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Snow White and the Huntsman

No more Kristen Stewart
This movie could have been a great movie if they didn't cast Kristen Stewart. She is not good in any movie but apparently someone told her that she was good. Anyway, having Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth, they are good actors and talented. They really should have hired someone else for Snow While.

Immigration Nation

Interesting but...
The truth is missing. Clinton started this process and Obama deported more than any recent president. Yet because everyone has to blame Trump for no actual reason, all the immigration issues are his fault. People need to follow the laws and rules but "Undocumented" Immigrants are criminals, they are Illegal Immigrants. Yet it will continue...

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Pure anger and hatred
I only watched about 10 minutes and I was so mad at it all. People who do anything like this deserve to be attacked by these amazing animals that they are abusing. Big Cats are NOT pets and it's not a zoo when you torture the animals. I am an animal supporter and activist, so seeing anything like this will set me off. This horrible, awful joke of a person deserves nothing to make him happy, ever. Please don't EVER support or give money to any "attraction" like this.


Always liked the show...
Even though it became a little weird after the initial main characters graduated from high school. Also, I never like Chris Coffer aka Kurt. Worst character on this show and one I would never want to see in another show.

Will & Grace

Used to love this show...
Now it's just pure hatred and all about politics. Will never watch again.

Slender Man

After tragic events actually happened because of this character, this is just just sick. So glad it wasn't shown in our area in Milwaukee , especially since a girl almost died because of this garbage.

The Path

Canceled why?
This is a good show to watch. Why is Hulu canceling so many good shows now??


So upset...
Why was this canceled ?? A good show! Hulu canceled several good shows. Just upset.

American Crime Story

The Versace series is great
Great series except for Penelope Cruz. Her natural accent is way too heavy to even try to change or do any other accents. You can tell she is struggling. Plus, Dontella is awful looking in real life. I think she was a bad choice for this. Darren Criss is great!

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