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The Evil Dead

Creepy as hell
when I first saw the movie i was expecting it to be a splatter movie with no scares just gore, I was very glad when the i was about half-way through the movie because it was one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. The sounds the possessed make and their empty eyes,the cheap yet good make up effects,the thick fog and darkness.

This movie also features some great camera work, and some of the shots were pure genius. It might be a little nasty with the trees raping women and the gallons of blood and gore but in this case the gore is not just filler to make the movie more repulsive so it wont need to be scary, no this movie really is scary.

Every horror movie fan should own this.

But I'm not giving it 10 points because of the silly FX in the final scene with the book and the demons.

The plot is not a masterpiece but it's alright and nothing really bothers you, and as for the acting lets just say that although the actors would never win the academy awards they are much better then Saw's actors could ever be.

Englar alheimsins

GREATEST Icelandic movie ever and the novel is even better
The movie is about Paul(Páll) a young man who sinks into the harsh world of insanity and his stay at the mental hospital "Kleppur" and his friends. Victor(Viktor) who during his education in England started to think he was Adolf Hitler. Peter(Pétur) who took to much LSD and tried to fly of a roof top the fall left no broken bones or physical damage only insanity, he is obbsesed with China. Oli Beatle (Óli Bítill) Oli has spent most time at the hospital although Viktor is slightly older then him, he claims he wrote every single Beatles song and send it to them by telepathy

The novel is better then the movie and covers all of Pauls life from birth to his death, there is a long time since I saw the movie but if I remember it right the movie doesn't cover Pauls childhood.

"Englar Alheimsins" is funny,sad and powerful if you haven't seen it watch it NOW! and read the novel first it makes the movie better


This movie sucks...blood
This is THE WORST vampire movie I have ever seen. If vampires are real they should be out there protesting this piece of pooh. That acting tends to be bad the storyline makes me think it's fan-fiction written by a 12 year old boy. Although the action is rather good and the were-wolfs don't have that typical wolf on two legs type they look more like huge gray beast-men.

Don't spend money on the DVD ! this is not a movie you watch often. but since I have to write ten lines of text I would like to write a little about the plot:

Vampires(nobles) and were-wolfs(street-thugs) have been at war for a long time, but in the middle of the conflict a young female vampire falls in love with a young man recently turned into a were-wolf, and all is not what it seems in the war

Blade: Trinity

Blade I good Blade 2 bad Blade trinity ugly
If you saw the original Blade movie and liked it don't watch this one it will ruin the series to you(not that Blade 2 didn't accomplish that before).

OK a little plot summary *WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD* Blade is now wanted by the FBI and joins forces with human vampire slayers and there are vampire dogs and i don't know what else in it. then a big surprise for anyone who hasn't seen a vampire movie for 67 years, the bad guy is none other then.......Dracula himself, this time old Vlad is an

older then the pyramids demon and surprise! like so many times before he is the first vampire it been a while since I've seen it so I don't remember all the details of the plot so you must forgive me for mistakes

*end of spoilers*

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