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An instant horror classic
Hostel is a perfect horror film. The story is believable and haunting, director Eli Roth delivers endless screams,violence,torture and much much more for all you horror hungry fans.It was really surprising because last year's Cabin Fever was a horrible movie.The movie begins in Amsterdam where three friends are backpacking through Europe.They hear about this place near Bratislava where you can find gorgeous women ready for anything and anyone.Once there, they are brought one by one to a place where you can kill, torture and fulfill all of your sickest fantasies.The movie is very,very intense which is great for me because i am really tired of all these pg-13 horror movies. I recommend you urgently go see it.

The Incredible Torture Show

Hard to explain
I have had a tough time figuring out what i just saw at the end of this movie.This movie is a pointless horror film, full of gore, nudity and sadistic violence.I have to say i love this kind of crap, the movie seems like it was made by a sick maniac, it's perfect. Although i have to point out that it is extremely stupid that they send women in the mail, I laughed my ass off when i saw that. The jokes are extremely stupid and pointless. The scene that i found most disturbing was the brain surgery scene, I have seen a lot of sick sh** on TV but that scene gave me the creeps. Overall the movie is pure violence but if you like blood, gore and pointless murder it is your type of horror flick.


Another bad serial killer movie
Lately I bought a serial killer box set that contained movies of Ted Bundy,ED Gein and Geoffrey Dahmmer. I got home and felt really disappointed. After a few days in the video store,i felt like watching Gacy,because the cover got me interested. These movies are all so baaaaaaaad.I couldn't believe it , all these movies (excluding Ted Bundy because i thought that Michael Reilly Burke's acting was decent and so was the movie) could have been so much more with decent directing, better script, and better acting.And what's with that blond boy's character he is so annoying??. Really, all these movies could have been better. Who else agrees???

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