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All Elite Wrestling: Revolution

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Maki Itoh (with Rebel) defeated Riho and Thunder Rosa = Don't Care

The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) (c) defeated The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho and MJF) (with Wardlow) = Entertaining. Even When he loses Y2J looks good.

Rey Fénix (representing Death Triangle) won by last eliminating Jungle Boy (representing Jurassic Express) = Jungle Boy continues to impress.

Hikaru Shida (c) defeated Ryo Mizunami = don't care again.

Miro and Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) defeated Best Friends (Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor) by submission = The Best friends maybe corny but they are talented. Miro and Kip had an impressive bout.

"Hangman" Adam Page defeated "Big Money" Matt Hardy = A good little match here. Matt Still gots it. He is able to reinvent himself.

Scorpio Sky defeated Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson), Penta El Zero Miedo, Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts), Max Caster, and Ethan Page = A nice match. Very intense.

Darby Allin and Sting defeated Team Taz (Brian Cage and Ricky Starks) = Its good to see Sting back.

Kenny Omega (c) (with Don Callis) defeated Jon Moxley = Flappy fish match. Still a solid outing.

Highlight: Christian debuts on AEW

Verdict: A very solid show. Solid card. There was no social distancing nevertheless, It was a fun show.

Space Jam

Hello Newman...
Space Jam. Bugz Bunny meets a good basketball player.

It's about an animation invasion where the villians animated characters steal the powers of nba players in order to take over the animation verse.

At the time this movie was great. Any Basketballer and Bugz Bunny fans would have biasedly rated this movie high.

It was a good family movie. No violence and no potty humour.

The animated characters were A+++. Newman was funny. And we got a random ghost buster make a cameo.

Then there was the good basketball player. He did a decent job. His acting wasn't horrible he was just really stiff.

Overall a fun movie for old, new basketball fans. Loony Toons have been irrelevant for a long time. I hope after the Lebrick space Jam they can be popular again.

What can be learned? Believe you can fly.

Verdict: TOUCH IT

The Legend of Tarzan

Finally a perfect adaption.
I seen this upon release back in the day. Since then I've been reluctant to do a review. I'll finally make a review after I finished rewatching the animation version.

This adaption is about conquering and discovery by the Romans.

It has a different take from the animation or books.

Tarzan in this version travels from Roman civilization to the jungle where he is respected in both places. When Tarzan returns to the jungle its being invaded by poachers, scvangers and the so called slave trade is in progress.

The movie has a full on grey feel when you watch it. Sam jack character is really just a butler at best.

The villians were evil as history says.

Tarzan did a good job carrying the production.

Overall a fantastic movie for that fantatic fans.

What can be learned? Beware of those in ivory.

Verdict: Enjoy it. For what it tried to be.


Hello Newman...
Disney dominated in the 90s. TARZAN was a beaut of a movie.

It's about a lost boy growing up in the jungle and blue eyed poachers invade.

This movie takes its time to tell a story without the forced modern day toilet humour.

The animation was beautiful. The colours were a delight.

The villian is manipulative as ever.

The supporting cast do a splendid job.

Tarzan lead the film really well.

Overall a magnificent movie for the fam. Only thing I'll nitpick is Tarzan speaking fine English with his gorilla tribe then when he talks to the humans he can't speak at all. I understand why, although it still looked ironic.

What can be learned? Sometimes unity is a curse.

Verdict: in the jungle... The gorillas sleep tonight.

Angels & Demons

Pretty good
It was kind of freaky when I first saw this back in the day. I'm not sure why.

It's about a serial catholic killer killing off people using codes and symbols.

It was a very suspenseful move. It had a good story and freaky scenes. A&D Is based a book. I've never spent a second on the book therefore iunno how accurate this movie is to the natural source. I'm pretty sure it was butchered like a Yulin festival Market.

What can be learned?: that the world uses symbols and codes to communicate and 90% of people are oblivious to it.

Verdict: A good Movie.

All Elite Wrestling: Dark

I want this company to do well
They are one of the fast programs to become so big so fast.

AEW stand for All Elite Wrassling. Its about men wrestling other men r in the squared circle. It has old legends, up in coming wrasslers and superstars in progress.

I like how they seem to have more freedom and get to add fun in their matches. AEW to me has more attitude and personality compared to that other company who has the personality of a dirty towel that was left on a beach for 2 seasons.

AEW still has a lot of growth to do. They are doing fine however it's the umm....lets call them "Popsicles" (If I exercise my free speech and call them out by their real name IMDB will remove my review). AEW caters and pushes more for Popsicle demography. If you are a person loves and shows off their masculinity and has an unpopular opinion then this show is not for you.

AEW has too many Popsicles that will soon be veterans of the game. (It's not a good look.)

The matches are good. Some could be better. Kenny Omega wrestles like a fish out of water. He flaps around so much. Promos: They are boring. There is nothing positive about them. I seen the Inner Circle promo and it was pure boring. Production: Its great. IT has the Dubya c Dubya feel.

what can be learned? Learn not to fall for the Popsicle trap

Verdict: AEW still has time to grow. I hope they continue to move up.

Night at the Museum

Night at the Hash Yard
I hate this movie and the series.

It looks like Hash. Maybe because it is hash.

The movies about some magical stuff and the museum does some strange stuff and BORING. The main lead is boring.

When ever I see this movie on TV I cringe. This movie belongs in the hash yard.

What can be learned? How to make a cringe face for an hour.

Verdict: Don't come to this Hash Yard.

The Iron Giant

Probably my top 5 or 3 favorite movies. Its such an emotional, touching and superb movie. Iron Giant Does not get the acknowledgement that it deserves.

The story is about some Alien Robot Landing on Earth where it is discovered by a boy then the typical evil yet good guys called the government most step in and ruin lives.

TIG was one of the most underrated movies of all time. I know I may say it often, Nevertheless The Iron Giant is probably the most underrated, ignored and forgotten about movies.

The animation, story, characters, soundtrack was so great. I almost cried. Jokes, but I surely did this movie did have an emotional vibrational effect on me.

Besides its tiny appearance in Ready Player 1 I'm not sure if it's a good thing a sequel/remake/tv show has not been made. I say this because current movies/tv shows in the last 15 years have been mostly hash. Take away the MCU and there is nothing putting people in the seats.

The Iron Giant was a beautiful movie.

What can be learned? If you have good things the Government will want it.

Verdict: Purely Legendary.

Shaun the Sheep

Cool Segment.
I've always hated dogs. Although with my condition This segment along with the Shaun Series were fun programs to indulge in after a program ends or is about to start.

The segments were about a Dog and his flock of sheep getting into a mishap.

Verdict: Fun innocent short.

WCW Thunder

THOR's show
I loved Thunder more than anything Dubya Dubya E had to offer.

Thunder was like a Dubya Dubya E Heat in Dubya C Dubya however, It was more enjoyable than lets say Smackdown and Raw Looking back at it. WWE during this time only had 2 people The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. That's it. Undertaker during these days was not at his best lets be honest until the Biker Gimmick came rolling rolling around.

Thunder Still had some fun times. It had Goldberg, Texas Redneck vs The No limit soldiers, Kidman, Rey, Cat, Booker, Revolution, Raven. The list goes on. The matches were done better than Dubya Dubya E. All dubya dubya E matches felt the same. (BORING).

I was more of a Thunder guy because Nitro came on late during those days So I rarely watched Nitro. Thunder was my go-to guy for some Wrassling and I really did enjoy what they had to offer.

Verdict: The older I get I realize how crappy the WWE really was. I won't down play and I'll be honest, It had many entertaining moments but as an overall product it was overrated and looked gross.

WCW Thunder was about wrestling I feel I got it more with Thunder than I did with WWE.

Back in those days I only watched wwe for the Rock. Take the rock away and I wouldn't have watched WWE, WCW Thunder had many stories and wrestlers that caught my interest. WWE not so much.

Thunder was a good show.

Romeo + Juliet

Remember watching this for a class assignment.
It may have been created over 20 years ago I still consider it modern. It tries to add hip to something that is Medieval. It's about a male and female. That fall in love and their families don't like it. Its the modern Version of The umm...Shakespeare play titled Romeo and Juliet.

This version is done with broken English so for most it will be hard to understand.

I remember watching this Plain Jane movie for class. It was not the best experiences because the movie was not really entertaining. And i didn't care for Shakespeare. His work did not reflect me in any way. His work was so meh at best. Therefore, I didn't do well on the Shakespearean work.

The story and acting were fine. Overall it's a generic movie even with its broken English.

What can be learned? Go for your goals no matter who says no. Unless its of being a jerk towards people then you are better off banished.

Verdict: Just a Plain Jane Movie. Why though? Why does every Tom, Dack and Harry have to go through Romeo and Juliet in order to graduate?

Reading Rainbow

Read to achieve
The Reading Rainbow does not get the attention that Sesame Street does or any other popular children show receives. RR is as popular as them all. RR was one of the most authentic children shows of all time. The Host aka Visor guy from Star Trek was the most real host in the children genre. Many hosts and actors don't talk the walk but Lavar Burton he Talked the Walk and he reads. He has shown this in the many interviews past and present.

The Reading Rainbow is a 30 min Television program that aired on the juggernaut called PBS for viewers like you. It was about, books, reading and learning about various subjects. For example if the episode is about the gym the show would be about exercise and books and stories about exercising.

I learned a lot from this show. Even in 30 minutes I learned more than I did from Sesame Street in an hour. Lavar made reading fun, and he didn't hold your hand as if you were a baby.

The theme song is one of a kind. It is one of the top 10 greatest TV intros of all time.

Overall a perfect show for anyone especially the the little brothas and sista youth dem.

What can be learned? A lot of things from science to geography to gardening. The possibilities are endless.

Verdict: Take a look in a book.....


Why is this Gold piece rated so low?
I'm not one to admire race movies. Only 1 handful are actually worth watching.

Pride is about a brotha helping a big bro, little brothas, sista and community learn to swim.

The movie is lead by Terrance Howard and Uncle Bernie. It also has the Glory Roads actor and Nate Turner.

It's your typical cliché race sports hood movie. Often I despise cliché movies unless it's done 💯 great. It does have a couple of forced mush scenes.

Overall a great under appreciated movie. It's on par with Coach Carter in my opinion.

What can be learned? We were swimming for a long time. Don't accept those silly stereotypes.

Verdict: Why is pride a deadly sin?

Bananas in Pyjamas

"I'm a rat i'm a rat i'm a very clever rat" (#1802 rating)
BIP was a loveable, jolly, charismatic show.

It aired as an animation and as a live action.

It's about 2 Bananas and sometimes a very clever rat. The episodes were full very clumsiness, laughs and whacky moments. They sang songs and was a very positive show for the youth. BIP is an underrated show not too well known like the Dinosaur or that Street show.

Overall, its full of fun, a great theme song and many songs. It as a 90s Juggernaut.

What can be learned? Bananas can wear Pyjamas.

Verdict: B1 and B2

Jacob Two-Two

Pretty Good, I said Pretty good.
JTT was a pretty good show. It was based on the books.

JTT had a short lived run, still It was a good show. It was about a little boy who says things twice. He lives in a unique world filled with abnormal people and adventure.

The animation for 2003 was unique and was done well. The stories were fun and filled with surprises. JTT as the little child of the show carried this show very well.

What can be learned? Sometimes people can't hear you because you are little. Its not cool. Yet That doesn't mean you lack heart and passion.

Verdict: A good show. I said A GOOD SHOW!!

Three Wishes

Bonky Fever
Its such an 80s-90s program.

Production wise it was before its time during the 80s-90s. the songs and acting were fine. Barney is a freak one. Instead of light purple he is dark purple with a smaller facial structure.

The show is about finding something to do so, Barney shows up, they sing a song every 2 minutes and have an inception adventure.

Overall, it was good for its time.

What can be learned? use your imagination when bored

Verdict: Its not bad show for the lil tots. Its just too corny for me and they sing too much.

Steven Universe

Terrible show
This show is not good. I gave it a 3 but somehow my review has disappeared. Now it gets a 1.

Anyways It's too fruity and bizarre show. It's not funny and it fails to engage me.

I can't see why such a bore can be so popular among the youth and even adults.

Verdict: Snap his universe out of existence.

Barney & Friends

3.9? Am I dreaming?
While Barney and Sesame Street dominated in the children genre while Seinfeld and Simpsons dominated for the adults. This should be a 9. Barney was a classic, children gold, iCONic show for the 90s.

Sure Barney can look corny from an adults point of view. However, it was a good show for children. Barney sang songs, learned skills and told amazing stories. Baby Bop and BJ would join the fun with various children playing along. The show was colourful and the quality of production was A+ for a kiddie show.

How this iCON is rated a 3.9 is really sad. Barney is not in my top 10 for either children genre or all time yet I know Barney was a good show whether you like it or hate it.

Overall, Barney was a cool Dino

What can be learned? How to brush your teeth.

Verdict: 1 dinosaur that can't go extinct.

George Lopez

Meh It tries to be something.
This show is unique because it wasn't about your suburban white family or your urban Black family. They show was about a Mexican Family.

Other than being Mexican, the show was still your typical, stale, generic family sitcom. It failed to entertain me.

All characters even as Mexican were cliché. You have the dumb, dedicated dad, the demanding wife, the annoying children and their grandparents.

Overall, a unique stale mess.

What can be learned? It's okay to have a show about a non black or white family.

Verdict: Typical.

Fillmore!: Immune to All But Justice
Episode 5, Season 2

what a Jerk
Filmore from the get go was a real jerk in this episode. He breaks and vandalizes people property with not guilt or reason. Sure he did it in previous episodes but those were all accidental. In this episode he deliberately damages peoples property.

The episode was about counterfeit crimes.

It was a good episode to see Canaduh and a take on diplomatic immunity.

Overall, Filmore being a jerk ruined this episode.

What can be learned? Don't be a deliberate jerk.

Verdict: Oh Canaduh


The Big Bang Theory: The WandaVersion.
I Knew it. Don't tell me I didn't tell you so. I told you this would be hash.

It's about Wanda aka Scarlett Witch an Avenger reconnecting with Vision and doing stuff around the world. It says it's a comedy, but I don't laugh.

WV looks like a weak, lazy show. Furthermore, it's not your usual MCU feel with seriousness. This time they pulled the throttle and went all jokey, but the jokes are not funny. The jokes are bad. It's The Big Bang Theory bad. I like how it's not serious and that they can be as spontaneous but the show is dry. There is no passion in this show at all. Everyone in this show tries to be funny and it fails.

What can be learned? The trailer was better than the actual show.

Verdict: Did they also cast The Big Bang Theory laugh track?

Canine Intervention

Its how you train them.
This show is about training the stupid out of pit bulls because they are dangerous breeds.

It has a dog trainer that acts tough because he can handle a pit bull and he mentors pit owners because they can't control their dangerous pit bull. (So why did they get something they can't control? It's like benching 300 pounds when you can only lift 100. IT'S NOT SMART.)

Canine Intervention IS filled with irony and stupidity. The pit owners have no idea what they are doing. They come with a smile on their face while their mutt shows signs of danger to those in the area. (Why? No one is provoking the mutt?)

We are in the midst of a super obviously real pandemic where no one ignores risks of contacting the super real covid virus. We wear face masks, gloves, hand sanitize and disinfect ares 6 times a day to keep safe. Pit bulls are responsible for 76% of attacks/maulings. Most of the time it's the family pit bull attacking the young ones. The show covers up and ignores the facts and countless victims of countless maulings done by the pit bull.

So why do we take strict precautions for a flu while many pit bull attacks since the beginning of time has been completely ignored?

Why isn't there muzzle mandates for pit bulls? Why are dangerous breeds allowed to continue to shed blood while we ignore the problem?

What about safety? (We've been saying it for a whole year on TV, when you go to the store, radio etc,)

Why can't pit bull owners be bombarded with safety spamming like they do for the super real covid?

What can be learned? PIT BULLS ARE DANGEROUS. Mutts are worthless

VERDICT: Victim blame and repeat after me (in a German accent) "IT IS HOW YOU TRAIN IT'.

The King of Queens

Generic show
A very generic show.

When you watch this show you feel squished in a box. The show just felt very limited.

Its like Married with Children but its more of a dull and less about children. It has your slob husband with a demanding wife.

I never liked this show. I don't hate it. It just felt very weak.

Mr. Costanza was in this show but he didn't help at all. He was 100x better on Seinfeld. Him and Georgy had better chemistry.

What can be learned? don't get married? Al Bundy has been telling us for years.

Verdict: Pawns and more pawns.


Maddy at it again
This short movie musical was wonderful. I remember when it played on TV quite often. I enjoyed it so much.

I loved the singing, music, characters and animation.

Verdict: Cherish the memories.


Classic iCONIC gold
Rupert was a great show back in the day. I use to watch it in the early mornings before school.

It's about a Polsr Bear and friends going on magical or misadventure. Rupert was like a detective/tour guide.

It was a laid back show with laid back characters. ITs a great show for children. Iunno if today's children could handle mellow and adventure shows like Rupert. Rupert doesn't have annoying like sponge bob or toilet humour like current children shows.

Theme song was good. When I hear it I feel sad. I Dunno why.

Overall a nice adventure show about a polar bear in the woods.

What can be learned? Enjoy your adventure.

Verdict: Rupert was a chilled out bear.

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