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Wild Bill

Rob Lowe is excellent, typical british quality
This is a decent show and and the characters will develop, Rob Lowe is excellent, give it a couple of episodes to get into its stride.

Collateral Beauty

If You Want To Think, Smile and Cry Go See This Movie
We found ourselves over Xmas thinking we would go to the movies and assumed we would go see either Star Wars Rogue One or Passengers, but my head said hay its Xmas go see something that will make you think and provide an emotion reaction. Noticing that Collateral Beauty was playing for a one night early screening at our local cinema so off we went, with an excellent cast including Kate Winslet, Will Smith and Helen Mirren it had a real chance…and I am so glad we did, what an excellent movie, Will Smith was superb, supported by a great cast, ignore the negative reviews, sometimes you just want to appreciate life and also understand that the time we have is limited so enjoy your friends and family while you can. The movie was just the right length with a wonderful ending which was very unexpected, go see this movie if you want to still be talking about it long after the end credits have rolled.

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