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Toni Erdmann

Hardly watchable
Watching this movie feels like standing in a cool, empty room and looking at a piece of abstract modern art. It's bizarre, disturbing and confusing. You can try to analyse, what the filmmakers intentions were or what may symbolise something, if you like doing that. The most obvious message of the movie (spend more time with your family) appears quite trivial. Some parts are somewhat funny because of the extreme absurdness of the events (don't expect subtlety). The laughter, however, mostly sticks in your throat. The characters are hard to understand, let alone identify with. There are a lot of silent moments, in which you get the chance to feel into the characters, only you don't feel much more than awkwardness. If you're looking for entertainment or something to take from it, I recommend you don't watch this film. If you like "art projects", naked people or unorthodox film making, it may be of interest.

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