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Children of My Heart

a very nice movie, read my comment for more info
I liked the movie very much, especially Yani Gellman. He's cute! I didn't like the ending, because I prefer happy endings, but beside that, it's a great movie! It's about a teacher that starts teaching in a small town. Where nobody likes here teaching methods. But then she meats a student who's the oddball of the town.The boy, called Mederic, is half Indian and that's why he's disliked in the town. Also his father is a pain in the ass.He doesn't trust any one. And strangely she's the only one who the student lets get closer to him.with as a consequence that a little romance is starting to bloom. But then another man wants to marry Gabrielle. ( the teacher). It's quit dramatic, but not predictable ore something. It's a good movie. And although it's a half year ago I've seen it, I still remember the movie like I saw it yesterday.

( sorry for my English faults, I'm not English)

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