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The Good Doctor

Amazing show.
I really love how Autism is displayed and shows the troubles of autism but also the advantages. I have Aspergers myself so I can relate to a lot of the things Shaun is going through. I love that we get to see different aspects of Shaun's life and not just the hospital, but his past and his relationship with Lea etc.


Amazing and underrated tv show
I love this show. I've never been a batman fan and still aren't, but this show is amazing. So much happens, so many plot twists, and developments from the characters. The only negative thing I have to say is the ending. The season could have been longer, and I wish there were at least 3 episodes after it's been 10 years, 'cause I really wanted to see what happened with Bruce and Selina, and Oswald and Edward.


Beautiful film
I really loved the movie, it made me cry a lot and made me think about it many days after. It was quite confusing to me, and there could have been more "power" in the film, meaning that at some scenes, it seemed a bit weak, which is why I'm not giving it a full 10. I really liked the grey and white filter and how it's all kind of building up to the moment of truth. Overall, really great and beautiful film.

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