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Cold Case

Not a thriller
It was good to see two parallel investigation of the same case in the beginning but later it became boring.

Lack of technical issues can be seen throughout the entire film due to the covid 19 pandemic.

Film crew shouldn't have introduced Aditi Balan to mollywood through such a above average movie,there was nothing to perform her when considering her potentiality.

Even climax twist couldn't make an impact on the viewers.

It should have been a good film if they had removed the supernatural elements and traditional horror film making strategy.

Loki: The Nexus Event
Episode 4, Season 1

Ultimate goosebumps
Iam sure its the best episode till the date.

I hope Mobius is not really pruned by TVA.

Iam still in shock caused by the death of Mobius.

Kho Kho

Best sports drama of 1977!
Each and every scene is cringe I don't know how this script made into a movie.


Awful stuff
I need the script of this movie cause I lost my toilet paper roll.


Not great but
I haven't seen a Malayalam political drama ever like this. Though the crew added some heroic elements in the script the main subject dealt here is awesome.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: One World, One People
Episode 6, Season 1

Everything as expected
One thing with marvel is they always keep up to the expectations,but here I am not impressed by this finale. A rookie can end this show in a much better way.

I knew they could stop flag smashers but the way that the writer did this make me laugh a little iam not neglecting some cool action did by the team but just coming and stoping them was little bit absurd. You don't have to make this complicated but it should be atleast thrilling.

Soorarai Pottru

A great film
It's been a long time since a good movie from surya now I am glad for his soorarai pottru. Surya in each and every frame was amazing also his co stars like aparna balamurali,urvasi,paresh rawel were outstanding Sudha we need more like this from you


How to spoil a good movie with a bad climax. I think the writer was in a hurry to finish the movie with any bad idea that comes to his mind


Biggest disappointment
As a fan of selva i didn't expect this.I never found him this much lazy on writing.Eventhough NGK had a powerful story weak screenplay lags everywhere. Many of the scenes were really inappropriate. 2nd half has many logic loopholes that makes much more boring. If you are expecting Selva magic please don't watch NGK

Oru Yamandan Premakadha

100% justice to the tagline
As the youth stylish star dulquer returns to mollywood after a long period of time we all are in a high expectation,as a fan of him iam well satisfied with this film.Enough drama,romance, comedy everything is added by allowed quantity like a master chef.Writer duo owe a great applause. In a rom com movie like this it's climax is very different we don't expect something like that.

Varikkuzhiyile Kolapathakam

Good attempt
Eventhough the story keeps engaging after the first half we have to maintain calmness till then.Some of the jokes were creepy.Amith has done a very good job in this movie. when it finishes its the climax that disappoints everyone.

Sex Education: Episode #1.5
Episode 5, Season 1

Episode of the series no words to desc I can't explain the feeling when I finished this episode literally speaking i was crying and wiping me teats

Mr. & Ms. Rowdy

Worst movie of jeethu Joseph
It was 2 or 3 decades ago movies in this pattern were widely accepted in our state but time has changed a lot. Only good about this movie is Aparana Balamaurali and her level of energy. Worst casting makes bit more boaring. Better not to watch this Jeethu Joseph flick

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel

Good performance of dileep as stammering advocate
It's a very good comedy based thriller. Most of the comedy and counters are by siddeque who plays the father were fabulous. I couldn't control my laugh during his counters. As an investigation thriller it has a twist on its thread. There is also a twist in revealig his best friend it makes a different feel in our heart All in all its a decent investigation thriller

Pizza II: Villa

Impressing but...
When a horror movie is made there should be an old mansion and a new owners too it's been a cliche for more than 5 decade. Ashok plays a writer who move to his father's old bungalow from there he faces many negative energies attacks.The crew didn't a decent explanation for the ghost attacks and strange things happening there even though the tail end climax was unpredictable and shocking too

What Happened to Monday

Don't mind the critic reviews
There are many movies that critics hated and loved by viewers.This is the last addition to this list. Set in middle of 21st century where a couple can have only 1 child to control the population explosion Settman give birth to 7 identical babies.They have to hide their child from the child allocation bureau otherwise they will put their children in cryosleep till the world can handle this situation. These film follows the risky life of 7 settmens who live under the one identity Karen Settman.Only one of them is allowed to go out side at a time because of the bureau is checking the identification bandages.One day the first born aka monday didn't came back from the office that make other Settmen to search for her and many unpredicted things happens out there for the settmens. Film never loses its engaging factor so the 2 hour movie will not let you get bored.Its a must watch film for mystery thriller movie fans.

Katheyondu Shuruvagide

Cute story
I fairly watch kannada movies but every kannada movie that I watched till now never failed to impress me. Protagonist is having a restaurant in partnership with his uncle and aunty.He left his white collar job for being a robot himself like programmed. We can see three love stories here, each of them is different and refreshing to us. I liked the love story of Pedro more than that of Tarun. There is a small twist awaiting you in the climax. As a viewer Katheyondu Shuruvagide is a decent love story


Disappointment guaranteed
After the blockbuster of Great father Haneef adeni is back in his directors cap. Expectation were too much high for this Nivin Haneef Adeni combo,but the poor storyline fails everywhere.We are watching the same revenge story for more than 3 or 4 decade. Revenging the death of his mother is not a new story. One major defect comes up with the physique of the protagonist.Fighting with more than 5 people at same time with that fat body felt like crap. As we all knew the villain should get killed by the hero.We have to wait 2.30hr to see that

Vallikudilile Vellakaaran

Laging and not engaging
We know ganapathy since 2006.He conquered our heart through vinodayathra.This is his first attempt to become leading hero in malayalam movies.But in my opinion it just failed.All comedies appeared in this movie are vulnerable and should have released in mid 90s.If you are trying watch something that is of no use just watch this

Evanukku Engeyo Matcham Irukku

Naughty enough
Sometime it may be uncomfortable for some people but it's very enjoyable movie with little bit of adult jokes


Excellent black magic
As a super star of mollywood mohanlal maintained his stardom throughout the film.Eventhough the story has little minute errors those are avoidable.Its a highly recommend movie if you love fantasy movies


Should have been titled Kuttoosan
A story of logicless and many loopholes. I can't believe a state award winning director made this film

Thimiru Pudichavan

Story on reverse gear
Failure attempt on sentiments.However vijay managed to maintain an average verdict on BO even in his last movie Kaali. But here story lacks many things.It should have made a short film of 20 min.The story needs only this much of time .All other sentiments are useless.I think no one get motivated by this loosely tighten melodrama


Sci-Fi though fantasy
After the dismantling of chitti Dr.vaseegaran has made a humanoid robot named Nila and played by Ammy Jackson. From here the story begins.After that suddenly all the mobile phones of the city become disappear.Tohandle this situation chitti is coming back again. Eventhough the story has many loopholes VFX and CGI are un compromisable.Akshay kumars flash backwas really Toutcing. Watchi it in 3D or dont

Abrahaminte Santhathikal

Awesome Thriller
Abrahaminte santhathikal is a 2018 thriller starring Mammootty and Anson Paul in leading roles. Derrick Abraham is a honest police officer his life changes when his brother gets arrested for a murder case.

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