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We Can Be Heroes

Acting not to blame-story was ridiculous
Too many kids /heroes. Several were utterly pointless-funny face kid?? Slo mo kid? Could have done more with just 5 kids/heroes Pedro Pascal needed more screen time!!

Wonder Woman 1984

I renounce this movie...
Ugh. Weird too long battles. Strange wish making with confusing consequences??? Acting wasn't terrible but story was weird. Was a family movie night that ended with groans if wasted time.


Not funny-just sad
Remake of fairly recent movie-this one portrays a sad couple that refuses to communicate. They don't seem happy to be on vacation or with each other. No one was likable. I didn't understand the point of the final couple scenes... Was a decent way to kill 85 min on flight...

Daisy Winters

Unexpected for sure
Brooke Shields is great and daughter was very good! You didn't feel sorry for Daisy as much as rooted for her wished you could be more like her. A movie that made me cry but I am glad I found it. Friendship and connections are SO important.

Love & Debt

Give it a chance!
Interesting take on the different perspectives of how debt and stress affects people-horrible teen just wants to be loved, stressed out mom just wants to be appreciated, nasty mother in law doesn't know how to show her love and disillusioned young man bill collector only knows one side of the world and is shocked by the reality of life. I really liked a discussion with older lady side character where she explains why she stayed with serial cheater husband for 50 years...he was a good father and provider, they had many good years ...and she didn't want to be punished for something that wasn't her fault...REALLY made me look at infidelity and relationship problems in a different light. We are a throw away society and we have given up on trying to do things better vs just starting over. We need to work hard for the good things in life!!! Give this movie a try. Good acting and interesting perspectives

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