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The Beach House

An assemblage of used themes but totally enjoyable
I found this film really fun... though I tend to like this type of scenario; isolation, then growing weirdness. A nice change was to see the female take a protector role over her very pretty co-star Noah Le Gros. It's telling that the director listed as influences five films that I like, so I was always going to enjoy this. Great acting effort by all, creepy Lovecraftian vibe throughout, nothing here that I'd pick on unless I was going to be really fussy. Competently executed I'd say.


Fantastic Nihilist Nightmare
Don't listen to those dullard consumers that have been brought up on a steady diet of bangs and flashes. This isn't a mainstream film, rather it resembles a play, which gives a nod to Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". With it's limited cast, static set design and dreamlike colours and soundtrack, I found myself mesmerised by every detail of this surreal little odyssey. It's necessary to absorb the atmosphere and dread of the existential nightmare that unfolds in order to enjoy the way it gets inside your head and alters your mood. Personally this is exactly the kind of movie which doesn't make me feel that I've wasted an evening. You can keep your guns and explosions, this is the closest I've felt to visiting a theatre since it's been impossible to do so. If you enjoyed The Twilight Zone as a kid this will feel nostalgic, though I sense it makes a bigger comment on the psychology of being human, or perhaps isolated... perfect for the times. Well done actors and designers. No it won't be for everyone, but I loved it.


Intriguing, gutsy dystopian mystery
I don't often write reviews, leaving this to more learned critics, but I just had to mention what a successful mix this is of drama and sci-fi thriller. The actors all do excellently, and the show benefits greatly from letting your imagination paint a worse picture due to what you don't see. There are ominous echoes of our own history here and there, as the occupying forces are rarely shown, but their power is obvious, especially given the traitorous collaboration of the government. This show really keeps me looking forward to more of the unraveling mystery; what is the true intention of these mysterious invaders? There are some gritty characters that work well and one feels for the family. The effects are few but shockingly effective. All throughout the series manages to maintain a tense paranoid atmosphere which never allows you to relax. I think it's a really good example of sci-fi TV and hope it continues until completion unlike so many promising shows today.

Ich seh, Ich seh

Well this had me gasping
I can't understand anyone writing a bad review of this film... it was beautifully executed, the acting was spot on, especially the little boys who were subtle and complex. I was taken on a ride of increasing unease, and I had no idea which way this was going to jump. Anyone who claims otherwise I think might be giving themselves too much credit for their skill at preempting plots but lack of ability to simply enjoy.

Personally by the end I was squirming in a sort of horrified, impressed way. This little gem came out of nowhere for me. The ability to construct a non-cluttered, non Hollywood character based film like this is incredible to behold, and I take my hat off to the director, crew and cast.

Fantastic low budget but artfully made psychological horror, don't listen to the expert naysayers, they probably are the sort to yell quiz answers out loud rather than write them down.

Black Mirror

Totally brilliant series designed to encourage deep disquiet.
Black Mirror is the most hard-hitting hypothetical on the psychological horror of unhampered technological advance I've ever seen... it reminds us that the potential side effects or opportunities for abuse are as limitless as human nature, and easily as devastating as biological tampering. Our current reckless obsession with pushing forward and rolling out new gadgets and systems without ANY thought for the potential consequences, combined with our smug self-assurance that technology is always beneficial to humanity is truly what makes this terrifying stuff. Guns in the hands of children. A brilliantly conceived and written show. I could not fault the acting, editing, camera-work, set pieces, soundtrack, scripting or effects. I honestly haven't been blown away by such a genius social commentary since... well forever. Do yourself a favour and watch them all. You may find yourself looking at your mobile phone with a strange sense of revulsion afterwards. Not to mention the internet.

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