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5 Greedy Bankers

Wittiest heist movie in a decade
It took me and my fiancé nearly a year to watch it...

... but we did and its funny, pithy and stunningly filmed. The script is SUPERB. When did you last laugh at a bit of dialogue?

It's been at least a decade when I've been willing a film not to end. Heist films seldom have an underlying profound message. This one does. My only tiny niggle is that - on a small screen rather than a big screen - it was difficult to read some of the text (nice device and on big screen no problem).

That aside, the casting's great, the acting spot on and I'm showing it to my eighty-something year old parents next week. Anyone who's familiar with the City and financial world will find much that amuses. But you don't need that background - it's just a brilliant adventure.

Oh, did I say we would recommend it?

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