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Sôsei no onmyôji

Its barely acceptable. I do not recommend watching this.
I'm on the 8th episode and I'm not sure if I want to continue watching it or not. I just want to let the writers know that they really failed to create a likable protagonist. The guy is weak in every sense of the word. He is socially weak in every situation he's been in so far, he allows everyone to trample all over him. Even his past. Remember when the head priest urinated on his beloved dead friends? The guy smiled when the ordeal was over. I was 100 percent sure he was going to clock the guy for talking about his precious friends in such a clearly provocative and offensive way. He openly mocked their deaths to the entire Exorcist order. What did the protagonist do instead? He smiled when the guy apologized. He's weak! You can't have a protagonist be plagued by a traumatic experience (especially friends that died) and not have him defend the honor of those involved. It really made a statement when he simply took the emotional and psychological abuse and then smiled when the priest said something along the lines of ''I was trying to provoke you, I didn't mean it''. He SMILED! Who does that? Why would you not have him act offended, give the guy a punch in the face and then say ''Apology accepted. But if you ever speak of them that way again I will not stop at breaking your nose, hentai-priest-sama.''

Also, he can't think for himself in times when it matters most. Its just bad writing. You have a guy that can one shot anything yet refuse to actually become stronger in any other regard (agility, wisdom, knowledge, social competence w/e). I do not recommend this series. A protagonist should be honest, seek strength, seek to protect, sacrifice himself for the greater good and be respected for it. Not trashed by everyone else in the entire series. Heck, even I can give him more complements than his closest friends and I don't like the guy. I can only assume that its supposed to be funny. But seriously, am I really expected to respect the main character when no one else in the series does? As I said, its bad writing and its a shame really.

Shinchô yûsha ~ kono yûsha ga ore TUEEE kuse ni shinchô sugiru ~

It was very entertaining.
This is not a deep anime, its an entertaining anime. It got humor and action. It was slow at some times but overall it's great. The story is about a very cautious man and his perverted god supporting him. I am looking forward to a second season.


Don't watch this its not worth your time.
This is not a good series. It is plastic and shallow. It hard to describe why this series fail but I'll give it a shot. The overall story is okay, it has potential. However the lessons and philosophy the series put forth are shallow and when one think of the people spouting them they seem off point to a large degree. Visually the character designs are okay yet you've somehow seen them all before, this is just the scuffed versions of them. The origin of each character is very bland and the writers even make fun of this themselves. It also seems to me that their personalities are not constant, as if their personalities are whatever the writers decide that day to make it work in the current episode. Also there is a lot of petty portrayals of America and its people for some reason. I guess the writers are still salty because of a certain event many years ago. Of course you should be free to spout your opinions but don't expect to make a great anime when you do and its strange the people that invested money in this series are treated as your mouthpiece. It's selfish really. You are alienating a large portion of your audience. I'm not American but even I felt awkward watching all these petty scenes. Also, the animation seem lazy at many times. I just finished the last episode and there are many animations that are just repeated with a floating camera view. You can see the animators was really pushing a deadline.

I do not recommend you watch this, its a waste of time.


Its a great series. Im looking forward to more!
The plot is about a young man that box in search of something. The boxing is changed however, they use cybernetic enhancement. It is a great series so far, I've only seen 12 episodes. I am very much looking forward to more!

Bungou Stray Dogs

Unfulfilled potential
This series is strange. Sometimes its great, and one can see the effort and thought put behind the making of it. But often its cheesy and seems like it follows a recipe that worked in the past and it ruins it completely. Grown men acting like children and is portrayed in a intellectual light yet if one ponders what they are actually saying and doing it falls flat. Its not a good way of portraying protagonists and antagonists. The series fails to reveal the horror of nihilism when many of the protagonists supposedly suffer from it. I've seen almost 3 seasons and I don't recommend this to anyone. Its a shame really.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Fantastic series
Love it, very well done. Looking forward to more!

The plot is around a boy and his sister slaying demons as a team within an organization that have not been sanctioned by the government. The demons gain power equal to the amount of blood they consume and lives they take. The demon all answer to an ancient enigmatic being that is presumably dead set on world domination.

One Piece Film Z

It was a good film.
All I want to say is that the last scene in this movie made the movie at least 20% better. Fantastic ending!

Isekai Cheat Magician

I just finished watching the fourth episode and man, this series is depressing. There is no passion in anything that has happened so far. Its lazy, commercial even. The animation is cheap. It reminds me of those first Pokemon episodes in the 90s where there is no detail to anything, all the characters are generic and the director decides to freeze shots as much as possible because it saves money.

Philosopher's Grandson

Odd values.
In the second episode a girl asks for help. The protagonist helps her. To help her even more he offers to provide protective gear for her. She is then asked ''Are you worthy to receive this?''. Her answer is something along the lines of ''No. I am selfish for asking for help and I am not worthy to be saved from harm.'' and then she is worthy to be helped and saved from harm. She actually say that she tricked the protagonist into helping her by asking him to help her. I don't understand the logic behind that.

What the actual heck is the moral lesson in this scene? Why are you worthy to be saved from harm if you think you deserve harm? Who have authority to answer which innocent person is or is not worthy to be saved from, in this case, rape and abuse? Is it not the one providing the gift that decide who gets the gift? The clothes are free and the enchant is basically like an autograph so time and money is not an issue. The only thing relevant here is if her life is worth protecting and the right answer is apparently no.

Why is answering this question with ''I asked for help so I am clearly selfish. I actually tricked the protagonist by asking for help(?). I overall deserve harm if I can't handle this alone.'' an acceptable answer? It shows a lack of self respect and a really twisted view on life itself. Or is it fine if you think you deserve harm but other do not? It's the strangest lesson on values I've seen in an anime. I know Japan does things differently, but come on. This is not lollicon, tentacles or harem. This is straight up masochistic. And its encouraged!

This was all i had to say on this. It's overall a decent anime.

Isekai Mao to Shokan Shojo no Dorei Majutsu

Best story in a porno I've ever seen
The magic looks great and some scenes are fantastic but make no mistake, this is porn.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

It got an overall interesting story, however: little girls are the main protagonists throughout the series thus far. Mind you, I'm only on episode 16 so it might get better. But please Japan, this needs to stop, its unhealthy. I base this purely on the fact that little girls have no place in violence and war even if said violence and war is magical. Even the animals in this series are in fact little girls, don't be fooled by their appearance.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Slime = Fantastic
I'm on episode 14 and am about to watch the end of it. I really like the series so far though I have one request: Please stop having the guy walk around like a lollicon little girl. It's creepy. Thanks.


It is sometimes great and sometimes horrible to the extent it requires the viewer to be a psychopath in order to enjoy it
This series started out fantastic. It was entertaining and had tons of potential. I'm at the third season now and it have deformed into something horrible. Its the animated series equivalent to a Undead Rogue which is proud of itself when ganking lvl 30s in STW. Its sad, bad and even evil but thinks itself cool and edgy.

I would recommend it purely because its an interesting idea. The characters are bad though.


Pieace of GARBAGE
I have never seen this movie before tonight but i have seen this movie a thousand times. It is one long badly acted cliche. I don't know who is the biggest looser, me and my friends for watching this garbage or those who made this and thought it would make a great movie.

I am sorry if you watched this movie. I truly am. Seek some help.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

This concept is great, this final product is a shame.
The acting, the dialogue and the overall quality of this series is garbage. This show makes me sad in so many ways. I had high hopes for this series when i started watching it, Vandal Savage: a 50 000 year old man who have lived side by side with humanity since the cave men. He slept next to a meteor one cold night to gain warmth and when he woke in the morning the meteor had cooled down and he was forever changed. Higher intellect and immortality was his gain. NO scratch all that, he is a 4000 year old Egyptian with hurt feewings because of the hawk lovers? What? Another thing is the overall intelligence of these characters, their thought process vary between genius and idiot. ''We need to kill this guy but its impossible, lets leave him dead here on the floor, get into our ship and try again in 10 years. I mean we cant just toss the guy into a volcano or something.'' It wreaks of feminism since the true warriors in this series are all women, there was a man but they decided to kill him off in the second episode. My main point of grievance is to the producers, script writers and directors: If you have bad actors, bad scripts and bad imagination, why make a series?

Lie to Me

This show got great actors and a great main plot.
I see this show as a mix between Dr.House + Batman. It got a brave, funny and smart main character and deep realistic personalities of all the other protagonists. They all share a deep bond and when watching the series you get to know them. I was really disappointed when i realized that 3 seasons was it, no more Cal 'Let there be Lightman'. I hope they start with season 4, nuff said.

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