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What If...?: What If... Zombies?!
Episode 5, Season 1

Why show a full infinity gauntlet at the end when they have the mind stone?

Billions: Implosion
Episode 9, Season 5

Paul sick??
Everything going well, still love the show but Paul with his members only jacket and golf polo looks 70 years old. Color his hair, add the facial hair back, something. He's hard to look at.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Set Up
Episode 6, Season 8

Surprise! More political crap
There is no room for dumb political agenda in a comedy show. It had funny moments but if this is where the show was going, glad it got cancelled.

Andrew Santino: Home Field Advantage

Wanted to like
Love the guy, Dave is great and he's a solid actor. But this was contrived, boring, and downright nice. He doesn't know how to build a joke. It's very generic and just not good. Sorry bud. Keep acting but don't do standup.

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Unrelated to first movie
It's like whoever made this, didn't even see the first one. I like number one 8-9/10. This is garbage. They ignored Kincaid and Bryce's relationship, the plot is non-existent. Ignore that he got with his gf. It's just dumb. Bad bad bad movie.


One of my favorites
This is a great trueish story of human triumph. People are either too dumb or too impatient. This movies great.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Good Ones
Episode 1, Season 8

Guess I'm not woke
This wasn't funny regardless of your beliefs. Bad acting, stupid and pathetic excuse. Should have stayed on Fox because you're obviously on NBC now. Covid, race, police brutality. Everything I need in a comedy to escape.

The Suicide Squad

I think you're confused by the cast
If it wasn't for this star studded cast, people would see the truth. There's literally no plot here. The worst of this somewhat trilogy, comes in last due to the boring portrayal of the thinker and some dumb giant starfish as a big bad. Lame, incoherent and silly. I actually liked the first one but Will Smith was a believable alt-hero. Idries tries, Cena can't act (we know this and don't care), actually not enough Harley and everything else was pointless. Not as good as anything CW does for DC, and that's saying something.


Truly terrible
Changed to character voices, calling Augie a girl. Just really bad. Also vulgar which is very not like Hannah Barbara. This looked more like Ren and Stimpy. Trash. Cancel it.

Kevin Can F**k Himself

Poor Alexis
Never have I given a comedy 90 seconds. Let's preface that Boston is my favorite city outside of Texas. 0/10.

Black Monday: Two!
Episode 9, Season 3

The Lenny story is just not funny, at all. The weird doctor thing creepy. If these were bad actors that we didn't already love I would have gave it a 1/10. Cancelled soon.

Luxe Listings Sydney

Some goob compared this to Suits which makes literally no sense. However this is pure and utter garbage with no context. Hard to watch and no thanks.

Kevin Can F**k Himself

Poor Alexis
Never have I given a comedy 90 seconds. Let's preface that Boston is my favorite city outside of Texas. 0/10.

Black Monday: Five!
Episode 6, Season 3

I don't understand the decent rating. I'm honestly worried this shows about to be cancelled that episode was so awful. It was basically a recap. So dumb.

The Chase

Started out strong, season one was a good reboot. But then they changed the cash builder round like cheap jerks. Feel like I'm watching a lower end show now. Even day time"millionaire" still gave out their million.


Let's take a beautiful hilarious actress and make her play an idiot teenage boy. What...? Please quit this and do something else ASAP. I think you're great but even Bill Murray couldn't write this premise into funny.

Shameless: Father Frank, Full of Grace
Episode 12, Season 11

Worst ending
This was the dumbest and saddest excuse of an ending to a show since Dexter. Must be a Showtime stupid thing. That bonus dumb ending to boot. So Debbie will ruin her child, Lip had 3 or more times where where I thought he may do something more but nope. Everyone but Ian and the Balls ends up with a crappy life. Good deal. And no Fiona. Wow. So crappy.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Zoey's Extraordinary Trip
Episode 5, Season 2

Long and over run
I totally love that a show can use its power when it's properly developed to make social change. But as a fellow reviewer drew attention to, this was such a poorly developed concept on the drama with Simons issues. They leaped to a conclusion that a software issue that plagues AI real life, could only be possible because of a lack of POC on the board of directors? It's very confusing and an obvious plot hole. I hope the future episodes make more sense but as someone who loves this show, I expect more thoughtfulness in development of plot issues. No problem with the issue itself, just the lack of finesse it took to get there

Covid Diaries NYC

Is this a mockumentary?
When the power of crap gets aired on tv ? And to think, I don't have a show and they do? Yikes

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Shockingly genius and incredibly heartfelt
This show is one of a kind. I'm really happy that we gave it a try. Makes you value family, laughs and the singing is nice. I'm a grown man, I don't like too too much singing but the playlist is great and it makes me very much remember to value those around me. Funny, heartfelt and great. Thanks :)

The Little Things

A movie that starts out good fizzles out and ends poorly. Sometimes you just wonder if writers are dumb or just lack any imagination.

The Great North

I love it
I think it's hilarious. We have been watching Central Park and I said dang, this show sings too much. It's what I thought that show should be. Plus Nick and Megan are the best


Are y'all kidding?
I am a true lover over most things DC and MCU. This is so far off base from what a good joker origin story is. Trying too hard to be artsy and ended up being weird, stupid and depressing. DC falls flat again

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

This is utter nonsense. That far British kid already ruined a Deadpool movie. Why does anyone think he needs to be an actor? Stupid creepy elves, Goldies bad acting, no plot... what did I watch

The Daily Show

Wish I could review separately
The poor successor to Jon Stewart who played devils advocate on most issues while poking fun at all. Trevor Noah is just a liberal biased whiney loser that isn't funny. Sad step for Comedy Central but the network has been on the decline for years.

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