even the actors seem to feel out of place in this movie. Not recommended.

Kôkaku Kidôtai

Ponders the meaning of life
Beautiful art, deep ideas and fascinating mood to the movie. Takes place in the future where humans and machines live together. Nothing much seems to have changed. Crime still exists as it did amongst the littered streets. But even in all the haste of the events, some individuals part human part machine still question and doubt the meaning of their existence.

Once in the Life

Pretty in many ways. Good acting, good cinematography, interesting mood, many small things, sentimental things. This movie has a style and if you enjoy sitting back and enjoying something pretty this is for you. All these little things add up to make it a good movie. Too bad it seems to be the only movie directed by Laurence Fishburne.

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