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Great Movie!
Great movie. Very good story line and plot. In my opinion it conveys a positive message by exploring negative vices in relationships. The soundtrack is 🔥🔥🔥! When I thought about it again, I had to change my rating from 9 to 10! Well done!

Queen & Slim

Great Film!
It was an emotional ride that touched on very real subject matter affecting our world and culture today. Yes, in some spots it was predictable but the pros far outweigh any cons. And sometimes certain outcomes even in life 'ARE' predictable! It was well done visually. The music for the film 'Dope'! And the casting phenomenal! So many beautiful black people! I loved it!!!


Great job Marlon! Very funny movie. It kept me laughing throughout.


A Great Message
A great message about loyalty, love and ego. A 'Blackbuster' Classic!

One on One

A Great Show Period!
Hilarious family comedy. Flex, Briana & Dwayne have impeccable timing and chemistry! I would love to see a reboot!

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