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Le voyage du ballon rouge

Where is the drama?
Is drama not a necessity in modern cinema anymore. And says who? The new breed of directors? Ones who cannot create drama. o.K. Film is the evolution of a tradition of storytelling that has been going on since there was man. From the caveman stories. Later there where Greek plays by Sophocles, Euripedes and onto Shakespeare. Drama servers a purpose and its form follows narration. The number one rule in drama is: Don't bore the audience. David Mammet said this, but I am sure Shakespeare and all the ancient Greek playwrights would agree. Afer all they had to perform in front of a live audience who judged them daily. Back then there were no festival darlings with stuffy professors calling this or that better art. You were judged by the common man sitting in the audience. Great photography and mood does not drama make. Many of the trivial banalities (dialog and activities) reminded me of reality TV material. With better photography, sound and actors of course. Can't find another movie by this director in the last 6 years so maybe this film cost him.

Loufa kai parallagi

My all time favorite
I have probably seen this movie more times than the director. In the 80's I was so obsessed with this film, that at one point I thought I was a character in the film. Me and my friends would constantly re-enact scenes amongst us. I actually got to see it in a proper theater -- which is now a supermarket-- in a small town in Southern Greece.

Agreeing with the previous reviewer this film was a gem amongst trash that other people were producing in the 80's. I guess I wonder why us Greeks could never deliver better cinema? After all, we invented drama.

Thank god for this ray of light that this film gave me in the 80's.

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