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Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

What a load of XXXX.
It was a rainy day here in London so I decided to go watch a film, a Tarantino film. I went knowing that there would be an abundance of ultra violence but strangely it was not the case, well at least not for most of the movie. Viewing Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was an extremely slow drawn out experience and I found I had plenty of time to fidget around and looking at my watch etc.

The two main characters in the film DiCaprio and Pitt are probably what holds this movie headache together, Al Pacino's role is forgettable whilst Tarantino's directing is a bit patchy although some shots/angles were compelling.

The last quarter of this long, long, long movie is where it will score brownie points from critics and moviegoers alike, shall say in true Tarantino style.

In a messed up world we live in 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' is sure to add more trash to our subconscious mind set.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

What a load of XXXX.
It was a rainy day here in London so I decided to go watch a film, a Tarantino film. I went knowing that there would be an abundance of ultra violence but strangely it was not the case, well at least not for most of the movie. Viewing Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was an extremely slow drawn out experience and I found I had plenty of time to fidget around and looking at my watch etc.

The two main characters in the film DiCaprio and Pitt are probably what holds this movie headache together, Al Pacino's role is forgettable whilst Tarantino's directing is a bit patchy although some shots/angles were compelling.

The last quarter of this long, long, long movie is where it will score brownie points from critics and moviegoers alike, shall say in true Tarantino style.

In a messed up world we live in 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' is sure to add more trash to our subconscious mind set.

The Hateful Eight

Christ and the hammering of the nails, a subconscious nightmare
I had no problem buying my ticket to see this movie but little did I know how brainless and pointless it was to spend 3 hours of my life for little in return.

Quentin Tarantino can and does make good films but sadly 'The Hateful Eight' was for me a long drawn out affair, glorifying violence to new highs whilst a basic story line made it a great disappointment and a restless 3 hour cinema experience.

May I point out also how powerfully dark this Hollywood film was with my subconscious mind that I awoke at 5am the following morning with the image of Christ and the hammering of nails.

If you are in to ultra violence, blood/guts, the N word and don't mind hurting your subconscious state then go and feast your eyes on this movie. 1/10

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Turkey Awakens
I was very much looking forward to seeing this new Stars Wars movie that was going to include the actors from the first 3 films.

As a kid growing up in the 80's I experienced the thrill/enjoyment of 'The Empire Strikes Back' and 'The Return of The Jedi' on the big screen which were excellent sequels to the Star Wars saga but sadly this recent instalment 'The Force Awakens' is more like watching a T.V movie than a Hollywood blockbuster.

The acting is very weak, the directing is dire, the plot is non original and where's the compelling John Williams music etc through out the movie. I don't know the reasons behind why George Lucas sold the rights away to Disney but in my opinion this Star Wars franchise should of finished in 1983.

To summarise this movie I would say it was a great disappointment and instead of leaving the cinema with a spring in my step I left thinking how good the original Star War movies were. 1/10

The Interview

Provocative and Trashy
I took the gamble and went to see 'The Interview'. At first I thought ,just thought I could relax into some light hearted fun but sadly this wasn't the case with this poorly scripted and written movie. The Acting is good with James Franco leading the way as a pushy chat show host and the directing isn't bad. The gags do seem to jingle at first but as the film progresses the message this film pumps out is juvenile garbage by mocking and demeaning other nations on this planet. Sorry but you have lost me here Sony corporation with this one, it stinks of imperialism and judgement over another nation. This kind of production can only create more friction in the world we live in for the sake of a few cheap laughs but I must say Sony's ploy on advertising this movie worked extremely well. I have no other words to describe this film as bias American Zionist trash. 1/10

The Wolf of Wall Street

Does anyone like Jordan Belfort character
Well I had an open mind when I went to see "The Wolf of Wall Street" after such praise and ratings for this film/movie by the media etc. Yes it was a long film but this wasn't the issue for me, it was the main character Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo DiCaprio. In previous box office hits by Martin Scorsese you become involved in characters who are by no means pleasant but one becomes attached to the characters in some way which helps keep it buzzing along. There's only so much interest and intrigue one can have for a drugged up criminal with no real care but his own self importance in a movie that lasts this long. To sum this one up for me, it's worth watching for a finely directed and casted story of a unpleasant/unlikeable stockbroker with many LOL's moments. 7.5

The Counselor

Something for the brain to chew on
Well for once in a long while I've given a movie a higher than average rating (currently 6 on IMDb). The Counsellor is a clever film/movie that requires a little of ones own imagination in the mix which I like and has all the ingredients to successfully deliver a leaving the cinema with rewards experience. Great cast with a super performance by Javier Bardem (bond villain in Skyfall) and it's also nicely put together by Ridley Scott too. There's definitely a few really LOL moments tucked away in this twisty tale. Don't be put off by the hard-core critics or reviews on here. I can only say go and be entertained for a few hours where the time will fly by I promise you. 7.5/10

Man of Steel

Poor attempt to revamp Superman
As a kid growing up in the early 80's I always looked back at 'Superman' as I do 'Star-wars', a classic film/movie but sadly I don't feel this way of 'Man of steel'. Firstly they've lost the highly glorious Superman tune which was so important as it had and always will a big impact on this comic book hero. Then as fashion dictates there's the need for over doing the computer effects etc, which makes you feel like you're watching a kids play-station game. Also I might add the late great Christopher Reeve was always going to be hard to replace as Superman and unfortunately Henry Cavill doesn't steal his boots. Sorry but I really wanted to leave the cinema with a spring in my step and leave a nice review but I left more interested in thinking how good the old Superman movies were. 4/10

Narrow Margin

SUMMARY Narrow Margin DVD is an exciting film and one I would recommend
A few weeks ago my Aunt (a very nice woman) gave me a copy of Narrow Margin DVD, which was free with the Daily Mail. I had not heard of this film before but was pleased to see that Gene Hackman was in it so I thought I would give it a go in the machine and I must say I'm glad I did.

NARROW MARGIN DVD Narrow Margin (1990) is basically about Carol Hunnicut (Anne Archer) who witnesses a mob killing of her blind date and goes on the run,hiding in a remote part of Canada. L.A. District Attorney Robert Caulfield (Gene Hackman) is informed of her whereabouts by a close friend who then tracks her down to testify but it's not to long before the Mob (bad guys) find out where she is too. Both the cop and the witness are chased through the Canadian Rockies, where their only hope is to take refuge on a claustrophobic Vancouver-bound train. Caulfield (Hackman) is then double crossed by a bent cop and so the killers know there every movement on board the train.

The talented Gene Hackman plays his part extremely well as so does the reluctant witness Anne Archer,who both help make this a compelling and an enthralling film to watch. The chase whilst there on the train is very exciting with great scenic mountain views in the background. Here is a link from IMDb showing a clip of the chase on the roof of the train which is well worth watching in my opinion.

I must say I did enjoy watching Narrow Margin, although I noticed some of the shots/special effects of the speeding Vancouver-bound train looked like plastic scaled models (I'm sure I'm right). The story is fair perhaps a bit simple but I suppose most films revolving around a train chase are. As I said if Gene Hackman was not in this film or someone to match his caliber this film would spell out a big MISS. Yes you could say this is yet another chase film/movie but may I say it's certainly fun to watch.

SUMMARY Narrow Margin DVD is an exciting film and one I would recommend watching first before you go out and buy it full price. Gene Hackman's performance is top notch and with the help of Peter Hyams (Director) they successfully succeeded in making this a very compelling film to watch and appreciate,especially the gripping chase on the train. I am pretty sure most of you will enjoy the fast pace through out the film and at 94 mins there's never a dull moment. 6.6/10

Das Boot

Masterpiece,down as one of my best films of all time.
INTRO It's 1941,World War ll and the battle for the Atlantic is turning against the Germans. Nevertheless the German high Command orders more and more U-boats (submarines) into battle from their ports in occupied France.

40,000 German sailors served on U-boats during World War ll.

30,000 never returned.

DAS BOOT (THE BOAT) This Film was first broadcast back in 1981 on German television as a mini series which became so popular that it has now been viewed all over the world. This mini series was cut down by almost half, to be made into a feature film (plently long at 200mins). Das Boot, The Director's cut takes you onboard a claustrophobic submarine during the mayhem of 1941 when British destroyers (ships) were getting much more sophisticated with radar and sonar thus being able to detect deeper into the sea. The atmosphere on the U-96,one of the famed German U-boats known as The Grey Wolves is captivating and as the film proceeds you will begin to enjoy the entrancing ride of these sailors as they launch torpedos and endure heavy depth charges in retaliation (make sure you've got the volume up). All the German crew and especially the Capt-Lt Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock (Jurgen Prochnow) give truly enthralling performances. This film really does take you on a journey with many edgy moments including an emotional trip to the sea bed when they are hit by a depth charge.

THE DIRECTING The director Wolfgang Petersen does an outstanding job to keep you inches from the action inside the submarine,all the cameras are in the right places at the right time. The panning shots that follow the crew running from one end of the submarine to the other are breathtaking. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't pick up an Oscar for best director as in my books the direction is unparalleled, it however was nominated for best Director, best Cinematography.

THE MUSIC The music is second to none,absolutely spot on with the help from Klaus Doldinger. when I hear the opening music to Das Boot it always gives me goose pimples (very stimulating). .To me the music from Das Boot is as absorbing, if not more, than the famous music in Jaws the film.

LANGUAGES Das Boot was filmed in German and for me that's the best format (watching with subtitles) although if you're feeling lazy you can opt for dubbed English which is done very well.

DAS BOOT (SUPERBIT) I had the pleasure to watch this film at my relatives,who has an HD television and a superbit DVD player.and I cannot stress how much better it is. The picture and sound are stunning, razor sharp and its hard to believe that what your watching is not live in your room. I will definitely be buying this Superbit technology when the prices come down a little.

DVD INFO Running time 200mins Sound 5.1 DTS /surround Dolby Digital Widescreen 1:85. Rated 15

EXTRA FEATURES Director's Commentary (Wolfgang Petersen) Featurette Theatrical Trailer

SUMMARY Das Boot (Director's cut) DVD is a Masterpiece,down as one of my best films of all time. With its mesmerizing music and riveting tense wartime action that will keep you spellbound for the full 200mins. I fully recommend this film and with Superbit technology it's awesome. The price of Das Boot (Superbit) DVD is £16.99 at choices UK but always compare prices when buying DVD's ( also ebay is great for finding a bargin.

Death Wish

Classy well made top notch thriller.
INTRO Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) is a successful architect who turns vigilante after his wife and daughter are ferociously attacked by a gang of violent thugs in their New York city apartment.

Set in the mean streets of New York city, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) plays a man completely overcome by the horrific assault on his family,with that his comfortable professional life comes to an abrupt end. When the police are slow to respond, Paul Kersey (Bronson) takes the law into his own hands and sets out seeking revenge by himself with a revolver, prowling for muggers on the crime ridden mean city streets at night. It's not long before he becomes a well known vigilante in the city by both the cheering residents and the sympathetic police who funny enough actually see the urban crime rate start to fall in the city.

MY VIEWS Being a fan of the late, great Charles Bronson I enjoyed "Death Wish" very much with it's exciting quick pace and engaging music by Herbie Hancock, builds the tempo for a great powerful 70's classic thriller. Charles Bronson, is extremely well cast in this film as he plays a gentle professional family man Paul Kersey who is driven to complete despair when his family is set opon by savage thugs. There are at times some very graphic and violent moments, but this being directed and co-produced by Michael Winner is to be expected. The atmosphere when Bronson is prowling on the streets, subways of New York stalking the thugs is both chilling and enthralling.

Death Wish was the film in my opinion that made Charles Bronson shine at his best and that would also spark off 4 "Death Wish" sequels 3 of which were directed by Michael Winner, but sadly none living up to the engrossing original. Also watch out for a young Jeff Goldblum (The Fly) on his debut playing one of the key violent thugs.

DVD INFO Film : 93mins Widescreen : 1.78 Sound : Mono Subtitles : English, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish Rating : 18

SUMMARY A violent but yet powerful film "Death Wish" is the best vigilante film ever made in my opinion. With the help of great directing from Michael Winner this film will captivate you for the full 93mins, as the good guy (Charles Bronson) seeks revenge on the city streets stalking the muggers and thugs. You'll find yourself cheering in a strange sort of way when he blasts the bad guys to kingdom come. Death Wish is NOT just another brainless shoot-em-up but a classy well made top notch thriller and the fact this film was made back in the 1970's is a plus, as it just gives it more style. I would thoroughly recommend this film although it will not be to everyone's taste it's still one not to be missed. 9/10

The A-Team

Fantastic 10/10
THE A-TEAM The A-team TV series (1983-1987) was really rather special for me growing up in the 1980's, (God I was so spoilt for choice i.e Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, Airwolf ) it gave me my first ever TV schedule regime. Saturday around 5pm to 6pm (think ?) I would drop anything I was doing (yes even my BMX) in order to get close to a big television set and enjoy it. From the likes of the late George Peppard as Hannibal Smith to Mr T as B.A Baracus, The A team worked extremely well and still over 20 years on is yet to be beaten for the sheer testosterone pulsating action on a late Saturday afternoon.

Watching this A-team Season 2 Box-set (which is on 6 DVD's, a staggering 17hrs 38mins running time) was a nostalgic trip back to the past where Col Hannibal Smith (Gerorge Peppard) and his team mates (B.A,Face,Murdock) Soldiers of Fortune are highly skilled military vigilantes that are hired by victims of injustice but at the same time are being heavily pursued by Col Decker who only wants them back behind bars for the crime they did not commit. There's never a shortage of bullets flying left right and centre or clever strategic plans as The A-Team settle the score with the baddies. Look out for B.A's (stands for Bad Attitude,bet you didn't know that) black van which The A-Team travel in (awesome) also how they construct useful contraption's to use for their tactical operations. There's also for me a very strong side effect from watching all this A-Team Action, I have now started to whistle the tune day and night (hope I stop soon).

THE CAST George Peppard --- Col John Hannibal Smith Mr T --- Sgt B.A Baracus Dwight Schultz --- Capt H.M Murdock Dirk Benedict Lt Templeten Face Lance LeGault --- Col Decker

Created by Stephen J. Cannel and Frank Lupo.

SUMMARY The A-team second season box-set is exceptional entertainment and a must for fans. Totally in your face action with good captivating performances from the actors and enthralling music that ties in perfectly. I bought The A-Team Second Season Boxset from ( for £15.99 (£34.99 rrp) which is more than good value if you ask me. Past and present generations should not be without the A-Team. HIRE THEM NOW..

P.S Just found out there making a new series/film 2006 yesssssss

AC/DC: Family Jewels

Fantastic 10/10

Let me tell you I have a good collection of this great Australian band both on CD and DVD but FAMILY JEWELS on DVD is really rather special. Its totally packed with tracks, twenty on each DVD so you get two and a half hours of bliss. Every time I slip Family jewels in the DVD player its a time to turn up the volume (make sure everybody's out ) and enjoy.

On DVD 1, its the original singer the late great Bon Scott era starting off with' BABY PLEASE DON'T GO' that will take you back to 1975 through to 1980 with 'HIGHWAY TO HELL'. Listen out for IT'S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP (1976) on track 4' which always get's me going.

DVD 2, Brings in the current AC/DC singer Brian Johnson who fits in perfectly with the opening track 'HELLS BELLS' 1980 through to 1990 'ARE YOU READY'. I have this problem every time I hear the thunderous,roaring,deafening track of THUNDERSTRUCK' I seem to go into some sort of frenzied fit, just hope I grow out of it, ( THUNDER araghh arrrr arrrrrghhhhhhh ).

AC/DC works very well as a group but the real star for me is Angus Young the lead guitarist, who is one seriously truly gifted talent, ANGUS' ANGUS' ANGUS is all you here sometimes at their concerts. I will give AC/DC FAMILY JEWELS the thumbs up and fully recommend it to both fans and music lover's ( might be a bit loud for some ) also there's an official website at WWW.ACDCROCKS.COM . Family Jewels DVD also includes a full catalogue discography with 23 pages of photos and info about the tracks listed.. I hope you purchase this great DVD and at the price i paid for mine ( under £10 on ebay ,always shop around to get the best price ) is a steal so get ROCKING. .10/10




Running time approx 150mins


Fantastic 10/10
Bullitt is the film, the Mustang for me is the show, when you talk about Car Chase's there's only one that really stands out for me yes I Know about Ronin, The Italian Job, French Connection, Taxi etc, all had great in car moments but Steve Mcqueen in a Mustang 68'gt on the streets of San Francisco in the 60's chasing the baddies is for me complete and utter octane.

Steve Mcqueen plays Frank Bullitt who is a detective protecting a witness for a seedy trial which keeps things on edge and with the like's of some good performance's from Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bissett ,Robert Duvall everything looks right. Bullitt did win an Oscar but sadly not for the Car chase action but for best Film Editing which brings me back to the Great Chase, if you have watched it i.e the chase scene as much as me (probably over 500 times and wearing out VHS's and DVD players) you will notice a green VW Beetle Steve passes several times. Now if that films won an Oscar for best Editing (the green VW beetle) surely there's been a mistake just look at the Action or Cinematography which should of won Oscars but only BAFTA's.

All in all this films a Classic and will forever be the best Car chase film full stop. You would have to be crazy not to have this in your DVD collection. 100/100

THE CAST Steve McQueen - Lt Frank Bullitt Robert Vaughn - Walter Chalmers Jacqueline Bisset - Cathy Robert Duvall - Weissberg

Directed by - Peter Yates

SPECIAL FEATURES Trailer Featurette:Steve McQueen Production notes

DVD INFO Sound Dolby digital Film 109 Min's Rating 15

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