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2 and a half guys and 1 Van
I thought this movie would have been awful. I had bought it early this year and Was reluctant to watch it because Disney Pixar is very cliché and redundant.

This movie is about 2 brothers wanting to see their father one more time. They go on a Disney adventure. They meet a bat bear who added nothing to the story. She was just there riding along with the mom. She was only only relevant in the beginning but that's all.

The chemistry between Quill and Parker was good. Animation not outstanding but the overall story works but isn't worth more than 6 bucks. I feel bad for people who wasted money on this at the theatres plus popcorn. This movie isnt worth much to be honest.

The only thing that happens is the boys travelling around. That's it. That was the whole movie. It's nothing eventful.

It would have been better if the boyfriend was evil and was responsible for the father dying who turns out being an evil 2-face just to have the power of the dragon.

But nope. We spent 1H:30min watching 2 boys travel where nothing happens. Every Disney movie ends in a happy ending. If anyone was surprised at the end then iunno what to call you.

In addition they had a dragon represent a pet worthless mutt.

Onward was better than what I expected but it was still an overpriced movie. An overpriced subpar movie. This movie is not worth a 7 unless you like being ripped off by a trillion dollar corporation.

Verdict: I just paid 20 bucks to watch 2 guys drive in a van. Disney is slick.

I, Robot

It's only a matter of time.
First of all to my Stalker or Stalkers, I find your antics amusing. Did my reviews make you cry that much? 😂. Please get help.


I, Robot. One movie I dread watching. Whenever I see this movie playing in front of me, I feel a spirit of overwhelming boredom rush into me. This movie is a could have been cool, but I was a true bore of a movie.

It's about Robots going evil and man has to stop them. The thing is, the movie is a bore. Horrible execution, too slow, too dark and gritty. Oh, and Will Smith. By this time, he could only play 1 character. MIB, Bad Boys etc just one character. Exception to Pursuit to Happyness which by far is his only greatest performance. Ali was boring. I am Legend was overrated, Concussion, he was pretty great in that. He was good as Deadshot too, I-Day, another overrated film. That film didn't age well.

Back to the subject... I can't believe this movie once upon a time was so popular and loved. This movie wasn't fun, and it's only telling humanity it's fate.

Don't watch this movie.

And to my stalker or stalkers 🤣

Arcane: League of Legends

What legends?
This show is not good. I really really don't like this show at all. It's too dull. The show feels like a literal dead end.

The show is about some kids living in poverty living on the run. Yeah that's so entertaining 🙄.

Are Arcane geeks so desperate or did their game crash that they need to camp out in the review section reporting everyone who doesn't like their medicore show? . It doesn't look good.

The Suicide Squad

For Asgard
Finally... I know my stalkers and haters were waiting for an honest review for this one.

I was once was one of those wrestling "fans". This was when I was a kid mind you. John Cena ruined wrestling for me since 2006.

Now John Cena has entered my superhero universe and I don't like it. I don't like John Cena and don't want to like him. Lucky enough in this movie John Cena isn't over bearing.

Suicide Squad 2 is about villians, anti heroes being used as little puppies to fulfill secretive agendas by the powers that be aka Amanda Waller. (if she really is in charge).

There is tons of killing and what looks to be like jokes that don't make me crack a smile.

This suicide squad is different. They have more personality although the 1st squad had more life to them.

Harley Quinn is in here because she's a crazy blonde. I didn't find her amusing at all. When many fans fump on a bandwagon I tend to jump off. From what I seen in just her 3 appearences she's an ok character. She doesn't warrent any hype that she gets. If people like her great. I don't hate her I just don't understand the hype.

This 100 pounder knocking off the mercenaries was as bad as her knocking off the police officers in her loco solo. Movie.

Theorically Amanda doesn't need the suicide squad if Harley is a one man wrecking crew.

Fan service is a hell of a drug.

Back to John Cena. He isn't bad in this, his character as a killer is cool. Let's be honest anyone could play a no name killer like Peacemaker. John does not have my respect. He's no Chris Thor or Chris Superman.

He ruined my wrestling. Hope he doesn't cross over into the MCU.


I prefer the first. This one is good but not great to say the least. The movie has so called cool elements that of gotg. A good production.

Last Words: Bloodsport goes to jotunheim and does not dress warm enough.

In the Hive

He tried to put it back
One of Duncan's last movies.

It was a good inspirational movie about behavioural and troubled teens where someone tries to be the change.

I have seen this movie a few years ago and liked it a lot.. I really did like this movie, It's very underrated not many people know it exists which is disappointing. A movie with story, leadership and triumph. What's not to love.

Once again, once of Duncan's final appearances. He was an actor that was gone by the numbers way too soon.

Overall, great movie.

The Mark of the Hawk

I get it. I'm just not feeling it
A movie about invasion, corruption, poverty and "injustice".

"Obam" like Obama just no a is a leader and in the middle of the colonizers and his people. He wants to help his people, but the colonizers have a string on him.

I get this movie and I just don't like it that much from the getgo I knew this wasn't going to be a pleasant movie night.

I don't recommend people to watch this movie.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Deadpool
Episode 16, Season 2

This is an 8?
This was very annoying and dumb. There was no story. It was just annoying and boring at the same time.

When you have Spiderman and Deadpool together this is what you get an annoying bomb.

I don't know how people can rate this higher than a 1. It's by far awful. Deadpool is annoying to the max. Then they waste taskmaster.

This ep could have been so much better but they settled for a disgrace.

Ultimate Spider-Man: The Incredible Spider-Hulk
Episode 14, Season 2

A very incredibly dumb episode.
It's so amazingly dumb. They keep releasing villains back into the public. Did they think I wouldn't notice. The continuity is a tiny bit bad in this show.

Hulk is as dumb as a rock. No one listens to each other. They shoot first ask questions after.

Then why couldn't Shield track down Mesmero when he robbed a bank in delight in New York City?

A very dumb episode.

Ultimate Spider-Man: The Man-Wolf
Episode 10, Season 2

Worse ep of the series this far
A very boring ep about Spiderman and his gang going to the moon and fighting a wolf. This one put me to sleep.

I hate berserk so called villians. The wolf was another one of those attack and rage characters. It's kind of dumb. This ep is just mindless filler.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Journey of the Iron Fist
Episode 13, Season 2

Get over here!
I thought this ep and the previous eps were really good however, Spiderman in Season 2 is annoying and very not funny. He talks too much. It's annoying. Iunno if I can finish this show because Spiderman bugs me. Haha!

Other than that the last ep With Thor was very entertaining. The one previous was boring. This one was good because we got to learn about the Iron Fiat.

The only problem why I can't rate these eps high is because Spiderman is annoying x60.

All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series

I liked this show back in the day... then what happened
Some shows improve with time, other shows do not.

When you grow up shows you once liked you don't like anymore. ADGTH is an abomination of a show if there ever was one. It teaches lies and tried to brainwash me into liking dogs. Watching some clips as I'm older allowed me to change my mind.

As a child It was tolerable, once grown and wiser this show is not good at all. What was the point of this show? Do all elephants go to heaven? What about Chickens and Cows?

On a positive note the animation was one of the best. It was very good.

Ultimate Spider-Man: House Arrest
Episode 9, Season 2

Wow Surveillance State is no joke
In theory these kids would have been murdered by Shields robots.

In theory if any child had deactivated the system these robots would have murdered the. Child

Shield does not show up until everything is Saud and done and they show up smiling.

The ep is about Nova and Spiderman wanting to turn off the surveillance. They do something by accident which causes the house to become a death house with robots. It's awful.

This ep was not smart at all.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Sinister Six
Episode 6, Season 2

Should have been a 2 parter.
Sinister 6 was wasted in this. They show up and are defeated. Realistically Sinister 6 should have cleaned the 4 with Spiderman and his power ranger team.

It Had a silly conclusion. This should have been a 2 parter.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Hawkeye
Episode 5, Season 2

A weak episode that features Hawkeye but he and Spiderman get real close as they fend off the silly Beetle.

In the Beetles first appearence in the show he had promise he was cool. Then he just became a nuisance. He has no reasoning her his actions. Plus why does he keep getting released from shield custody?

Ultimate Spider-Man: Kraven the Hunter
Episode 4, Season 2

The Hunt
I like this ep because I finally got an origin story of at least one of the Teenvengers. The story was about The White Tiger being hunted by the Hunter known as Kraven.

A soild episode about a very lesser known marvel character.

Soild animation and fight scenes.

Hawkeye: Hide and Seek
Episode 2, Season 1

Oh GOD (if there is one) the DOG ruins this show A LOT
A dognut holding a dog by its chains does not look good on film.

This Ep is a little slower than the first, but It's still good. Wish we had this Hawkeye during the Avengers saga. He's represented a lot better in this series.

Another good episode. Sad, the dog had to appear and it cost the episode some marks. Why the hash does the dog need pant so loud?

Let's hope Hawkeye doesn't get a Team Hawkeye like that in Arrow. Team Arrow/Team Flash was/are annoying and overshadowed Arrow and Flash. It made the main look incompetent. Hawkeye has Shield aka the Juggernaut (pun intended) and I don't see him begging for their help in this series.

Overall, a good slow ep.

Hawkeye: Never Meet Your Heroes
Episode 1, Season 1

Loki helped create these heroes...
If you ask people at least 10 years ago if Hawkeye would have a TV show... The answer would be we already have an ARROW. (Bad Joke).

First off, I hate dogs. 26 minutes in and the show is ruined. That's when the worthless mutt appears. When I see the dog on screen, I want to barf. Dog cost this show some marks.

Then the girl risks herself to save a worthless dog? 😂

Secondly, Hawkeye finally gets to do something. So I'm very excited about this series. After a success with Arrow, I think Hawkeye will do very well.

Off the bat, I knew the mom was evil. Why do they make things so obvious?

The show has Another cliché, rude teen that wants to control her moms' life. Oh guy talks to your mom "oh lets go follow him."

Here we go...

A good start to the Never Misses Avenger. Very good quality. The story had me very engaged so far.

Very good production and once again I'm excited for the future of Hawkeye. Clint, THOR maybe Banner/Hulk are the only originals we have left. I gotta savour the moment.

As for The Bishop she's an okay actor/character. Nothing major to be honest. She has to earn her MCU props. She has not paid her dews yet in my opinion I loved how the show continues from Endgame. It gets a good 6 when it should be a 9. I blame the dog.

Last Words: Also, for the record, I think the Avengers play has' Loki's play beat. So much more action and movement. Too bad, theatre may not be prerequisites in Asgard. (Another Bad Joke)

One Piece: Wan pîsu

One Piece of filth
Like I said in my Arcane review, that was censored by the geeks; I have a teenager in the home and he watches these shows, while I eat. So why not take 30 minutes to see how good this show is.

Oh wow... From the getgo the characters looks ugly and weird. It's just of some goons wandering around the land... Like all the other anime shows. OP is nothing special. I felt very dumb watching such a show. I don't understand why One Piece is so popular. On the internet I see so many videos and memes about it, so I thought hey, this show has to be good. Apparently it's not. It's just boring. The show probably exists just to waste and corrupt young minds.

One Piece fans don't take it personally and report my review. I'm critical to a lot of movies and shows. You OP fans aren't anything special. Let's make that clear.

I suggest that you don't watch this show.

Earthworm Jim

short lived
Despite it having a worthless mutt I must say that this show was an iCON. A very fun engaging show about our friendly neighbourhood worm and his dumb dog.

EWJ also had an awesome theme song. It's one of the best.

Good show.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls

When 1 fake show isn't enough
Mr. Bear has another show about adventuring in the great outbacks of the "world". This time he brought actors with him... I mean celebrities with him.

So celebrities worth millions, and who have future projects are going to risk their lives for a senseless episode by doing extreme activities when they don't even do stunts in their own movie? It's possible, but it's suspect in my opinion. See, I question everything. Something most people can't do.

This show is fake and a waste of film.

It even features Obama. IF that doesn't wave a red flag, then... I'm sorry for you.

Ultimate Spider-Man: The Lizard
Episode 1, Season 2

Leaping lizards!
Story: Conners becomes the Lizard

Villian: Lizard and DoC OCT

Villian threat level: 4

Main: Spiderman

Fight: IT was ok. Nothing special. Lizard was shown to be strong. Despite lack of experience he was able to out match Luke.

Main intelligence level: 6

Highlight: Nothing to say

Cliffhanger: No

Overall: A good start to season 2. A dark gritty to the point start. Now Spidey has a new Villian and must juggle between friend and foe.


Not a fan or a Billy Supporter but
But I can agree with a lot of things he discusses about religion. He asks questions that the religious can't answer.

I hate religion. Mainly Christianity. It looks goofy but people still do it. It does more harm than good. Bill says exactly what I think about religion, but he was more nice about it. Some of the religious guests don't seem too smart to be honest.

This was a great doc for religious fanatics to break out of their foolery and atheists to have a good laugh.

Many Christians got mad about this doc during the time. What's to be mad about? Everything he states is fact.

Overall, great doc a must-watch.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Rise of the Goblin
Episode 26, Season 1

They already have a Hulk
I really dislike Ultimate Green Goblin. He is one of those stupid rampage characters. Hulk does it from time to time, but we don't need another mindless "Hulk".

This ep and the last ep were only ok because I dislike Ultimate Green Goblin. Regular Goblin is a better character.

Overall the production is good but Hulklike Goblin is a horrible choice.

Season 1 summary:

I underestimated this show. I recall watching it years back and I hated it. Second go and it's not that bad. It has fun and action moments. You get to see tons of Marvel Characters so what's not to like? Plus its not totally kiddish.

Most eps are just filler. Anything not THOR or about Norman are pretty useless episodes. Norman vs Spider-Man arch was the most interesting.

Character Breakdown:

Spiderman: He's cool. Just he talks too much and the gags get tiresome.

Nick Fury: A cool OG. Other than the fact he has teenagers risking their lives instead of calling the Avengers

Coulson: He's cool. Very good voice work. Way better than the MCU version

Luke Cage: Wasted. He has tiny highlights. He is mainly used to be a jobber

Iron Fist: Wasted, jobber. Humble dude.

White Tiger: Typical female character. Another Jobber

Nova: Yup, a jobber. I'm not sure why He and Pete has beef.

Luke, Danny, White Tiger and Nova were just there to be punching bags I guess. They were wasted. They had no origin story or main focus stories or villain stories or subplots. They were just there.

Villains: There were tons, the best were Loki, Norman Osborne and Dr. Oct. The worse were Dr. Doom, Trapster (he was a jobber) and Green Goblin.

Not a great show or a good one. Just a fine show to watch when you're bored. You got to see many Non-Spiderman villains and heroes appear.

The animation thought its gorgeous.


Why does Osama Bin Laden have an Imdb page?
Side note, he looks like Barrack Obama. Haha! A little "inside" joke there. Or is it?

Back in the day when Youtube was intelligent, they used to have some great content. Today most of what they have are prank videos, try on hauls and video gamers.

During this time I was phasing as an atheist and searching for answers to this weird world. Ever since then I've never been the same, and for the better.

Zeitgeist had a segment on religion and basically explained how religion is garbage. Immediately I did my research and it was confirmed. Religion/Christianity is a con game. So why are people still Christian? Because they're dumb... Maybe?

Zeit didn't beat around the bush they didn't pull any punches, they were direct and spoke the truth. Great narration and presentation.

Then they discussed 9/11. Oh gosh, (let's put on our tinfoil facemasks) I mean, why would America blow up their own country? America would never do that because America would never lie and murder their own people. A man in a cave, hijacking massive airliners? C'mon? And how about that building 7? What building 7?

Anyways, I would only watch for the religious information, which was good. How anyone can be religious after that is a head burner. After the religious segment ends, they then talk about the boring stuff like America blowing up their own country (yeah right). I would turn it off. They shouldn't disrespect America because they are an angel sent from Jesus.

Good doc nevertheless.

League of Legends

Geek game
This is what Arcane is based on?

This game looks like a huge waste of time.

I do my research. I watched a few videos on the Tube and that's enough. I only heard of "League of Legends" only recently. Now I know why.

Arcane is based on another one of those online multiplayer games. The game looks worse than the movie.

There was nothing appealing about the game. Just as there is nothing appealing about the movie.

I'm too old for foolishness like "League of Legends"

Plus what Legends? Legends are not made through a corny game. Legends are made in reality.

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