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Second to Die

Paul Winfield -- ten stars always
I like Second to Die for mindless entertainment, and despite criticism to the opposite, I think Eleniak is a good actress. But mostly, agreeing with other review, I can watch the movie again and again just to see Paul Winfield as a cute, comical detective, always polite while he has everyone's number. Truly, Winfield was an underrated actor. How tragic that he died so soon.

Barnaby Jones

A fun detective
I know it's not profound TV, but I enjoyed the early murder plots of the show and Barnaby's way of making remarks that rattled the perpetrators (like a watered-down Columbo sometimes). I just bought Season One in DVD, and I enjoy seeing many big-name actors appearing and looking them up to see whether they're still alive and/or working. I will probably not purchase seasons beyond four or five, because, unlike some reviewers, I was disgruntled with the arrival of Barnaby's nephew, whose presence made the stories more contrived. I was annoyed when the later programs presented cases in which Secretary Betty was involved -- both contrived and unrealistic. The one-man show did it for me.

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