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Camp Rock

Camp rocks
The story starts off in the household of the Toress's, focusing on the life of Mitchi Toress (the only daughter of Connie (cook) and Steve. Mitchi's life is music and she wants to attend the expensive camp rock, (the home of music). Although her parents are middle class workers they can not afford to send their daughter to the camp unless Connie takes her catering business to the camp. Only then can Mitchie attend camp rock. Will Mitchie find her true friends something she finds difficult? Will she win final jam? Will she be the lucky one who gets to sing with connect four which is made up of Shane, Nate and Jason (Jonas brothers)? Absolutely tremendous with the best range of songs, best range of actors and actresses and the best ever storyline. I absolutely love this movie and I know that I am not the only one.

Saved by the Bell

The best T.V. show ever.
I love this show and think it is the greatest show that comes on television. I can watch saved by the bell at any time even if I am upset because I know it will cheer me up and put a smile on my face.

My favourite characters are everyone in the gang but I most particularly like Zach Morris, Samuel Powers (Screech), Lisa Turtle and Jessie Spano. My favourite episodes are Palm springs weekend in which the gang get invited to Jessie's fathers wedding but Jessie is not happy about her father getting married, so she tries and stops it and snow white and the seven dorks in which the class puts on a play similar to snow white and Kelly and Slater fall out with Zach and Jessie because they think they have feelings for each other.

My Girl

A touching film.
I watched this movie with my sister and we both thought it was great.

My favourite characters were Thomas (Macaulay Culkin) and Vada (Anna Chlumsky) and Shelly (Jamie Lee Curtis).

My favourite parts of the film were when Vada's basketball falls near the covered dead body and she accidentally gets locked in by Shelly and when Vada and Thomas jump in the water when they get by bees.

Storyline: Vada (Anna Chlumsky) is a tomboy and her father, Harry (Dan Aykroyd) who runs his own funeral parlour.

Thomas (Macaulay Culkin) who is Vada's best friend is in love with her. Harry invites a make up artist named Shelly (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Vada's dad is going out with Shelly.

Later on Thomas dies and Vada is heartbroken.

Hannah Montana

This show is about a girl named Miley who leads a double life as a pop star (Hannah Montana).
This show is so good because its hilarious. My favourite characters are Rico,Jackson and especially Oliver because hes probably the funniest character in the show. My favourite episodes are 'torn between two Hannah's' in which Miley's/Hannah's evil cousin named Luane comes to stay for a while at Miley's house and she'll do anything to tell the world that Miley Stewart is Hannah Montana. I also like the episode 'people who use people' in which Hannah Montana uses this boy named Willis to make Jake Ryan jealous but she finds out Willis is tall for his age and he is actually 11 years old. I think this and the suite life are the best shows on Disney channel.

Drake & Josh

Probably the best show on Nick.
I don't know why I think it is sort of a copy of Kenan and Kel but I still love watching this show because it is brilliant and realistic. My favourite episodes are Drew and Jerry and Drivers license. My favourite characters are Josh and Megan and I also like Water. This and saved by the bell are probably the only shows I watch on Nickelodean because their great. I think the funniest character is definitely Josh Nichols who is very intelligent and sensible. Drake loves Rock and he has his own band. Megan is the bad one and always pranks Drake and Josh and she also has the best technology like in one episode she had a hidden camera behind her frame in her bedroom so she could watch what Drake and Josh get up to and whether her pranks work or not.

Drake and Josh Go Hollywood

Everything in this film was fantastic.
I like watching Drake and Josh the T.V. series but I thought the movie was even better. Drake and Josh get Megan on the wrong plane to Los Angeles so Drake and Josh decide to go to Los Angeles to get Megan back to San Diego. For the time being Megan Drake and Josh have checked in on an hotel and Josh finds Drake a person that works for MTV so Drake can now sing and take his career further. But on the news there is a story that the money printing machine in Washington D.C. has been stolen and the crooks that have stolen this machine are looking for Josh because the person that was sitting next to Josh on the aeroplane and Josh's G.O. get mixed up.This man's G.O. contains the password of the printing machine. Josh finds out that the crooks are up to no good when they get chased by 2 crooks. They get kidnapped by the bad guys and its up to Megan to save them. This film was great and I have no complaints about this film.


Not all that.
General Comment: It wasn't terrific because the storyline was average,the acting was not brilliant except for Amitabh Bhachan who was superb,the songs were crap.

Storyline: Balraj Kapoor (Amitabh Bhachan) is looking for happiness for his daughter in law Millie (Rani Mukherjee) after his son,Avinash (Salman Khan) who is madly in love with his wife Millie. What Millie does not know is that her best friend Rajat (John Abraham) is in love with her but he wants Rani Mukherjee to be happy so he does not say anything to her when she is getting married to Avinash. But when Avinash dies Amitabh Bhachan tries to get Millie married to Rajat. But as you know in the Indian religion a widow is not allowed to get married after her husbands death so Balrajs older brother (Balwant) does not want Millie to get married again but later he realises what Millie must be going through so lets her get married to Rajat.


Better than Dhoom 1 I would say.
Brilliant movie.

Hrithik as Aryan was fantastic and I think hes the best dancer in bollywood because he was dancing brilliantly in the song dhooom again and even in Kaho na pyar hai he dances wicked in it.

Abhishek as Jai was average as the cop but I think he was better in Dhoom 1.I like his role because I love it when he shouts at his sidekick Ali (Uday Chopra).I give his Abhisheks character a top 6 out of 10.

Ashwariya Rai as Sunehri was absolutely fantastic,I thought her character was realistic as the cool and refreshing character.I like it when she says "Sunehri" like' and she says that a couple of times throughout the move.

Uday Chopra as Ali was hilarious.The part when Abhishek says "4+4" and to impress Bipasha (Shonali) he says "44" when the answer is 8.He was funny through the film and I like the way he has thoughts on girls he meets in Dhoom 1 and 2.

Bipasha was fabulous and I liked her role in the second half more as Monali Bose because it was funny and Shonali's role was more serious. I give her role 8 out of 10.

Overall I thought this movie was stunning and I give it 10 out of 10 without any thoughts.

Jaan-E-Mann: Let's Fall in Love... Again

This movie rocks.
I thought this movie was brilliant. This movie is even better to me because my favourite actress comes in it and my 2 favourite actors.It was also good because it had different genres at the same time (comedy,romance).The songs were cool I particularly like ajnabi shehar,kubool karle and udh jaana bro.

This film is a love triangle about 2 men (Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan) both like the same girl (Preity Zinta). Salman Khan and Preity Zinta get married behind Preity Zinta's parents back.Salman Khan gets a job in acting and has to go away for a while not knowing that Preity Zinta is pregnant. Preity Zinta's family are worried about her living alone and especially lonely when she is pregnant so they tell her to come and live with the family.While Salman Khan is away Preity Zinta sends letters to him and he sends letters back what Priety Zinta does not know is that her brother is hiding the letters that Salman Khan sends to Preity Zinta and Preity Zinta thinks Salman Khan does not love her so she sends him divorce papers.Then 7 years later they meat again including Akshay Kumar and at the end there are 2 Preity Zintas and Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar both get what they were looking for.

High School Musical

The best Disney channel movie ever.
I think this movie is so cool and realistic. The acting was absolutely brilliant and the songs were great. Zac Efron as playing the lead role was fabulous and Vanessa Anne Hudgens was also super. I found out that Ashley Tisdale auditioned for the role of Gariella Montez (which was played by Vanessa Anne Hudgens)but the director thought Asley Tisdale would be better at playing her role(Sharpay Evans) and I think that is so true because her acting was breathtaking. My favourite songs are wer'e all in this together,bop to the top and ge'cha head in the game. The storyline was cool and I give absolutely everything of this film like the cast,crew,storyline 10 out of 10.

Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke

the worst film in the history of bollywood.
I thought this film was a shame on bollywood.

I would never expect Shahrukh Khan to make such a disgrace film. I went to the cinema and after 20 minutes I got bored we were going to get out the cinema but we thought the film might get better,we were wrong. After another 15 minutes we were even more bored.We got out the cinema and so did nearly everyone else that was watching the film. What a waste of money.

I think the best thing was the acting of Shahrukh Khan. I use to like Raveena Tandon but not anymore. My worst part of the film was every bit.

49th Manikchand Filmfare Awards 2003

I thought this years award ceremony was good but not as good as last years.

Saif Ali khan deserved the awards he won because he was fabulous in Kal ho naa ho. Preity Zinta deserved to win the award for best actress in a leading role and I was glad she won for Kal ho naa ho. She should have won best villain award but it was nice to see her winning for best actress in a leading role.

Shahrukh Khan should have won best actor for Kal ho naa ho and Hrithick Roshan should have won critics which he did.

The awards were still good and the performances were absolutely great the way it was presented was even greater.

Big Daddy

A good film but didn't need two people to play the part of Julian.
Thirty two year old Sonny koufax (Adam Sandler) has spent his whole life avoiding responsibility.But when his girlfriend dumps him for an elder man,he's got to find a way to prove that he's ready to grow up.In a desperate last-ditch effort,Sonny adopts a five year old child Julian (Cole Sprouse,Dylan Sprouse) to impress his girlfriend. Shes not impressed... and he cant even return the kid. uh oh for Sonny.A good film and I particularly like the acting of Cole and Dylan Sprouse. But I don't understand why they needed two people to play the part of Julian because it was a small role but still I thought it was a good film after all.


A good film but ending was weird.
Roy (Abhishek Bachan)is a professional conman,who has raised his work to the level of an art.The only true thing he has is his love for Simmi (Priyanka Chopra)-someone who is honest and sincere,that he can't bring himself to tell her the reality of who he is.But when his past catches up with him,she cannot forgive him for the deceit their relationship is built on.He loses her forever.That's when Aditya (Ritesh Deshmuk) enters the picture.Despite himself or maybe he wants to take his mind off Simmi,he agrees to teach Aditya the rules for the game.

I thought this film was fantastic And Abhishek and Priyanka Chopra were great together.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie - Rugrats II

Better than the first.
I saw this film about 4 years ago and I thought it was brilliant. This is probably the best Animated movie. The voices for the characters were great and I most particularly liked the voices of Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Stu Pickles and Chas Finster. I also thought that this movie was better than the first. The animation was brilliant. The script writer was good and I most Particularly like the bit when the kids say, "I've seen London, I've seen Paris, I've seen coco's underpants."

I liked the songs and I most particularly liked the song "who let the dogs out." This film is suitable for children and adults too. I like watching the T.v. series but I thought this movie was better.

Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karen

A great film and Govinda and Priety Zinta were outstanding.
I know that Priety Zinta and Govinda do not suit each other but I have to say this film was great. This is the story about a poor boy who falls in love with a rich girl.

This film is funny all the way through including the beginning,middle and ending.

Kader Khan and Prem Chopra were good at working together and as usual so was Jhonny Lever.

The songs were good and I most liked the Khullam Khulla Pyar Karen song. I thought this movie was better than Pyar deewana hota hai. Priety Zinta was great in this film and she really suited her part. Govinda was outstanding in this film as usual.

Kenan & Kel

Best show on nickelodeon.
This programme is great. I use to watch it when I was little and I still think its great.I loved watching the movie that Kenan and Kel came in which was called good burger. I like a lot of things about this show like the laughs Kenan and Kel get into,the way the show shows the obsession of Kel and orange soda,the characters, the episodes. This is probably the best show on nickelodeon because it is absolutely humorous. Kenan who is the smart one out of Kenan and Kel, comes up with a scheme that is fun but it never works out because of Kenan's best friend Kel who is hilarious out of the two. My favourite characters are Chris, Kean and obviously kel.

Hadh Kar Di Aapne

A good movie and better than Pyaar deewana hota hai.
This film had a few of the same characters that it had in Pyaar deewana hota hai like Govinda,Rani Mukherji and Johnny Lever but Had kar di aap ne was better than pyaar deewana hota hai because it was more funnier and it also had a much better storyline. This is one of Govindas best film and I am quite shocked it did not win any awards because it well deserved it. The songs were good and the title song was the best. Rani Mukherji was good and better than she was in pyaar deewana hota hai and so was Johnny Lever. Nearly all of Johnny Levers films are funny and this film really shows this. I thought this movie was well put together and the acting was great.

Bend It Like Beckham

A good Hollywood/bolywood film with a good mixture of cast.
I love playing football and I thought this movie was great because it contained a lot of football in it. This was a good Hollywood/bollywood film and I am glad it won 17 awards. Parminder Nagra and Kiera Knightley were good and so was Archie Punjabi. Jonathon Rheyes Meyers was great at playing the coach. Jazz (Parminder Nagra) loves playing football but her parents want her to learn how to cook an want her to get married. When Jazz starts playing for a football team secretly she meets Juliet (Kiera Knightlety) and Joe (Jonathon Rhyes Meyers) who is her coach. When her parents find out trouble strikes but her dad lets her play the big match on her sisters Pinky (Archie Punjabi's) wedding. At the end her parents realise how much she loves football and let her go abroad to play.

Pyaar Diwana Hota Hai

A good beginning and middle but poor ending.
I think Govinda is the best actor at making funny films. I really enjoyed him in khullam Khulla pyaar karan and had kardi aap ne. I am a great fan of Govina because he is just so good at playing his part in every film of his. Rani Mukherji was good in this film but she was better in had kar di aap ne. Jhonny Lever was good as usual and him and Govinda suit working together as they are both funny actors. The beginning and the middle were great but the ending let the whole film down. The cast could not have been better and I'm not a great fan of Om Puri but I thought he was good in this film and Farida Jalal was good at playing her part.

Spy Kids

The best movie I've seen.
I watched this movie a few hours ago and I thought it was brilliant. This is one of the best movies i've ever seen and I am so glad that it won 2 awards but it definitely deserves much more. The action including the fighting was outstanding. Antonio Banderas,Carla Gugino,Alexa Vega and Darayl Sabara were great as playing the Cortez family and I also thought Alan Cumming was good (much better than he was in Son of the mask).

2 secret agents (Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino) have retired but have to go back in business when an evil man (Alan Cumming) threatens to take over the world. Their 2 young kids (Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara)have to save them when they get captured to save them.


Amitabh Bhachan would have been better for doing the part of Iqbal.
I thought this movie was fantastic but I would have prepared Amitabh Bhachan as Allah Rakha because he just brings up the magic because he was good as the main character in coolie.Jackie Shroff was good at playing Iqbal as well and I would say that this was his best film. Bob Christo was good at playing Don and Biswajeet was average at playing an Inspector (Inspector Anwar). I thought Shaami Kapoor was great at playing his role. Waheeda Rehman was good in this film but I prefer her in Coolie. Bindu was good at playing the negative role in this film but I thought she was much better in Main hoon na because she was hilarious.


I give the storyline a top 8/10.
Karan (Akhaye Khanna) and Priya (Amisha Patel) are the lead performers for the upcoming musical dance troop and are very much in love with each other. The troop gets a contract to perform on a cruise ship owned by a millionaire called Raj Singhania (Bobby Deol). Raj is magnetically drains to Priya and she too is totally swept off her feet as one of the richest eligible bachelor is wooing her in a lavish style.Karan is unaware of the relationship between Priya and Raj.As the cruise comes to an end,Raj proposes to Priya and she agrees.Now begins a treacherous triangular love story, full of surprising twists and turns - both emotional and violent.

This movie was good and had the right time of emotions and violent.


This movie was a good one and I found it hilarious.
I thought this movie was an okay one because of the storyline. I give the acting a 6 and a half out of ten. I give the storyline a 9/10 and I give the songs a 6/10. Kareena Kapoor pretends that she is in love with Akshaye Khanna but then she really falls in love with him. Circamstances have different plans for them. Akshaye Khanna's dad Amrish Puri and Kareena Kapoor's grandma or mum hate each other but at the end their families get together and Akshaye Khanna and Kareena Kapoor get married. I liked the bit when everyone is running to get the necklace and when Akshay Khanna pretends to be the groom when Kareena Kapoor's grandma/mum finds out.

The Ultimate Christmas Present

It was okay but not all that.
This movie is about 2 girls who find a weather machine that is Santa Clauses that can change the weather. The girls change the weather into a snow storm to get more of the Christmas spirit. Brenda Song was great but not as great as she is in The suite life of Zack and Cody. Spencer Breslin was better in this movie than he was in The cat in the hat. Halee Hirsh was good as the main character. John B. Lowe was good as Santa Claus because he really looked like a real Santa Claus and Susan Ruttan was okay at playing Santa Clauses wife. This was not an all that film but it was okay. John Salley and Hallie Todd were good as playing their parts and the I give the acting a top 7/10.

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