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Friday Night Dinner

Consistently funny but flawed
How weird, I feel compelled to write a complimentary review for a change. This is in part because of the reviewers who have taken time to give 1 out of 10. While this falls short of Father Ted and Fawlty Towers it shares a lot with both and of course Granma's House. Like Father Jack in FT and Manuel in FT, FND has the genius character "Jim"... no surname. Plus there are cameos like Jason Watkins as "Tony" and its own granmas. Wonderful Britich sitcom with good rewatchability... the flaws include Martin and maybe the tiresome salting antics of the boys who play to their mother's opinion of them.

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Saturday evening family romp
A puzzle of a film to me quite who was it trying to appeal to? It was another of these increasingly common sanitized efforts with cartoon violence but no rumpy-pumpy nor nudey stuff hardly any fag smoking nor swearing but OK to steal cars and whatnot. I have no care to watch it again though I might want to check out the novel to see what all the ire from other reviewers is about. But fundamentally I had no real problems with it. An OK film better than some I have indulged in on TV lately. Cast were ok, nice to see SM in almost anything. But weirdy-weirdy seing Queen Liz as a tiny ninja gal... and Mr Kemper as a seemingly nerdy hacker... Yes, I like The Crown and Mindhunter.


Another low-budget bunch of talking nobodies
Another low-budget bunch of talking nobodies that just did not hook me, I could not care less what this PC bunch of idiots serving up cliche after cliche in this ponderous mess. Save your time tune into Bordertown if you want something 3D and meaningful not to mention tense and well done.

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies

Masterful and mesmerising
Just so's people don't come away with the impression that I find everything is a disappointment in a week of disappointing movies, we watched this near 2-hour, 2-part, ITV drama and were very impressed. We like Jason Watkins hence the interest and my did he excel here, masterfully mesmerising acting no wonder he won awards. Contrast this with his characters in Trollied and W1A and you can see that he is one of Britain's best true actors not one of those Hollywood anciens who get films written around their quirky style that they do over and over ad nauseum. Sometimes I think that they can't act at all, just do the same whatever the role. But what do I know? Forget them, get into this and you will wonder where the time went. PS Why would we be appalled at police misbehaviour where it would seem our boys and girls in blue so disrespect the citizens they have sworn to respect and protect. And don't get me on those parasites who bolt together their trashy headlines for the vox pop to sell their worthless rags. How they sleep at night baffles me...

The Judge

Worthless tripe
I can't believe I keep falling for these homely tales of waspies in trouble... or rather floundering at coping with life much like the quality actors in this dodgy mess were with their scripts. It began well enough ish then muddled along a bit, got horribly maudlin and confused as if they could not choose the outcome. Maybe they should not have bothered, I wish I hadn't. Thanks Netflix for saving me a tenner on a cinema ticket... That is three loads of codswollop this week, The Meg, The Judge and The Predator.... Indefinite articles the lot of them.... save your money go knit a hat or ride a bike, anything but watch these three WoTs.

The Predator

Only because Murf is in it
In space they can hear us screaming about how cheated we were from this travesty of a movie. I am so glad Tom lent me his DVD of this but he says I can send it on its way to the charity shop bargain bin. We did not know whether to laugh or cry... or throw up... it is sooooooo bad. I am not going to waste any more of time on this as I search for a decent movie to watch and review so this ends now.....

IMDb: What to Watch: Bosch
Episode 30, Season 2

No no no no It ranks down there with casting the Cruiser as Reacher... what an insult to the avid readers of the novels. All it is I feel is blah blah blah. Scene two blah blah blah.... ad nauseum... Actress models and ugly men again, troubled cops, office intrigue, bent politicians but even HB cannot rescue it from the mire. And as for the lead and his midlife crisis tattoos, what a dull, boring man. Not at all how I see HB when reading the books. There is plenty of other stuff to enjoy or better still watch something with sub-titles like Spiral or Braquo. The Shield or Hill Street this most certainly aint.

Line of Duty

Clumsy tripe
Seeing Mr Esposito on the cast list I thought I would give this a go. Maybe I was also influenced by the excellent UK TV cop show.... oh dear, noooo! This is a clunky, awkward, embarrassing string of cliches making me wonder who talked Mr E into participating. His character in BB/BCS was superb, the man is a fine actor worthy of so much better.


Dire disappointment jumbled mess
Sixth Sense part 2? Not a chance. Not a patch on that quality movie that I have seen several times such is its enjoyability and I also read the novelisation last month to remind me how good it all was. So along comes another horror movie on the streaming service that I heard a lot of fuss about so I add it to the watchlist... But! Three goes it took to wade through this confusing mess but I was determined to reach the finale. Why did I bother? Save yourself 2 hours of precious life time and watch Cinemasins take on it via YT.

Maman a tort

Superb series hope the team reform for more
Only two reviews here in English for another excellent French coastal cop drama. Truly nothing to complain about, excellent cast, has a great look, good plot, action aplenty, intriguing back stories etc etc. Up there with Spiral and Braquo. I really hope that like those series MAT gets at least one more go around for this very engaging cop crew!

The Other One

Shall persist but....
I wanted to like this series after a promising start of sorts with the pilot but on to part 2 one or two of the characters have become irritating likely you can guess which, simply overpowering the plot such as it is. Comedy, even of the ilk of FT, skirt the precipice of cringeworthiness and this is an example of going over that line. Ellie White replays her role in The Windsors (a consistently excellent series) while her oppo the ghastly Kat and her mother (I am usually a fan of Finneran) are like rogue elephants whenever they are let loose. Finally, quite what the people responsible for the casting had on their mind for one character in particular baffles me given uptight Aunty Beeb. If subtlety is your game forget this erratic, ought-to-be-better "comedy" - it aint Friday Night Dinner for sure!


Tolliver aint no Bosch
Just started the sixth series but I think that is it for me. I have read The Overlook novel twice and really like it but what is this show version all about? But most of all I am tired of how Bosch is depicted in this weird world of TV LA... how come he dresses like this when Edgar et al are in suits? Is it to show of the tats that the actor has and Bosch the novel character lacks (ex for the Tunnel Rats I believe)? Why would he do this? And how come all the ladies in it look like models? Sorry, there is plenty else to watch...

Bridget & Eamon

Father Ted for the 21st Century
It has been a long time since the last Father Ted. For fans of that show B&E have come to save our souls but make our sides ache just like Dougal and co always did. What are you waiting for? Tune in and forget the world...

No te puedes esconder

More murky middle class murder
Yet another load of yuppies getting their comeuppance. Come on TV and film makers I am tired of the pretty privileged getting "what they deserve" in these crime series etc. How about some more normal looking folks or even worse getting over elaborately sorted? Nah, it will never happen while there is an endless supply of skinny supermodels to do damage to. I dunno what it says about we viewers either... rocks off voyeurism, yuck!

The Hole in the Ground

Reminds me of Jordskott
A slow-paced not-too-long movie for fans of euro-horror on a tight budget. However, it reminded me of the excellent Swedish TV series "Jordskott" where the focus is on children in the woods and all sorts of creepiness. I stuck with this film but could not make much sense of it until I read other reviews. Much of the denouement being in the dark did not help...

In the Shadow of the Moon

Should have been special....
Was intrigued when I saw that this movie had a top star from Narcos meeting up with one from Dexter to exchange profanities and insight with each other and anyone else in earshot which at times proved vexatious for at least one of them. Maybe this experience would have prompted another couple of stars for this review but sadly their meetings were too brief. Personally I would pay money just to watch the pair in witty banter in some coffee shop for half an hour much like those two reprobates in Heat.... Neither fish nor fowl this epic nonsense which did not leave me either satisfied nor comprehending the doings and intentions at the end than at the start. Other gripes include the villain. Seems Brits or at least people who talk like them, still serve as panto villains in such movies... a ghastly wooden effort replete with nonsensical cardboard dialogue so worthy of onscreen boffins. Lastly what was the title about? Sounds kind of sexy, moody even, but what was its relevance for this tale? I saw no shadows, not even the Moon that much if at all... it should have warned me of the daftness to come. Now I am off to re-read that Heinlein short story "By His Own Bootstraps" which in my mind is the definitive temporal paradox tale.

The Capture

Six hours? Too protracted....
Was unsure about this effort but who could not be drawn in by the likely confrontation between Clay (Sons of Anarchy) aka Hellboy and Princess Kate (Rottentrolls, Borgias etc)? Whether it is worth your time I will leave you to decide. These days following too many disappointments e.g. Riviera 2, am wary of committing six hours to what might be better served as an hour-long Black Mirror episode. There were good moments in this effort but too often is was painfully slow, people walking down corridors, exciting-the-punters muzak leading to anticlimax... and wooden cliched "acting" especially from the leads.... pouty troubled cops? Gimme a break! What two-dimensional characters most of them are... Haddock was good as usual but underused. The premise of the thing is intriguing but somehow I reckon it takes a leap of faith that it might be possible... yet that is maybe not the point. Fundamentally it airs a well-known trope relating to end justifying the means. However, along the way the distinction between the "goodies" and the "baddies" becomes lost. Is this the real impact of terrorism, to reduce the vested powers to at best dubious practices to secure convictions claiming the necessity owing to the limitations prevailing legal system? How far is this from planting evidence or doctoring/hacking information? All very worrying. Then again maybe my views have been distorted by coincidentally watching the still superb "Spiral".... No, I am fed up of troubled middle-class plods who take so loooooong to keep us safer in our beds. Please God these dramas are not real-life as I worry for our futures that they should be in the hands and minds of such people as are depicted in these modern mysteries.... (novels too sometimes). And was it a set up for another series?

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

Watching pain(t) dry
"Stars Don't Die in Liverpool" is sad to say, yet another disappointing, dull, depressing midget Brit lovvies effort that we abandoned unable to stand the glacier-like waste of collective talents any longer. Watch "Stan and Ollie" instead which has a similar depressing theme of decay but at least there are some laughs along the way. How this and too many other movies get funded baffles me....

Black Mirror: Smithereens
Episode 2, Season 5

Good episode if rather far-fetched
Like other reviews here I found myself drawn into this hour-long intense confrontation but it left me feeling hollow. This was not least because of the unlikeliness of much of its extrapolation. How can an ordinary destitute ex-IT teacher get hold of a 45? The authorities have already failed if this is the case... it is not the phone or the web that is making this all possible it is an ancient weapon, the gun. It is another reminder of what the vox pop are supposed to be doing all the time and that is sleeping, waking, eating, walking, working with their phone close by... well, I don't and many people I know don't either. It is worth issuing warnings I suppose but I doubt this episode will make much difference.... imagine someone being distracted by watching this and coming to grief.... And grief is the point here, one man's implosion of grief and instead of killing himself he feels compelled to make a point, make a stand. However, it might prove as hollow as his insides must be. Some great performances here that at times reminded me of the film Locke.


Another waste of hours of your time
Have just finished series two of this plodding plod plot. When you get to about the halfway mark in episodes you have to make a decision, plow ahead hoping it improves or switch to another but you still worry about those four hours of your life you have wasted. I struggled to the end of this litany of SNAFUs only to be hit by the big one. If you hail from this part of the world you might already know the upshot of this tragic oversight in policing and politics whatever flavor. Seems like there is another coming down the pike but I shall not bother I feel. I liked Tench but the others are too wooden, even Wendy... Am getting fed up with too many progs having unremarkable unsatisfying endings especially when they involve some of the nastiest representatives of the human race. Voyeurism of this kind worries me especially when those agents of misfortune seem to wander around in a daze of red tape and noncooperation so we should indeed worry for our futures...

Red Lights

Such a massive disappointment, so many creditable actors and actresses and they manage to bore the pants of everyone for two hours... and leave us hanging. Another to add to the list of films where I ask for my time back... bah!


Waste of time except for the drone footage
What do they call a TV program where all the characters are irredeemable and unlikable, the ending is inconclusive so as to set up the next series and wastes 10 hours of your life? Yes, that's right "Rich Art Types Squabbling With Each Other Near Nice" aka Riviera 2! Shall not be bothering with series 3 for sure. For a TV series to work you have to identify or even like at least one character in it. Here they are all horrid all the time. There aren't even any good naughty bits in it much.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Terrific not a minute wasted
Ok its believability is a bit of a stretch but this was one of the best movies I have seen in ages. A gem in the dungheap of modern cinema.


Glossy Twaddle
Chris Pratt is always watchable but I can't think of him without thinking of Parks and Rec. What is Andy doing in space? Where are April and Ron? This movie just about gets by without them but the supporting cast is pretty, pretty slight that is, just two and a half really. In fact the "half" is half the fun... Maybe the best way to engage with this film is to not think too hard and just play a game of spotting the movie allusions like The Shining and Silent Running maybe TV too like Red Dwarf. Hate to think how they expected us to swallow the plot such as it is tho. In fact Andy sorry, Jim, is the monster stalking the lonely corridors of a deluxe space ark with his steerage class wristband. No wonder he feels aggrieved and yearns for a friend. He finds one but he is just another serving appliance, a glorified drinks machine... Maybe he is not a monster. After all what would any of us do in this extremely unlikely situation of having the pick of your next mate? Why, we would pick the cutest we could find of course... On a tangential thought, what would we make of this plot were the roles swopped, Lawrence the first passenger to be woken up...? Anyway, there was enough here to suggest it for a rainy Sunday afternoon but while it entertains it also irritates hence my low score. It was too long too. And why the title? Kind of simplistic and unhelpful... Iggy Pop's song is not heard in this movie so don't worry. Whether you liked the ending is down to you but I thought it was a bit inevitable and flat... it could only ever end in tears so think twice when you sign up for that "colony world" exit from manky Planet Earth!

12 Feet Deep

Saw flavoured pool hokum
If only, if only... great for a while if you can stand whining mizzies with all their troubles laid bare... then they go and spoil it all with a cretinous plot change... see other reviews as to why but I am glad I did not pay to see this at the cinema. Also don't expect the wonderful Tobe to be doing much...

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