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The Toughest Gun in Tombstone

"historically narrated"
I know...it's a typical "B", 50's movie, and as such, immune from historical consideration.

This one was actually "narrated"...with names like "Johnny Ringo", Ike Clanton, and "Curly Bill"...real characters that lived in Tombstone.

The opening lines talked about a attempted murder happening on a trail outside the town of Phoenix...near Tombstone. Any Arizona 5 year old then, or now, knows phoenix was a barely existing village, two hard days ride from the thriving city of Tucson, and 4 hard days ride from Phoenix to Tombstone.

These characters lived...some died near Tombstone in 1881... The hero was a captain of the the "Arizona Rangers"...which wasn't formed until 1901.

B movie?...OK, I sure wish they'd leave real historical names alone.

All the gagging pseudo-history aside....I did enjoy George Montgomery.

George Williams....Tombstone Arizona

Wyatt Earp

Overexposure of Tombstone?
After "Wyatte Earp".... and "Tombstone"........


Does anybody see....ever....that there is any likelihood that there will be another quality movie on the man, or the town?

Personally, I really don't care....after so many 50's style movies...these two, nearly devoid of drug store cowboy hats, uninvented (at the time) modern gun rigs (execpt for Cosner's) and 50's dialog.... they were nearly "spiritual".

However, having lived in Tombstone since 1971, I know what economic effect the two movies had on the west's most famous gunfighter town....nothing short of a windfall. For that reason only, I'd love to see another one....perhaps based more on Alvira Earps (Virgil's fiery Irish wife, written by Frank Waters)..."The Earps of Tombstone"....

George, reenactment actor/director....Tombstone Arizona

War of the Worlds

childish, inconsistent....but great special effects
jvc2....I really appreciated your comments...and agreed.

A few more negative's you didn't mention.

Do you suppose Dakota Fanning might have been totally confused with her role?

She alternated between the insightful & clever sister/daughter, and the idiot that screamed & ran away at the worst possible moment, during the entire movie.

Didn't ANYONE wonder why a father with even a half-a-brain-cell in his body, would, during an alien attack on earth, would run the gauntlet between New York & Boston...just so his daughter & ex-wife could cry on each others shoulders ?

Yup, I must admit I was entertained, but not by the great script/directing/realism.....it was a pathetic comedy.

George Williams

Golden Girl

Era/History Satisfying
How could I have lived 61 years & not properly appreciated the talent & beauty of Mitzi Gaynor?

She was great...she has the rare ability to present innocence, freshness, and be quite sexy....what a lady.

The story of the Bella Union, or at least some of it was fascinating to me.

I only wish there had been something said of her visit to Tombstone Arizona, the Birdcage Theater, which also hosted Eddie Foy, shortly after Wyatt Earp & Doc Holliday spent evenings in the, then new, Birdcage.

Could anyone elaborate on the historical accuracy of her relationship with a Southern Officer? Since she never married, it leaves one wondering.

This movie, along with South Pacific will initiate many searches/viewings of Mitzi Gaynor movies.

Does anyone here have any further info on Mitzi Gaynor's present activities....still making appearances?....healthy?

Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story

gritty and refreshingly realistic
I really felt that I had "seen" the inside of a person who was uncontrollably violent...especially to those closest to him.

Anyone who was "on the cusp" of feeling/acting as Paul Stamper did would be almost forced to notice the danger signs within him/her self.

I for one, am glad that the producer didn't put a "politically correct", childish warning or disclaimer in the show....it would have no effect on other violent people and personally, I don't need their moralizing or warnings.....realism speaks a thousand times more effectively than blatant warnings.

It was really nice to see Cindy Williams. She is aging gracefully & showing her talent depth.

Only one upsetting fact bothered me.....these people, victim's and perpetrator, were young....35 years?....This dangerous man will be out in far less than that, and the victim's will undoubtedly go through their fear...all over again.

Bad Girls

fun entertainment...beautiful ladies
I think I could have enjoyed Bad Girls a little better if I felt that ladies, particularly in the west were pathetic, helpless victims of the boorish, stupid, chauvinistic men.

Oh well, I really enjoyed the fairly realistic town scenes and particularly the talent of the ladies....

Drew Barrymore was quite fetching if not (like the rest of the movie).. even remotely....believable.

I'd watch these ladies do just about anything....but riding horses, shooting guns, in bawdy western wear, corsets.... was pure entertainment "on the hoof".

The gritty lines were as good as I've ever heard...even the old widow of the dead officer whore monger...."bag of manure"...good stuff.

Beautiful scenery....human AND location.

Johnny Guitar

Too much "primadonna Joan Crawford"
It was obvious that the director pandered to the great Joan Crawford, before I read the trivia, that she allowed no closeups on location. All the scenes at the cabin were painfully and emotionally contrived, too perfect, and "set up"...obviously.

Sterling Hayden deserved better although this WAS the era of the hokey, unrealistic, western.

I often wonder if Hayden would have a better opinion and appreciation of acting if he had been doing more realistic westerns, that didn't become in vogue until years after his death, or at least his active acting career. Who WOULD appreciate playing totally unrealistic characters. It must have made a REAL adventurer, ship captain, world sailing cruiser uncomfortable.

If someone who knows the definition of "spoiler" on this site.....please come back & inform me if this comment "qualifies"...

new contributor...George Williams


great, historically accurate movie
How refreshing, after suffering through the historical butchery of "My Darling Clementine", "Warlock" & about four others... A movie with top-notch actors, and believability!

Perhaps because I live in Tombstone, I can appreciate this addicting movie.

The exchange between Sarah Marcus (Dana Delany) & Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russel), then their ride over the hills outside Tombstone...is magic. Better, knowing that it's true.

Anyone who enjoyed this movie, might like "Wyatt Earp" with Kevin Costner...slower, less pure entertainment, but nearly spiritual to lovers of southwest history. Although it desperately needed the sparkle of a Dana Delany.

Every time I visit the grave of Johnny Ringo, or look up at the Oriental Saloon, the Cristal Palace Saloon, where Wyatt and Jim Earp dealt faro...or the beautiful Birdcage Theater where the Earps watched melodrama's (Alvira Earp's book, The Earps of Tombstone)... I see the actors of Tombstone, the movie.

Watch the movie....visit the town, you'll never forget it.

George Williams....wyatte@theriver.com

Yellow Sky

surprising actors
Everyone knows Gregory Peck & Richard Widmark....

But I really liked Anne Baxter.

True, perhaps not as glamorous as in The Ten Commandments (as Nefrititi)....but really entertaining & likable. The granddaughter of Frank Loyd Wright?.....another surprise. Died at 62...too bad, I would have enjoyed following her career longer.

Who would have thought of "The Lawman" as a bad guy. Still tall & good looking....but baaaad.

Morgan...."Col. Potter" of M.A.S.H......a lovable bad guy? Another surprising casting.

I thought the ending gun battle being totally off screen was unusual...but dramatic as Anne Baxter finds her bad guy- turned good guy, Gregory Peck alive....

I liked it a lot.

This Boy's Life

nice propaganda
OK, it WAS entertaining.....but anyone who didn't see the political "spin" to this movie, has his (or her) head stuck in a very dark spot.

Complete with the heroine & hero...Ellen Barkin & Di Caprio contributing to the Democrats as they "suffered" under the yoke of the bestial Neanderthal...

Same movie would never have gone anywhere if it had political...

opposite spin.

No surprise for the lead actor.

I think I'd watch Di Caprio or Ellen Barkin do almost anything.

Plus, his political cheap-shots aside Robert D. IS a great actor.

My first post....enjoyed the web site.

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