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mera naam hai bulla !!!
i was very very fortunate to have come across a movie like this in my lifetime...don't be frightened by the cast.i know there aren't too many famous people, but a movie like this really tests an actor and in my opinion they have all come out with flying colors..there is not one moment in this movie which leaves me unentertained...the villains in this movie beat the likes of gabbar singh by light years and take the word villain to a whole new level except for the fact that there are only 5 members in the deadliest gang ever..

technology is so advance in this futuristic film , that 5 people manage to drive 25 cars and then totally vanish once the cars are parked... the dialogues in this movie cross all borders of awesomeness and the writer is now my idle in life and i will not rest till i am able to meet him...

i love this movie for what it i had a smile in face when it got has the sweetest ending,a breathtaking start and an enthralling story line..

all in all, this movie is 30 years ahead of its time , and even though people don't recognize its importance now, i am sure it will get its due credit in times to come. this is must watch for everyone..

Desh Drohi

its just a very bad movie
I saw this movie after my exams hoping to get some entertainment i wasn't disappointed at all.this MOVIE IS A OUT N OUT ENTERTAINER..whether its the pathetic screenplay, hopeless dialogs or horrendous acting, it never fails to crack you up..OH yes i almost forgot to mention that the acting is really bad as well..its almost like a really long and extended spoof of some kind..

positives: there arn't many , but i guess the theme of this movie is very relevant today. so if uve watched it and had your laugh, the good thing to take home is that we are all Indians and are one people. don't waste money on this one, its barely worth a DVD watch.

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